Any updates are noted at each individual report !



 The amazing authentic British sounding rock 'n' roll band, 'The Fantoms played for us in Nov 17th last year (2018) & Janie, that's me, happens to write each month for the Maggies Blue suede News Magazine about the gig & the bands that we put on, so of course I wrote about the Fabulous Fantoms gig !!

And when I do this kind of thing, I expect nothing in return, because I believe it all helps to make the scene tick, but it is nice when this kindness is expressed towards oneself for the efforts made.

The even nicer & really kind thing about this is, they have posted my lickle review onto their website with a great big fat Thank You to me.

I have been included in the Thank you listings 2 or 3 times too. Even  2 of our team have also had a Thank You mention.

How Fantabulous is that !

Click here to see that review & the big fat Thank You !

. . . _________________________________________ . . .



We celebrated Jerry Lee Lewis' 83rd birthday on the day of his birthday last year (2018), Sept 29th, got a birthday card signed for him by those who wanted to sign it & posted it to Jerry Lee's ranch.

We know it was received at the ranch & we were reassured before sending it, by one of his relations, that it would get to Jerry Lee himself.

Our entertainment for the evening was from someone who has met Jerry Lee himself a few times & who actually played at Jerry Lee's 80th Birthday in New Orleans in Jerry's bar !

He is very talented, young 16 yr old, Lewis Jordan Brown, who was backed by some of the finest musicians on the rock 'n' roll circuit today, Andy Wren on guitar, Wild Bob Burgos aka Sledgehammer on drums & Choppy on Bass.

Meanwhile, as of March 18th 2019, Jerry Lee was recovering well, from a stroke.

Read updates here directly from the Jerry Lee Lewis website

Crondall r 'n' r club would like to wish him a very good recovery & here's to many more birthdays to follow !

More pics of event here

. . . _________________________________________ . . .




Again, we are collecting Easter Eggs & other Easter choccie delights for the sake of the less fortunate children of Surrey & Hampshire.

Q. When will we be robbing you of Easter delights that you might like to bring along to the club  !?

A. On Sat March 30th 2019


We will then take them to one of the yearly 'Eagle Radios' Easter Egg  Appeal collection points.'

Eagle radio, a local radio station for Surrey & Hampshire, will then deliver them to their selected charities which should be listed on their website nearer Easter time.

NOT ONE will we munch on !! 

We will show pictures here once the mission is completed !

. . . _________________________________________ . . .



Mick & Peggy, the King & Queen of Guildford rock 'n' roll celebrated their 54th Wedding Anniversary at the club this Saturday Feb 23rd '19, with Rebel Riders & DJ Dynamite Ady on the bill. The band presented them both with a lovely bunch of flowers & one off band t.shirt & we presented them with a special cake, since they are the Mum & Dad of one of the organisers & help us out at the club.


Also remembering their long lost son Paul on the night which marked 12 years since we lost him.

Paul also helped us at the club. Missing his champion raffle ticket selling & his humour ! x

RIP Paul.


. . . _________________________________________ . . .


UPDATED 11.02.19

Charity Raffle for Christmas for VAUK

Every Christmas, at the club, we have an extra special  raffle & proceeds go to a selected charity. In  light of it being 100 years since World War 2 ended last year, we selected for the 2018 Christmas raffle, the charity, Veterans Association UK to donate to.

<< Click pic to see what kind of people VAUK help

The Veterans Association UK (VAUK) is a registered charity organised & run by a group of volunteers, who are committed to helping veterans and serving military and their families with housing, mental health and social welfare issues. They also provide their services to UK emergency services veterans - ex Police, Fire, Ambulance services.  


Click here for a few testimonials from veterans that have been helped by VAUK

We had a few great & valuable donated prizes for our raffle :

 <   <   <   2 x Rockers Reunion (Reading) tickets worth £58 total (at Advance prices) Click on pic for details.

A retro 2 speed record player with a detachable lid that acts as speaker from Select Jukeboxes in Fleet (<< link not available on Internet Explorer) worth £49 can also be connected to your CD player e.t.c

A complimentary ticket for 2 for the club, paid for by R & R security who amongst sorting out your security hardware & classic car keys.

And bought for the raffle : 2 Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers Albums, (1 CD, 1 Vinyl) signed by the band

Plus more stuff !

