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Reviews for gigs held in 2009


Review of December 19th - Rudy la Crioux & the Allstars


1 week to go & were we ready for our xmas? NO. Were we ready for the club's xmas bash? Just about, well at least we thought we were until we received a phone call at  1pm on the day of the gig, saying that the village hall car park was like an ice rink & it was very difficult driving on it. I still had loads of xmas cards to write out at this point as a very sick p.c, car problems & allsorts had set us back. So it's like OMG, what are we going to do, we have 4 hrs to sort the problem out, taking into account, the venue is about half hour drive from our house & we hadn't eaten yet either. We also had to get changed & load the car up. The very icy snowy conditions were a concern & we had phone calls asking us if the gig was still on because of the weather.

Well, we're having a xmas bash, no matter what! The band were coming from Bristol, so if they could make it, then we're havin' ourselves a party!

 But the car park was a major concern. I started to phone around & then my phone began to fall apart, so with a bit of sticky tape & a few calls later, we managed to get hold of some Rock Salt, drove over to Crondall immediately, left Ady there to grit the car park & went back home to get ready & load the car & shove a sarnie down my throat!


Considering the icy conditions, we didn't expect the turnout that we had, of about 100, & we know there are some who didn't come because of the risk of car skating on ice :) which was understandable, we expected that. We were going to party even if it was with just a cd player, lol. Santa was coming too, so we couldn't let him down.

Nuff said on the setbacks, now the positive stuff.......4 of our punters actually came all the way from Bournemouth & were glad they took the risk of coming down.


Rudy la Crioux & the Allstars, what can I say, but a class A1 rockabilly band, smartly dressed, & very courteous with Rudy transforming on stage when he performs, from a seemingly quiet kind of person to a wild, lively & very expressive performer, using his retro mic as an extension of the body to express every song dynamically from deep within the soul, with his slicked back, black hair, becoming his slicked fringe throughout, & constantly being flicked back with the hand used as a comb. I just hope the grease was thick, or the skin banger, behind him, Neil, probably went home with grease spots all over his shirt & drums! lol.


Rocky - the strummer was his usual smiley face pulling self, Barry concentrated on his pickin' & Woody on his slappin' , occasionally making Rudy redundant to do a few songs of his own. Neither band or crowd wanted them to leave the stage at the end, & the bands own crazy & hip wigglin' rendition of 'House of the rising Sun' was 1 of the songs used to fulfil the encores, with the skin banger finishing by getting up off his seat to bash his drums.


As far as I am aware, Rudy la Crioux & the Allstars have 4 of their own c.ds behind them & are on a couple of Rockabilly compilations, the latest being on Ooo Arrrrrh, Ooo Arrrrrh (Dell Richardson's catchphrase) 'Western Star' records, entitled 'Wild & Pretty' with about 1/2 self penned, & 1/2 covered songs. Go to www.rudylacrioux.biz for more details on the bands albums & check out their sound on their myspace link.





Oh Boy Record hop kept the place jumpin' in between band sets, & Santa, who drops by every year, braved the icy air to pop in & give some pressies to all the children & just  to see their faces was very rewarding, although poor old Santa was squished by the slightly bigger girls when they sat on his knee/s/ LAP! starting with one of the band's wives. A couple of the adults were lucky enough to get pressies too, which were honourably displayed, ha, ha! See our galleries for the pics!



Every xmas, we donate raffle proceeds to a charity. This year, we chose the Donna Louise Children's Hospice in the name of Sam Lyth, & managed to raise 161 plus 20 which was donated directly to Pete Lyth for the hospice, by a couple of our regulars who weren't at Crondall on this night.


A happy new year to everybody, keep rockin' & thanks  to anybody who supports Crondall rock 'n' roll club 











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Review of November 28th  - Midnight Shift


What a relief  to be back at Crondall Village Hall after having a temporary venue the month before.

We had a surprisingly good turnout considering the freezing, very wet weather & country lane floods. I don't know what it is about Crondall, but it seems to have a spirit all of it's own, well at least that's my interpretation of it anyway, and it was missed terribly.


We have a mixture of Teds, Rockers & Cats, & all just havin' a ball together every month.

We are all in this scene for the same main reason & that's the music of course, & our November gig of good rockin' music was supplied by Rockabilly trio Midnight Shift from Hastings, who have been together for about 2 years with the present line up. Originally a 4 piece, including the singer's daughter, brothers, George & Colin who I believe aren't twins, but ought to be, ha, ha, take up the string slappin' & strummin' duties, & Billy, the one who spoke for all 3 of them off stage, & pinched all our various fliers on display, is on drums.


The trio - Midnight Shift seem to now have the sound they have been wanting to gain for a long time. A friendly trio who were very pleased to be playing at Crondall, as we were to have them play for us.

 We chose Midnight Shift to play at Crondall for their authentic sound & selection of tracks of which quite a few, I haven't heard covered before i.e. Buddy Holly's 'Love Me' (George's favourite artist) as opposed to tracks that yer everyday Joe Bloggs on the street  knows like 'Oh Boy', which I have nothing against, it's one of the greats. 'Dig Boy Dig', Joe Clay's 'Goodbye, Goodbye', & Big O's 'Ooby Dooby' are another few good examples of the tracks that Midnight Shift cover.


Drummer Billy is the founder member of the old band 'River Boys' who were well known on the scene in the 90's, seems to have fitted in & worked hard for the brothers who ought to be twins if they aren't already...I don't think they are, ha, ha!

They are not a wild band, they perform as themselves, singing covers with an authentic style, and filled the floor with boppers mostly.


Midnight Shift have played as first band up at Rockers Reunion & have played at the Hemsby weekender, a great start for the band, especially Colin - guitarist who has only seriously being playing since around 40ish years of age.

George had a few songs written down which were new songs, that they are still learning, which they hadn't yet performed much.



Billy was telling me that very recently in one of their local rags, that Crondall rock 'n' roll club was featured in it, which is very odd as we had been unaware of that & the weirdest thing is, that the band who have never played Crondall before, & were booked months & months ago, were playing in the very club that their local rag had featured.



A song was dedicated to a Southend man who wasn't even there, who goes by the name of Spike. If you've seen him, then you will  know who he is! Ha, ha.

He's the Mad Rat of Mad Rat Promotions, but that's another story. I believe a msg was conveyed to the Sarfend (Southend) lot, who travelled down to us to see the band, to inform Spike that they had learnt another song, which was Shoppin' around. Some sort of an on going joke apparently.


The bands website is very interesting to read for those who are interested on the make up, or history of bands in general & of course Midnight Shift themselves www.midnightshift.co.uk . You can also hear a couple of their tracks here.


Ritchie Gee kindly donated tickets for 2 entries to the Wildest Cats in Town Xmas Party to our raffle, which was very nice, & speaking of Wildest Cats, Crazy Cavan & his Rhythm Rockers are regulars there, & now have a new look fan club website at www.crazycavanfanclub.com as well as there band site at www.crazycavan.com .


May you all have a very Merry rockin' xmas & a Happy new year. If xmas has gone by the time you read this, I hope y'all have a great Easter :)


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Review of October 24th

in temporary venue - Churt Village Hall




Was this gig meant to happen? 1st an unavoidable band change, then due to a simple mix up, it was either cancel the gig, or re-situate for 1 month to please our customers. A temporary change of venue  just had  to be organised & all re-advertising & organising had to be complete within less than 5 weeks!


Other promoters will realise how much work that actually entails. 

A few headaches & crossed hurdles after, mission accomplished. Ady & I decided to book the hall at an earlier time to that of Crondall  to give us time to sort out how we were going to set everything up.  Good idea, but wait, the village hall door is already open on our arrival ! Like HUH?? What now!!?? I venture in, only to find 2 men from the local amateur dramatics building a set on the stage, tools & wood everywhere & stage extension erected, blocking the cupboards with the tables in.


At this point, because various setbacks had occurred leading to this gig, I detect  steam coming from my ears, but remain calm. 1 of the guys checks the bookings form in the hall & says we are not listed. ''Well, we have only booked the hall within the last month'' I say. He then phones the bookings clerk, discovers there has been a mix up & then very kindly says they can pack up in 1/2 hour & the hall's ours. They were not  happy chappies.


We had a good turnout considering our  temporary change of venue & I would like to thank everyone who came & supported us.  We'd never seen Lynchmen before, but they had been in touch a few times & we had listened to them on their website - www.myspace.com/lynchmen09  . They have done very few gigs, wanted to play for us, somebody of worthy word recommended them, so we thought we'd give them a chance. How else are they going to build experience? Frontman, Tony Lynch, had fronted the band Lynchmen about 25 years ago, had to take lots of time out from the band life due to other commitments, & is now in a position to return to his ambitions, but with a different line up to his original band.

At our gig, Tony had to use a dep guitarist, Spike, & dep bass player, Mark. They had no drummer, which isn't a very common site, but bands without drummers do exist i.e. Skiprats, Bonneville Barons & Jimmy Hammond of Borderlines goes out busking with his bass player. Since the gig, Spike has since been taken on as Lynchmen's guitarist & has been joined by a permanent bass player. Some songs stood out as being much better than the others. A few of those better ones were 'Beautiful Brown Eyes', 'Rock 'n' Roll Ruby' & 'Twenty Flight Rock'. Most songs covered were 'Sun' recordings & authentic speakers were used to create the authentic sound. 


Any gig you go to, there is always 1 or 2, sometimes more, that don't like the band that is playing. You can't please all of the people all of the time. When Lynchmen performed for us, the 3 of them had only played together a couple of times before. Spike didn't know he was playing at ours until the night before. There were a few who didn't like the band, which  wasn't bad considering the band's circumstances, and there were a lot that did, about 30/70 split.


 There is nothing worse for a band with a gig coming up, than having to arrange for some dep musicians to play. It's not always easy to find someone that's suitable or even available, especially at short notice & who also knows  enough songs between them all  to complete 2 sets. Tony worked hard all night with his band, accepted & acted upon some 'constructive' criticism, which I gave him during the course of the evening . They took some knocks but did their best to do their best, & their best was not  their worst. Tony is trying to make his band work & has openly invited people to phone him with their comments on their latest recordings, with the new line up at  their website. Anyone wishing to make 'helpful, constructive' comments should call Tony on 07841421264. Practice makes perfect & gigs build experience. 