They fought for our freedom, we partied to give them some help !


Click images here for charity's acknowledgement of receipt

Click here for VAUK's website


. . . _________________________________________ . . .


Raffle for March

Not only does select Jukeboxes of Fleet like to display their fabulous jukeboxes at the Crondall rock 'n' roll club, but they're only donating to our raffle for March 31st , this FAB 1940’s/50’s retro phone !!
It’s brand new, has a real bell ring, real dial, last number redial and speaker for hands free. A nice reproduction - sells in the shop for £34. So generous !!

CHECK OUT their website >> https://selectjukeboxes.co.uk/ Select Jukeboxes


Plus, amongst other stuff, our usual complimentary ticket for 2 funded by 

R & R Security, for all your Hardware, Security & Classic Car Keys


. . . _________________________________________ . . .



UPDATED 11.04.18

Collection of Easter Eggs for Cherry trees respite home

On March 31st (Easter Saturday) we collected a Grand total of  52 Easter Eggs & chocolate bunnies from our customers &  ourselves, for the Cherry Trees respite home who's motto is 'Child First, Disability second'. They are a small charity providing home-from-home specialist short breaks for children and young adults aged 0-19 with a range of complex disabilities including learning, physical and sensory impairments.

Pictured above, the collection of chocolate goodies on the right & on the left, a collection of some of the younger generation of the club !

This was our 5th Easter egg collection, 2 so far, for a local radio station, Eagle radio who  have their own annual Easter egg collection for various charities & this will be the 2nd time we've collected for Cherry Trees directly. We've also collected money & bought some extra fab Easter eggs & bunnies & donated to a fundraising raffle for the childrens ward at the Royal Surrey Couny hospital.

Ady & I managed to drag ourselves from our bed the day after collection, as it was Easter Sunday, we put on our  bunny hopping legs & delivered all 52 eggs & bunnies on time !

Pictured here >  >  >                                                               with Ady (Co Organiser of club) is Tony, Stan, George, Alan, Fred, no, that's not the name of the bunnies, it's the fella who isn't Ady, but can't remember his name, but anyway, he's staff at the charity & NEITHER of the lads had scoffed the other 42 items, they  were kept out of shot, in the bags ready for  later....honest they were....you can tell by their bellies anyhow & there is no chocolate remains on their chops !

The eggs were used for Easter egg hunts & were handed out at the home's Easter party & also given to siblings of families who couldn't otherwise afford to buy eggs.

Cherry Trees are a Registered charity number 800222

 <  <  <  Click thumbnail for charity's acknowledgement letter





. . . _________________________________________ . . .



WHIPROUND for Wildcat Pete's wife, Audrey

Just before Christmas 2017, the lovely wife of DJ Wildcat Pete, Audrey, who always manages a smile & a joke despite her other physical problems, had a nasty fall & ended up in hospital 'cos she fractured her spine !

Audrey has spent more than a month in hospital ( at time of writing) & Pete spends a lot of his time to-ing & fro-ing there every day. We all know what toll that can take on someone, both mentally & financially.

Audrey was told she probably won't be able to walk ever again, but she can walk, to a fashion, as Pete puts it, with a frame, however she has to use a wheelchair mainly.

Most people should know that Wildcat Pete DJd at Crondall r 'n' r club for well over 20 years in the past, (he was part of the furniture once upon a time in the club's life, before we were running it )


So, what did we do when we heard this very sad news? we put the advantage of having a small, like minded, community at our hands, to good use & had a whipround of course, to help them out, that's what.

We raised £140 for them both to help them both out while they are experiencing this unfortunate trial of life !!

THANK YOU to all who contributed in January 2018 ! xxx

. . . _________________________________________ . . .



MONEY RAISED for Guildford Samaritans

At our Crazy Christmas Charity Cracker in Dec 2017, we raised £130 via our raffle. Following a hectic time leading up to & through Christmas, we paid, in cash, the money to the Guildford Samaritan's on 2nd January 2018

Click on thumbnail below to read acknowledgement of payment receipt, letter

. . . _________________________________________ . . .



BUY A BRICK for Crondall village hall !

UPDATED 27.06.19


 Crondall village hall has provided the venue for Crondall r 'n' r club all through the halls' whole existence, since 1976.

Crondall rock 'n' roll was the first event to take place in the hall following the rock 'n' roll events taking place in 4 previous venues, from around 1967, consistently.