Top bands don't get to the top by NOT trying. Before we  1st booked Bob Butfoy's Jack Rabbit Slim, he said to me ''it's like a vicious circle, promoters want to come & see us to check us out before they book us, but  how can they come & see us if no one books us?''. He's dead right, it's very difficult for bands starting out, but if bands can produce at least a sound for  promoters to check out, that helps a great deal. Some bands can make it straight away & quite a lot of bands can take a few years before they get to make a name for themselves.


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Review of September 26th - Sandy Ford & his Flying Saucers Review of


Due to having to organise, at very short notice, a TEMPORARY venue for 1 MONTH ONLY for our Oct 24th gig, I was running overtime for our Sept gig with Sandy Ford & his Flying Saucers. 

We managed to get to the hall at the usual time & apart from the cd stall, replacing our regular 1, not being able to make it because of work commitments, thankfully, everything ran smoothly, but had to advertise the next gig with the venue t.b.a. Ha, ha, never had a 'venue t.b.a'. scenario before.


It's been almost 2 years since Sandy Ford & his Flying Saucers played for us. It was great to have them back in Crondall again. Feelings were mutual, Yvonne, bass player, said, as she was unloading the gear, ''I love coming here, it always feels like I'm visiting someone in their home & I'm just popping round for a cuppa tea. I don't know why, it just feels that way. It doesn't feel like I'm here to do a gig.'' 


Sandy originally played with Flying Saucers 100's of years ago (& still looks ever young) & was just part of the band. 

He became the singer/frontman around 30 years ago. Yvonne joined him in relatively recent times, about 4/ 5 years ago, starting by playing the bass guitar & progressing to the stand up bass of which she has a magnificent rebel flag painted on the back.

Chris on skins is a very hardworking, energetic drummer. Sandy & Yvonne are such a lovely 'solid as a rock' couple, & work really  well together on stage. 


Yvonne is most impressive, I have to say, as she has stuck with playing bass after it merely being suggested to her to take over with bass when the last bass player left, regardless of the fact that she couldn't play any instrument at the time. This is a fine example of dedication to the music & to her husband Sandy.

We had a fantastic turnout tonight for Sandy & his Saucers.

The atmosphere was just so, well, I dunno, the whole night was just awesome!  


Tonight, some enthusiastic drummers joined the band on stage, one of which, 16 year old Danny from Basingstoke, with a great deal of encouragement from Sandy, actually had the pleasure of taking control of the drums for a bit.

I know that is much appreciated Sandy.


 FACTS:-Sandy is an avid songwriter & did you know he once turned down a massive deal with a big recording company to a)stay with his band & b)so he could remain singing to us loving rockin' crowd/his kind of people.


We always have a mixed crowd of Cats, Rockers & Teds, & tonight  seemed to be an exceptional one to no end of teds flooding in from all over i.e. Kent, Essex, Reading, Portsmouth, Redhill & a young Hungarian from Hackney, who is just starting to get a taste of the scene! 

We even had some beings in from Mars! The spaceship hoverred in, lit up & parked itself on one of the speakers  just before Sandy arrived, & stayed there all night without a glimpse of the occupants.He, he!



A regular, Tall Paul of Reading, (Right) was celebrating his 40th & kindly supplied the whole club with 2 large tins of choccy sweets which complimented the edible Flying Saucers we had at the door for anyone darin' enough to pinch them! lol 


Well done to our regular, Eddie, from Redhill who arrived with one decent quiff missing from a shaven head. DJ John Houndogs' recent little show of charity head shaving seems to be rubbing off onto others! Eddie raised 500 for Cancer Research. 


In a matter of 6 weeks, we had 2 band changes & a Temporary change of venue & because of all this, have had to cope with a great work load. It's all part of the job, I know, but  the only payment is appreciation. I would therefore like to express my appreciation to all of those that helped to put the word around about all the changes we experienced in such a short space of time, including Maggie Sampford - Ed of the MBSN mag.


Keep it Rockin', Janie.




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Review of August 29th - Gene Gambler & the Shufflers


Haven't seen Gene Gambler & the Shufflers since they played at Guildford Hot 50's rock 'n' roll club a few years ago after struggling against the elements to get across the Severn bridge. We were lucky that the weather was on our side as the band came all the way from down in sunny Wales.


 We had them booked for only 2 weeks as we had an unavoidable last minute cancellation, and it was good of the band to take on the gig at such short notice, and I think that all, if not most that came down, expected to see Gene Gambler & the Shufflers & weren't disappointed.


In my own personal opinion and of a few others that spoke to me about this 4 piece band aka as those Rockabilly Cats from Wales, they were absolutely outstandingly awesome! Never have I heard such great cover songs as theirs, like that great rockabilly king - Charlie Feathers' 'Stutterin' Cindy' & Roy Orbison's 'Domino'. I thought that these guys possessed great rockabilly class like WOW!


They have a firm, all round, good, tight knit & authentic sound & good stage presence with Dave (lead vocals) being very keen on Johnny Burnette, & it was good to hear a Buddy Holly cover 'Tell me How' & Gene Vincent's awesome 'Rock me Baby', rather than the more well known tracks of theirs.

Rob, Dave's bro in law (by marriage to who, where, I don't know, ha, ha) on guitar, Mark on drums & Martin on bass who for some reason thought I  was a bass! Oh blimey, I was a bit slow there, I should have kept with that notion of his, I might have ended up with his bass to take home, lol. Watch out next time Martin!


Dave, aka Gene Gambler, at present has gigs few & far between, due to the fact that he is Semi - retired so he can spend time with his kids while they are young, so  the three of the backline here also back Bill Fadden & go out with him as the Rhythm Busters when not gigging with Dave.


If you love rockabilly & you get a chance to see Gene Gambler, go for it. I don't think you will be disappointed.

Dave's voice is of great clarity & considering he doesn't do loads of gigs, is also on top form with his singing. Get yer taster here www.myspace.com/genegambler


Nice to have an old friend turn up who we haven't seen in years, so there was kind of a mini reunion occuring on this occasion, even to the point of bringing out the photo albums in our busy foyer!



Roy (left) of the Guildford Hot 50s r 'n' r club was celebrating his 70th at Crondall (he don't look a day over 59!) . His partner Lyn, arranged with us to present him with a cake.

Apologies to anyone who didn't like my singing happy birthday, but it had to be done, he's one of the originals & has been running their club with a group of friends for 14 years now, so he deserved it, and anyway, I was the one who had to get the song started, & I don't care if anyone thought it was naff, 'cos worse things 'appen at sea don't they?! Ha, ha.


I would like to congratulate Pete Lyth of Rhythm Aces for bravely putting on a charity night to raise money for the Donna Louise Children's Hospice. It can't have been easy for him, being all in the name of his late son Sam, but I believe he raised in excess of 2000 at the event. Just think what support that will bring to those poor sick children & their families of the hospice. Well done Pete for putting your aims into practice. www.donnalouisetrust.org


RIP Mick Landucci (Right), a kind hearted friend & customer whom we sadly lost on 13th August. Thoughts are with your family & very close friends at this very sad time.


Keep rockin' all, the scene needs you!





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Review of 25th July - Hustlers Reviews


Hustlers first contacted me when they first formed their band just a few years ago, they were obviously trying to pick up gigs, &  trying to build up their repertoire. We listened to the demo & kept their details for future reference, couldn't book them at the time due to the fact that they were one of many bands trying to gain gigs wherever they can.

We had them in mind as a possibility & then saw them at a party (with it still in mind to possibly book them).

Truthfully, we still weren't sure whether to book Hustlers or 1 of many other eagerly enthusiastic bands.


During 1 of a few phone calls, I suggested to Hustlers that they get in touch with Steve Stack O' Wax of the Wednesday Night Rockin' Party on the net, to arrange to send him a demo for his radio show, & perhaps if they were interested in being a guest on his show to express that interest to him & maybe they'll be lucky & be able to expose themselves a bit on there. 

The Hustlers succeeded in guesting on Steve's show at Forest fm in Dorset, & that's when I actually first met them, at the studio on one of my drop by visits.

We ultimately booked Hustlers & thought we'd give them a chance. That was about a year ago & since then, we've seen Hustlers a few times & each time has been an improvement on their previous performance & we've been looking forward to their gig at Crondall, as indeed the band have.


Martin Riddington fronts the band on rhythm guitar & lead vocals  with his son of 20 years, Martin aka Ted (Hmm?), on lead guitar/harmonica & some lead vocals. Colin muppet is on drums that keep walking away from him, & Thingy is on Bass. Thingy has played for Lynette Morgan, Detours, Big Rumble & various other bands.

Ted also has another band of his own which is much more of a heavy bluesy kinda band. 


Now I've got to keep this review good, as Martin promised to give me 20 quid to keep it that way!

Hustlers had a real ball at Crondall, they let themselves go & had no trouble in entertaining the crowd. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves, it was written all over their little faces which reminded me of children at Christmas time when opening their presents, they were so ecstatic!

It's the best I'd ever heard them which was probably down to the fact that they were happy to be playing there, & were very relaxed because of it, which reflected in their performance.

Give a good rockin' band, a good rockin' crowd, & you're bound to see them at their best.


Hustlers play some good bluesy boppers with ol' Ted on the harmonica & covering songs like 'Lights Out' , 'Garden of Eden', & 'Little Darlin' in their own unique & distinct style. Martin, that's the one that's not called Ted, is also a songwriter & writes a lot of his own material. He has a very versatile voice & knows how to mould every word that comes out of his mouth, when he's singing that is! He sings with great clarity too, great voice.

Colin plays drums by constantly trying to beat the living daylights out of his muppet which is sitting on top of his cymbal, he always misses & as a result, hits out a good beat on the drums. What a Tally Basher! He can also play them whilst playing hide & seek behind his drum kit, he's just sooo clever!

Thingy is quite happy slappin' away with his little round  thingy hanging from his bass, why is that there anyway? It's probably something to play with whilst Martin (the older one) is tallywacking in between songs! Martin (little Ted, well, he's actually quite big) has a great voice too, & at the age of 20, with the talent he naturally seems to have, could potentially go a long way if he keeps it up.

Look out for 'Fraudminded' their recently released cd on Foottapping Records, or check out their sound at



Thanks for the toffee Martin  for my hard work on Saturday, and I await the 20 quid! :)


Martin Riddington - Frontman - Rhythm, guitarist / Lead Vocalist Comments.....