They were, the Castle pub next door which is now a residential building, the 1st Village hall which is mentioned below, a boys club hut (behind our hall) & the Church rooms next door to what was the Castle pub.

You could be part of the hall's future, well some of you are already, just by supporting the club, you're supporting the village hall too, but you could be more a part of it by buying a brick via the Crondall village hall's development project 2017  'Just Giving' link or alternatively, if you're at the Crondall r 'n' r club, please pick up one of the declaration forms, pictured here on the left, to send off your payment with. One brick = £5 only !

Either way, please give a mention that you heard about this project from the Crondall rock 'n' roll club, that would be awfully spiffing! Thanks alot !

NOTE: At the CVH development project 2017 link above, you can read some history on the 1st village hall which used to stand next to where the Crondall Primary school is.

The extension has now been built & our Burger man now needs a Sat Nav to find his way around the kitchen, lol

. . . _________________________________________ . . .



UPDATED 30.04.18

BBC come to Crondall r 'n' r club!

A documentary about the 1950's British show is being made & will be aired around March/April 2018 on BBC4.

The crew had already interviewed British r 'n' r & Skiffle artists, Wee Willie Harris, Vince Eager, Chas McDevitt & Pete Murray.

Their aim at the club was to interview the real people at a real r 'n' r club.

On Nov 18th 2017, at the club, the organisers were interviewed, along with a couple of youngsters, one age 15, from the band & one of the young girls who were running our memorabilia stall on the night

Watch this space for info for

when the documentary is going to be on yer telly !

. . . _________________________________________ . . .


CATCH THE LINCOLNS (Aus) , a couple of other guests & a few bits from the organisers of this club,


 (4th Oct '17)

The Lincolns of Adelaide Australia, played for the club Sept 30th 2017

. . . _________________________________________ . . .



THANKS to all raffle ticket purchasers for January 2017
We raised £121.50 to support the Crondall Village Hall Development Project Reg Charity No: 301795 


. . . _________________________________________ . . .



Updated 05.02.17

Club memorabilia

Check out our club anniversary t.shirts celebrating the last 40 years of Crondall rockin' consistently in the same venue, we also have some long awaited for chrome badges with stud backs & we have, at last, re stocked our skull & crossbones patch. T.shirts are only £10.

Click on small image at  right to view the back of the t.shirt which is on all styles & colours.


Available in Mens black or white and Womens fitted/ Womens strappy tops all in black.

Chrome Badges are £3.50

Skull & crossbones cloth patches have had to go up in price to £3.20

Chrome Badge 2 + 1/2 cm square
Back of chrome badge
Cloth patch - 8 + 1/2 cm square


. . . _________________________________________ . . .



Updated 27.03.18

Rockin' for Lost Loved Ones #3

At our party in September, we raised a grand total of £427.49 for the charity Make - A - Wish Foundation UK with a mini auction & raffle of donated items.

<---- Click on thumbnail for acknowledgement of payment receipt, letter

Entertainment was supplied by 2 great rockabilly bands, one from Portsmouth, the Marvels & a new lad on the scene, 13 yr old Denvir Jet, with one of his bands, 'Denvir Jet & the Rattlecats with our resident DJ Dynamite Ady & guest DJ Big Beat Pete.

Thank you to everyone who contributed including the Barbecue team !

Click here for pictures of event

. . . _________________________________________ . . .


Easter goodies collected for children in respite care

On Saturday night (26.03.16) we collected Easter eggs & a few other Easter goodies, from some of our customers for the respite care home for children with special needs, the Cherry Trees.

We delivered them the next day (Easter Sunday) & together with donations from other places, the charity run home, planned to set up an Easter egg hunt, give out eggs at their Easter party & nibble on some while watching a film later in the day.

Also, the deaf children at the home will be off to a pantomime next week, performed entirely in sign language & Easter eggs will be handed out there.






. . . _________________________________________ . . .



Updated 12.01.16

Rudy La Crioux & The Allstars perform their leaving gig with us

Earlier this year, Rudy, singer of Rudy La Crioux & The Allstars announced the intention of retiring at the end of the year, the band performed their last public gig at Crondall r 'n' r club at our Crazy Crondall Christmas Charity Cracker on Saturday 19th Dec 2015 which wrapped up almost 18 yrs of this great band, filled with top individual talented performers.