We had a ball! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, what more can I say?


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Review of 27th June '09 - Rhythm Aces


As I sit here sweltering in the heat in my shorts and vest top, I'm trying to fathom out, how on earth Rhythm Aces managed to perform the most exciting act I have seen them do so far, all booted & suited teddyboys with their full drape suits on, in the heat we all experienced at the end of June!


Pete Lyth is the main man doin' the strummin' 'n' singin' & makin' the crowd 1/3  wild, Howie on bass all over the place (I want some of what he's on!) making the crowd 1/3 crazy, & there's the delightful skin basher, Noz who does have a lovely smile (watch out for it), and sends the crowd 1/3 into the excited mode.

Mash them altogether & you've got a whole Wild, Crazy & Exciting night, a perfect evening for letting off steam!


Despite the heat, Rhythm aces were on the PEAK of Top Form, they had the place stormin'!. The atmosphere

was close to

that of our Crazy Cavan & Foxy night.















energy  shot like that  each time! ha, ha!


They had travelled down from Shropshire & there was a lot of energy goin' on, on our stage. Where  was it all coming from? I dunno, but however, it rubbed off on me, that's for sure. I was dead beat  when I got up that day & as busy as a whirlwind until 4am Sunday morning, then up again at 9am to do club related work.


A variation of songs were covered, from Campi's 'Rockabilly Man', J.Lee lewis' 'High School Confidential without the piano'...wicked! And of course, some good ol' British - 'Please Don't Touch' &  'Rock with the Caveman'. And their very own self penned & popular Teddyboy song 'Carry on Teddyboy' which you will find on Rhythm Aces new c.d.


The village hall and  the car park absolutely rocked, with teds & rockers 

spilling out of the hall trying to cool off & admiring the classic motors in

between band sets!


We gave Rhythm Aces one of  their earlier gigs when they weren't so popular & were hardly known, they were building up their experience with each other &  weren't  so hot as they are now. The drummer has changed since then, & 3 years on, they have transformed immensely, they're like a totally different band altogether now & very professional. It was a real pleasure to have them play back at Crondall at the height of their transformation.


I would like to say a special thank you to all those who travelled from Kent & Essex to see Rhythm Aces at Crondall & who had only seen them a few weeks before in their own home town at Pete Bruce's Beauwaters club. It's really appreciated. And thank you to everyone else who supports us.


A most extra special thank you goes out to Christian whom we met at Rockers Reunion &  travelled all the way from Germany just to see Rhythm Aces at Crondall rock 'n' roll club. He was amazing & made lots of friends. He left home at 10pm on Thursday night and didn't get a lot of sleep until the Saturday, due to us dragging him out to a club on Friday night, to his request.


Christian very kindly donated some special limited edition Rhythm Aces patches, via a factory in Germany making them up free of charge. Only 97 were made & were especially for Pete Lyth to sell, with all monies going to the Donna Louise Childrens Hospice.


We sold a lot of those patches & all the money went straight into the official bucket which travels with the Rhythm Aces to their gigs.

I would like to take this opportunity to state, that to date, The Donna Louise Childrens Hospice has received  2.908.19 plus 1200 recently raised at Wildest cats in Town weekender by John Houndog - DJ, & they are extremely grateful to those who have contributed donations to the trust so far. Donations continue to be raised.


If you are after a suited & booted  wild, crazy & exciting band, then Rhythm Aces are for you. Check them at a gig near you or listen to a few of their tracks on their website at www.myspace.com/therhythmaces, better still, go & see them & purchase their new c.d - 'Hand me down suits & Hobnail Boots.


Promoters out there, don't forget those up & coming bands that need your help to build up their experience!


See Rhythm Aces live at Crondall here

 'Carry on Teddyboy'           Whole Lotta Shakin'


Pete Lyth - lead vocalist & Guitarist comments on the gig.....

We only have one thing to say & that is.... Excellent!

Thanks for everything,


. . . ________________________________________ . . .



Review of 30th May  '09 - Roosters


Tonight, organising the club is absolutely manic due to a couple of unforeseen predicaments caused by the Cricket season & balls of a certain kind, 

BUT we won't go into that one, there's too much politics involved.


Everybody arrives on time, no problem there, it's just these people with the balls in the way putting us behind!

Finally they're gone, it's a beautiful sunny evening which guarantees the old classic motor enthusiasts are gonna be bringing their babies out  & filling  the car park which is right by the entrance of the hall. 


A burger van has the tempting aroma of BURGERS (would you believe?!, ha, ha) wafting through the air, MMmmmmm, and we are just about ready to roll, and I can finally sit down at the door & catch my breath.


Cock a Doodle Doo, what are we gonna do? Well, Kevin Swain's Roosters are in town (village, lol), they came to entertain us tonight  with a different, yet talented guitarist to when we last saw them about a year ago, whose name is Bill Crittenden  who had done another gig earlier  that afternoon with one of the other 2  bands he is with, and I have to say Bill, you looked like I feel mate....Cream crackered! Bill also shares backing vocals with the drummer, Phil McKee, from Buckingham. Phil happens to have some experience in stage managing too, & Kevin Swain (ex-'Good rockin' Tonight') is lead vocalist & bass player.


Some of you will hear that Kevin & Bill are in the band Kingcats, that is correct, but you have to understand that Roosters is Kev's band & Bill is very much NOT in the foreground as he is with Kingcats.

Kev's Roosters deserve credit in their own right, they had the place jumpin' and cover songs like 'I Didn't Like It (as heard on Radio Caroline), Ain't got no Home', one of my fave covers by them - 'Mean Woman Blues' & a great little Brian Setzer number - 'Rooster Rock'.


The band in their matching red shirts with dragons & flames  just love to gig for fun & simply are out to have a good time at each gig. 

Roosters kept the place jumpin', and did what all good  bands do on stage, they had some fun & thoroughly enjoyed themselves which shone through both their sets,  and so sorry lads, and thanks for the offer, but we couldn't allow you to go on til 3am as you so eagerly desired, some of us have to clear up afterwards, then grab some sleep, ha, ha.


You can hear all the songs mentioned here, on the Roosters 12 track c.d 'Henhouse Riot' on Foottapping Records. See them play live at Crondall on video clips at www.myspace.com/kevandtheroosters 

They are worth the look in.


Janie no.2 (Yes, there is another Janie, woooohooo) provided a rather  special display of the Old Manor cafe, a cafe that was a notorious old rockers haunt. 


Janie no.2 is the daughter of one of the Rockers who used to hang out there & she is on a mission to try & find more old faces from the days of old. www.freewebs.com/oldmanorcafe 


Our very own Tattooed Mick was selling the rock 'n' roll memorabilia & Steve Runicorn was selling his great selection of c.ds & memorabilia & his new Gene Vincent 45 rpms on his new record label - Mabel records.



Keep on supporting your local & not so local rockin' joints 'cos without you, they wouldn't exist!


. . . ________________________________________ . . .



 Review of 25th April '09 - Sundowners


4 times, we have had Sundowners in Crondall, &  1 of those occasions was literally a last minute arrangement, made whilst they were on their way home from another gig, to fill in for a last minute cancellation.


 The last time was backing Johnnie Fox at our Cavan gig.

Lee Gocher (frontman of Sundowners) who started his rockin' life as a teddy boy, was already booked for that, 1 year ahead, & the other 2 stepped in at the last minute.


This 4th occasion was long pre-arranged, & we booked the band for 2 reasons.

1. We wanted to honour Sundowners a gig for all the help that Lee Gocher had given us, incl agreeing to initially play with Johnnie Fox & sacrificing a potential booking with Sundowners &

2. Sundowners are such a fantastic band anyway, and we wanted them back in Crondall.



We had finally landed on our feet since our spectacular Cavan/Fox night, of which we are still getting feedback on, and Lee Gocher, with his trusty Sundowners, arrive once again, 2 months on from the last time, and rip it up all over again, only this time, the honoured centre of attraction is Lee & his extremely versatile voice, singing ballads perfectly & tearin' into the more rockin' songs with a bit of growl in his vocals, together with his body extension....his guitar!! Lee writes lots of his own material & produces an amazing authentic sound, performing absolutely from within, it's written all over his face, one can see that he is in absolute heaven when he is performing! 


Sundowners, who are very accomplished in their performance, rocked it up, right from the start & were the heart of, yet again, an atmosphere worth travelling for.


Although Brandon Hoadley on bass didn't portray all his musical talents tonight, I have to say, he just gets me, the way he appears to play bass so effortlessly. Brandon has actually being playing pro since the age of 11 & has been in a musical, been a drum tutor, & depped with many professional bands, before joining Sundowners. He can also play the guitar, so he has many potential opportunities.

I am to understand that Brandon, even at 20 something, is quite an asset to the band with his constructive ideas and suggestions.


Sundowners, who actually got the name from an old 1960 Robert Mitchum & Deborah Kerr film, is clearly Lee's band & has been in existence since about '88, with the occasional line up change, as bands do, a disbandment for a short while & then reformed again.


It was such a treat to hear Buddy Holly's 'Ollie Vee' & 'Maybe Baby' & Johnny Cash's heartfelt song, slightly up tempo (but not ruined) version of 'Big River', which is on their latest c.d.

Sundowners played a good variation of numbers, and finished with erm??? how many encores was it???, & with the wildest song of the night, Sonny Burgess' 'We're Gonna Boogie'...what a sensational finish with the drummer Ritchie Taylor who is on his 2nd innings with the band, & I don't blame him for choosing Sundowners to return to, after leaving for a while to fulfil other little ventures abroad. Sundowners spend frequent times in Europe for their hols & are very popular there, so Ritchie has come back & abroad he goes again!


Ritchie is a great top notch drummer & finished fantastically at the end of the night. He tossed his drumstick into the air with a spin, caught it  & hit out the last  beat with it, bang on time.


Sundowners have a little trade secret (top secret) to their smart presentation, of which I have been sworn to secrecy not to tell! But next time you see them, maybe buy one of their c.ds to contribute to the cause of their saving fund, and with your help, they will continue to remain smart forever more ! :)

Click here to hear the versatilities of the band, or look out for their c.ds, the latest being on Foot Tapping Records called 'Lovers Question', with 5 of Lee's own tracks on there.


Keep it rockin' , Janie.



Lee Gocher comments.....