Click on pic to read the retirement announcement >

We also raised via a raffle, £244 plus £50 donation for the Woking Hospice Reg Charity no: 1082798

Click on letter from the Hospice below, to enlarge

Congrats to Julie Pengelly for winning the donated Rockers Reunion tickets

Thank you to all our raffle contributors who were, R & R Security, Nikki's Beauty - Guildford, the kind lady at Jacobs Well Post Office in G.fd, Organisers of the club, Janie & Ady,  McColls Convenience store in Guildford, G & J News & the Nisa convenience store in Woking rd - Guildford, the Rockers Reunion & the club itself

. . . _________________________________________ . . .


Updated 11.12.15

Rockin' for Lost Loved Ones '2'

Raising funds for Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice


Last year, we raised nearly £600 for Cancer Research UK in the name of our Lost Loved Ones, who can't be here with us to PaRty, this year we PaRtied extra hard & raised £438.88 for the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in Farnham, just outside of Crondall

We were entertained by 19 year old Billy Collin's & his band, simply called 'Billy Collins'.

 Read more about Billy's band here @ Planet Jive




Guitarist of Fever fronts his own High Energy band at 19 yrs old

with 15 yr old brother Danny on drums,

joined by Dad Wil on bass


 & Brilliant Guitarist Rob Glazebrook (Houserockers)


We had guest Vinyl only DJ, 15 yr old Wig Wam Willie,

the youngest Vinyl DJ around aka as the Hemsby boy





We held a raffle & mini auction to raise funds & the bar supplied by Wrights Lion Brewery reduced the price of a pint with the idea that customers put the rest of the cost into the charity pot!





This piece of ARTWORK went for £40 along with a Billy Fury portrait that went for £55, was created by a regular customer, Kim Woodbridge, by pyrography (wood burning)






These clothes donated by star club regular Maggie Davidson, are still available,

& all Very Good Condition, please contact us if you are interested

 Tops £10 ono - Halter necks - lined  with boned & zip fastening backs, both about size 10/12
T.shirt type top labelled as Medium, could be 10/12
Freddies of Pinewood Pedal Pushers £20 - Size 28

We would like to thank for their contributions......

Wrights Lion Brewery, R & R Security, Shaun Jackson Photography (on left is Shaun's new webspace awaiting construction while the old one at Shaunjpics is being phased out)  BirdworldBellfields Auto Services,  Jacobs Well Post Office,  McColls Convenience store in Guildford,  Co Op supermarket in Guildford, 

Nikki's Beauty - Guildford,  CCP Cleaning & Hygiene Bar & Catering supplies, Nadine Clark

Regular customers - Kim Woodbridge & Maggie Davidson


whoever bidded or contributed any money on the night !

Our stalls for the evening:


& Miss Ruby's Clothing

Together we raised £438.88 for the PHYLLIS TUCKWELL HOSPICE

Well done & thank you !


. . . _________________________________________ . . .



Organisers of Crondall r 'n' r club

are guests on WNRP Radio Show

Janie & DJ Dynamite Ady returned to the Wednesday Night Rockin' Party Radio Show on 15th July 2015 when Steve Stack O' Wax invited them back on to his show for some F U N , mayhem & laughter while Ady played a selection of hot tracks & their daughter did a bit of secretarial work for steve Stack O' Wax !!

Click here to listen to the MadNesS!

Click on each pic here, to enlarge, the pics that is, not you !


Below : Steve & Steve, confusing huh?!

Well it's thanks to Steve posing with his specs that we have a live show to listen to each & every week at Forest FM on a Wednesday Night 8pm - 10pm UK Time

Ok, so Steve on the left is Steve Stack O' Wax, the show's presenter & Steve on the right is the other Steve, he's the manager & owner of the station & it's down to his tolerance of guests like me & Ady & various bands playing live & invading the Forest FM studio on a regular basis on a Wednesday evening & it's down to the hard work & dedication of the pair of them, that we give

GREAT THANKS to, for a great show each week !

If ever you miss the show, you can always go listen to the re runs 24/7 at www.mixcloud.com/stevestackofwax forever & ever & ever until Mixcloud bursts !


. . . _________________________________________ . . .



Rockabilly Radio visits Crondall r 'n' r club !

Crondall rock 'n' roll club were honoured with the presence of Rockabilly Radio's  Station Manager, Dave Brighton, at our gig in February when Don Sibley's band, Vee 8s played for us. Don Sibley, pictured below, is probably better known for the 'Punk Bashing Boogie' hit of '79 !

He came along to record the band & our resident DJ Dynamite Ady, and also had some Rockabilly Radio wares up for swapsies for a few quid.

Regretfully the recording of the band didn't turn out as expected due to an unavoidable slight technical hitch!

This was Dave Brighton's 2nd visit to the club, he's quite a 'mature in age' fella & even with so much maturity, he continues to dedicate just about all his time to rock 'n' roll !

DJ Dynamite Ady & I would like to say a special thank you to Dave Brighton for being so incredibly supportive of Crondall rock 'n' roll club leading up to our gig in February. Dave was an absolute star ! He bent over backwards for this club. Thanks Dave !

Tune in to Rockabilly radio  at this link

ANYtime you damn well like !

. . . _________________________________________ . . .


UPDATE of post below this one!

Congrats to Sam & Ricky of near Carshalton.

After winning a Jive heat at Crondall r 'n' r club in March, they will be representing the club in the UK National Jive Contest at the ATOMIC on 2nd & 3rd May 2015 !


Good luck to them both from all the Crondall rock 'n' roll club mob !


Please cheer them on if you see them !


More photos of the evening at the club here


Pics by Adrian Watts


Also on this night

We collected this lot ! Well done all who donated Easter Eggs & cash in March, we have now donated 52 Eggs & Choccy Bunnies to Radio Eagle's 'Easter Egg' appeal for Children of unfortunate circumstances.

UPDATE 29.09.15

Sam & Ricky, like our last couple who entered this jive contest last year, got as far as the semi finals, but were knocked out & didn't quite make the finals,

but well done Sam & Ricky for getting through to the Semi's, it's a tough contest !



Crondall r 'n' r club hosts a heat for the 2nd Atomic UK National Jive Contest

Crondall r 'n' r club has been kindly invited for a 2nd time, to host a heat for Atomic UK National Jive Contest again, which we shall do at our gig on March 28th when top quality madcap rockabilly band, Hayriders, plays for us.

Winners will win free entry to the Atomic,  then have the opportunity to test their skills against the finest dancers from across the country, with a £250 First Prize up for grabs and cash prizes of £150 for the runners-up and £100 for the third place.

Semis & Finals take place on Saturday & Sunday.

Accommodation will not be supplied by organisers, but there are facilities for campin', caravanin' or kippin' under the stars for a fee or winners may prefer to hotel it !

Nevertheless, its still a great weekend away ! Check out the Atomic ! And you have a bank holiday Monday to spend time recovering too, PERFECT !

In addition, the club that provides the overall winners will receive a cash prize of £100.
Final rounds will be held at Atomic Vintage Festival in Northants on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd May


After lots of consideration by organisers of Atomic, they have now decided all contestants must be over 18 on Saturday 2nd May 2015

. . . _________________________________________ . . .



R & R Security sponsor our raffle complimentry ticket for 2 for another year

For the 5th year running, we are very pleased to announce that R & R Security will be sponsoring our complimentary ticket for 2 each month on our raffle, which basically means, they cover the expenses of that ticket !

Reeeeal decent of them & a Big thank you to our mate Ray for this !

Need a new set of car keys, even for your classic? then give these guys a shout, they are Security & Hardware Specialists.


. . . _________________________________________ . . .



Collection for RNIB


£113 was Collected for RNIB at our Christmas gig on Dec 20th 2014

(Royal National Institute of the Blind People)

Registered Charity Number 226227

(England and Wales)


Thank you to all who supported this one


Acknowledgement letter from RNIB below - Click to enlarge


. . . _________________________________________ . . .




Rockin' for Lost Loved Ones

& raising funds for Cancer Research UK on Sept 27th

For a while we have been considering dedicating a gig to a certain Lost Loved One, but with hesitation, & when a friend asked us if we could do the same for the same person, our answer was, and this explains the hesitation, 'Many people have been touched by Cancer & it would be nice to have a gig in the name of everyone's 'Lost Loved Ones to Cancer'. So with a few special people of our own in mind & for everyone else, this is what we are doing.