Thanks for a great night guys, we had fun, and the sarnies went down a treat when I got home!

Hope to catch up with you all soon, and again thanks for everything.


Lee, Brad & Rich. x

. . . ________________________________________ . . .


Review of 28th March - Johnny Gunner & the Raiders


Johnny Gunner & the Raiders had been looking forward to playing at Crondall for a long time now.

We booked them about a year ago. We had never seen them play live before, & had only seen video clips of them on you tube & heard a few of their tracks on their website at www.myspace.com/johnnygunnerandtheraiders


They are a trio from the Southend/Essex area, and Johnny has had the band in existence for about 7 years with a couple of line up changes along the way.

Mark is on skins, & Steve, who has also played for Montgomery Music Makers & a couple of other bands, slaps his beaten up old bass, which looks like it's been around the world & back, and tells rude jokes, no matter who is listening in! Ha, ha.


Johnny Gunner & the Raiders have their own unique sound.

In my opinion, the guitar, played by Johnny, being the core of the sounds produced, although saying that, the bass & drums are very clearly heard too. I guess you could describe the sound they produce as rockabilly with a bit of blues added & a  touch raw.


The band are not  a dance band at all, although they had people dancing, and they prefer to be playing clubs where they can just rip it up however they feel.

Personally, I preferred the faster tempo tracks, which were more lively & exciting. One of their own self penned tracks ' Reconsider', I also enjoyed. The all round sound of the song was good, an original 50's feel to it with lyrics to suit the modern world....It reminds me of the style of Billy Fury's uptempo love songs.


As well as Johnny Gunner writing his own material, they also do covers which I haven't heard in a while, such as, ' Red Cadillac & a Black Moustache' which I haven't heard in the clubs since the flippin' early 80s! God, that took me back a bit! (Ha, ha) 'Long Tall Sally' & an early Elvis self penned number - 'Just Because' (one of my faves).

The self penned instrumental 'Raidin' Out', which kicked off their 1st set was pretty impressive too & a good opening to start their performance.


At the time of the gig with us, it was scheduled for the band to have an all self penned c.d out for release about  end of April time, so keep your eyes peeled for that, available on Foottapping records.


 If you are one of those that visits the theatre for rock 'n' roll shows, You maybe interested to hear that Johnny Gunner & the Raiders have recently played as a backing band for the 1959 Winter Dance Party which  was re-created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Buddy Holly's, Big Bopper's & Ritchie Valens' tragic & untimely death.


If anyone is interested in the band, they can always call Johnny on 07931979969 for info.

Keep on rockin' all.



Johnny Gunner comments.....

Yeah, was a great gig!!! ..thanks for looking after us so well!!! ..great
venue and great people!!...


. . . ________________________________________ . . .


Review of Feb 28th '09

Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers


Johnnnie Fox with Sundowners & 2 ex-Hunters Ritchie & Rich


One of our regulars at the end of our last gig said  ''I'd like to see you top that !'' 

What a blast!. We still haven't landed, & by the time you read this, I'll be half way back to earth, probably!

Johnnie Fox supplied P.A for our Feb night & wanted to make sure everything  went perfect, so we arrived at the hall earlier than usual to set up & get  P.A sorted, ready for the wildest party at Crondall EVER! Together with Johnnie's gear, Lee Gocher and he sorted out the sound system, with Brandon Hoadley (bass player of Sundowners.)


 Are Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers truly coming to Crondall? Can't believe it.

We hired Cavan for 2 reasons.

 1.Our regulars wanted Cavan back in Crondall, & we wanted to give them an exceptionally good night in return for all the support that they have given to the club over the last 32 years.

2. We wanted to give Cavan & his lads the chance to play at  the club again after playing there in Dec ' 94 & in Feb ' 78.


 Cavan & the lads enjoyed reminiscing & looking at some old Cavan/Crondall pics that were up on our display, then they decide to go to the pub, as all bands used to at Crondall, before performing in the village hall, in the earlier years.

They have a stroll around the village, getting some odd looks from the locals in the pub, who were trying to work out which planet they had arrived from, ha, ha! They soon got used to them though, when they realised that they were harmless enough, but arrre they? They hadn't seen them in action! ha, ha! 


The sound check warms  Mr Fox up. Boy are the audience in for a treat?!  All systems go! We had a full house & WOW! This is Johnnie's 1st gig this year, & only rehearsed with 2 of his ex Hunters, guitarists Ritchie F & Ritchie E, once for this gig.


This was the Ritchies 1st  time playing to the public, in a few years!

Johnnie, who plays guitar too, was also backed by the Sundowners - Lee Gocher, a very fine & talented guitarist/singer, with Ritchie on drums & talented young Brandon on bass.

Johnnie went to a great effort to get this 6 piece together, who had never played all  together ever  before! He wanted to give the best performance he could possibly give & they were outstanding, with no hiccups that I can recall & gave an A1 professional 1 hr act.


 Johnnie's a legend in his own time & was given 1st refusal to do p.a. for us, as he's a huge Cavan fan himself, &  he gave me & my family great support, alongside Rat Pack followed by B.17s & Cat Cane 2 years ago. This was our way of returning a good deed.