On September 27th, we're going to PARTY hard for our Lost Loved Ones & try & raise some funds for Cancer Research UK.

So far, we have had a band DONATE themselves to play at this gig, Dave Hudson & the Hornets (L), so we now have 2 bands playing at this gig with the Outcasts (Above) topping the bill.

Still only £8 on the door!

Our own resident DJ Dynamite Ady will be spinnin' the discs in the breaks

& the 1st band goes on at 8:45pm.

One of our regulars, Kim Woodbridge has donated some artwork (R) for us to auction off.

This is a hand crafted wood burning set in a frame just over 100 yrs old. We hope to fetch a considerable amount for this, for the charity, so if interested, bring plenty of lolly 'cos we are setting the reserve at £100 !

Actual size - apx 3 + 1/2 ft X 2 + 1/2 ft

2 issues of Vintage Rock Magazine the Sept/Oct '14 issue, are being donated & as well as some info on Stray Cats, Janis Martin & more original artists, it features a review of the Wildest Cats in Town weekender of Summer 2014, organised by Ritchie Gee & his motley crew.

Other kind donations SO FAR include: some lovely jewellery (waiting to receive), 5 bottles of wine & 2 boxes of fudge - by local Post Office, 2 bottles of Whiskey by 2 customers, Rebel flag memorabilia by Julie & Pete Pengelly, Caezars/Rhythm Shakers DVD (recorded at 15th Rockabilly Rave by Jerry Chatabox, 2 scrumptious homemade 'large' family sized cakes (one will be won via 'guess the cake weight) - by a rockin' cake maker, A voucher for £20 to spend at Frankie & Benny's restaurant by Frankie & Benny's, Bathroom weighing scales by Robert Dyas & a Complimentary ticket for 2 by courtesy R & R Security (good place to get keys for your classic motors, see homepage for details)

We will have 50 of the Janis Martin 'Love me to Pieces' DVDs which features Janis' last UK gig at the Rockabilly Rave  & the tribute gig to her a few years later featuring 6 girl singers & Deke Dickerson backing. To be given to the first 50 who comes through the door at this gig, a very kind, generous & fitting donation by Jerry Chatabox

Janis is one of our Lost Loved Ones

Hopefully more donations will be added in time.

Cancer research UK registered charity no. in England and Wales (1089464)

Any donations of raffle prizes to boost potential fund raising gratefully received



We rocked the night away, sold part of a plane with artwork by customer of the prehistoric days of the club, Tim Barnes, a signed musicians guitar, a unique band shirt from the band Outcasts, the artwork as pictured above & a beautiful hand made retro figure head piece & all donated by regular customers, we held an extra long raffle, sold some jewellery, did a guess the weight of a couple of cakes, had a collection & raised between us all, an awesome result of £556.69 for Cancer Research UK .

 This total has increased since the event as we had a little jewellery left over, to sell, and the total now stands at £583.69, we will be attempting to sell the rest of the jewellery at our next gig if we haven't sold it by then elsewhere, & after that, will pawn it off & send total raised to the charity.

Jewellery was donated by a writer of Vintage Rock Mag who also deals with jewellery & quotes the suggested values, we will accept the nearest reasonable offer for these items.

Any interest in buying jewellery please contact us

Hairslides valued at £5 each


We would prefer to sell it to someone on the rockin' circuit though

Grey Pearls, real pearls valued at £25

Monet earrings one of abalone shell, the other crystal style valued at £20 a pair


(L) Clear Diamante stiff collar, quite possibly a Jon Richards by Debenhams retro style valued at £10

 SORRY, Pig not included !





A total of £588.69 has been raised & paid into the Cancer Research UK charity on behalf of the Crondall rock 'n' roll club & the remaining jewellery that we didn't manage to sell, was taken to a Cancer Research UK Charity shop in Guildford.

The charity were very grateful to everyone involved & we would like to thank, very much, to all who contributed to this event, all mentioned above plus  also to those last minute donatees, Tim Barnes, for donating part of a plane, hand painted by himself.

Maggie Davidson & her hubby for donating a 'multi musician signed' guitar (see pic above) which once belonged to Ian Rivers, a guitarist on the rockin' circuit. They had bought it at a previous charity auction elsewhere.

To Russell Edgecock for donating one of his superbly hand crafted Retro busts!

See the blonde in pic above, under Janis Martin DVD, you can see more creations at this link >

Retro BUSTS !

And finally thanks to the Outcasts for donating one of the band's own shirts 

Acknowledgement letter from the charity for funds raised

Certificate of acknowledgement for donated funds

THANK YOU SO MUCH everybody for all support & donations for this gig!

You are all stars !

. . . _________________________________________ . . .


Rocker Ralph is BACK !

Following Lisa & Thierry's retirement from the club & after 9 years absence, Ralph, the club's old Hot Food fella is BACK !

While he starts to feel his feet again, he'll be providing us with, & in the words of some customers, some delicious burgers & lush chips,  also hot dogs & tea & coffee for those who fancy it.

If things go well for him, he'll also be doing what he used to & supply us with pizza & chips & the good ol' British PIE & Chips !

Rocker Ralph with his 1 & only traditional bottle of Newcy for the night

. . . _________________________________________ . . .



Crondall r 'n' r club helped to raise £204 for a childrens ward

Thanks to all who threw some change into our collection pot last month (March 29th 2014), incl us. Yes, we chuck some of our change in too yer know when it comes to things like this.

We raised enough dosh to buy a 1 ft high, 1 Kg Easter Egg, plus 2 large Harry Hopalot choc bunnies from Thorntons which we donated to the Royal Surrey County Hospital for their staff raffle which raised £204 for the childrens ward there.

The RSCH fund raising dept raise funds to purchase items above & beyond what the NHS are legally required to provide.


Well done everybody.

Be Proud! And THANK YOU!


 Click on this pic, of the Easter Egg Presentation, to enlarge >

A thank you message & a copy of the e.mail received from the manager of RSCH Fundraising team

Hi Jane,

 Just a quick email to let you know that the Easter Egg raffle raised a magnificent £204!!! We are delighted here in the fundraising office and would like to say a massive THANK YOU to you and all at Crondall rock ‘n roll.

With our very best wishes,


Sarah Welsby

Interim Head of Fundraising

The Royal Surrey County Hospital's Charitable Fund

Royal Surrey County Hospital, Egerton Road, Guildford, Surrey GU2 7XX

Tel; 01483 464146

Email; rsc-tr.fundraising@nhs.net

Website; www.royalsurrey.nhs.uk/Fundraising


. . . _________________________________________ . . .



Crondall r 'n' r club to be represented in

UK National Jive Championships Contest




At our gig on Feb 22nd with the band Lights Out, & guest DJ Leon Oddsocks, people had the chance to win 2 tickets to the ATOMIC VINTAGE FESTIVAL by being selected as our best jivers to ultimately take part in the UK National Jive Championship Contest AT the ATOMIC event

Crondall rock 'n' roll club was invited to take part in holding a 1st heat for the UK National Jive Championship contest. The rest of the contest is to take place at the Atomic Vintage Festival in Northants on the 3rd & 4th May. 

We selected our best jivers of the night who won 2 tickets to go to the Atomic to compete against other clubs' best jivers & they also get to enjoy the rest of the wkend. 

Our best jivers of the night were Gina & Pete, pictured below & will be representing Crondall r 'n' r club & ultimately, as themselves in this prestigious contest!

Winners of final, receive a beautiful trophy (below) & £250 ! 
Runners up receive £150 & 3rd place - £100


UPDATE 12.06.14

Gina & Pete did actually get through to the Semi Finals for this fabulous event despite some strong competition going on. A nerve wrecking experience, but they DID it !


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UPDATED 24.06.14

All British band Serious Charge record live at the club


Back in January on 25th, bass player Ewan Penkey of  the 'All British Sounds of the 50's/early '60s rock 'n' roll' band, Serious Charge, formed by Dave Prince (Bongo basher, Wailer & Washboard  Master) secretly recorded the band live in audio format only on a dictaphone recorder.

THIS is the result > Pick a Bale O' Cotton

Please note the first track you hear is all that's relevant :)


Since their Crondall gig, Serious Charge have had a change of line up & are now a 4 piece with Johnny Midnight as lead vocalist.


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Whipround for Young Epilepsy

During our Crondall Christmas Cracking Charity bash in December 2013, we had a quick whipround amidst all the mayhem, for the charity 'Young Epilepsy' & raised £83.39.

Please click on this thumbnail for confirmation of donation & for more info of the charity

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