Johnnie's determination to deliver the best he could with the 5, certainly paid off, as we received loadsa positive feedback about the performance. Thanks Johnnie, Lee & the guys for all your support, and a great job done sharing lead licks on guitars.

Now, time for Cavan, or GOD, as some people say. Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers was the 1st rock 'n' roll band  I ever saw at the age of 17, & their 1st album, 'Crazy Rhythm' was one of the 1st records I ever bought, and nearly wore it out, playing it over & over.

At Crondall, a few teenagers at the front of the stage seeing Cavan for the 1st time, were lovin' it the same way I & many others did in our teens. It's fantastic to see. There is hope yet for the rockin' scene as someone so nicely put to me on this night, referring to their perception of the club.

I really am ecstatic with the whole night & still trying to take it all in. Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers put on a brilliant performance for us all, & singing some numbers from their all self penned (all but 1 track) new album 'Lets F***IN' Rock'.

Cameras were flashing everywhere to try & catch the moment.


One highlight for the night for someone in particular, was Cavan singing one of his new songs, 'No Angie Baby', to my mate Angie for her birthday, on stage, hand in hand.


Cavan & the guys finished their set with a  3 song encore, ending with Boppin' & Shakin' and a group of stage invaders joining in from the audience.


Even after 40 years of a successful career, Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers, who now have one of their earlier bass players back, Graham, seem very down to earth, and are still as wild as ever. 

Their success doesn't seem to have gone to their heads at all, like it does with some people. Crazy Cavan & his Rhythm Rockers being as well known as they are, all over the world, made us proud  to have them perform on the Crondall stage again, a true honour. 


Words cannot be found to express what the gig was really like, only the lucky ones that were there know how it felt. This gig was Crondall's most memorable gig & will be remembered for a long time to come.

Thanks to those who supported this gig, which I liken to a mini Rockers Reunion - Battersea style, or one of the old Weymouth weekenders of the early 80's.

I feel as though I've had the most fantastic dream, or gone to heaven momentarily.

People came from far & wide, Devon, Wales, Bristol & Leicester to name a few, especially to see Cavan at Crondall, a 40 year old band/good mates, in a 32 year old club. Knockout, absolute Knockout.

Thanks for all appreciation since that gig.

Keep on Rockin' 'n' Stompin', Janie.

For details of the Official Crazy Cavan & Rhythm Rockers fan club, contact louisecrazycavan@aol.com . 


Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers all commented.....

We all thought it was a great gig, & we all enjoyed ourselves, thanks.

Johnnie Fox comments.....

Thanks Janie, this was probably one of the best nights in my life, backing my heroes & doin' the p.a for them.

Thanks for asking me to be part of it.


Louise, the Official Secretary of the Official Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers fan club



. . . ________________________________________ . . .



Review of January 24th '09 - $lim $lip & the $liders.......


We've been wanting to book these guys for the 4 years that we've been running Crondall, & with so many bands to choose from, and as much as we would like to book loadsa bands, we just can't book them all at once.

Anyway, it was well worth the wait....extremely!

Such a helluva red hot, wild & memorable night  we had with fun lovin' $lim $lip & the $liders.

It's January & 'cos of this, our bar isn't expecting to be busy, are taking it easy & Wham!  People flood in to come & see this wild band from all over. It was just so nice to have so many Kats, Teds, Rockers & Bikers all under one roof, all enjoying the same band as much as the next person. If there is anyone out there who are after booking a wild rockabilly band, this is the one for you...guaranteed to keep your club buzzin' 'n' boppin' with lightning energy, very entertaining, great stage presence/confidence & interaction with the crowd.


Andy - the extremely versatile & experienced lead guitarist has played with/backed lots of artists, including Slim Jim Phantom & with Gary a.k.a. Griff - $$$ drummer from Cambridge have played together with the bands- Persuaders, Jet Black & more.

Bass player - Darren (who has also played with the Persuaders) cannot keep still for the life of him...same goes with lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Greg. There were actually a couple of times where they nearly came a cropper with each other as they frantically moved about on stage...so exciting, Manic & WILD!

Darren is one of the younger ones (late 20's) on the scene, who has had experience with many bands already, i.e. Jack Rabbit Slim & Darrel Higham & also an offer from Slim Jim Phantom to tour with him.


To me, even though drummers play an important part in the band, I find that emphasis is always taken from the drummer by the frontman, but $$$ drummer - Griff is one of the few that I could mention that actually stands out as being part of the performance....he really enjoys himself & doesn't mind Greg running around the back of him & knocking heads together with Darren .


Greg & Daz move around frantically like a couple of  loonies in between singing & slappin'! And both share the job of being frontman....both as nutty as each other! lol.


Re:drummers takin' part...Half way through their 2nd set, actually, I think it was during the encores...Andy's left on stage strummin' his guitar, & the others (I can see) are havin' a quick bite, then out comes the drummer with the plate of sandwiches we made up for them & is offering them to the crowd, what a laugh! Followed now by the others, sneakin' up on Greg & wrappin' the cling film around his head! (Please do not try this at home folks unless supervised by a $$$ nutter!), finishing off by throwing a ball of cling film onto the drum & batting it out to the crowd....Oh....and while they are at it....(at what, ha, ha!) they decide to just randomly throw out one of their new c.ds - 'GO WILD' to some lucky punter.


Did I mention, that early on....Daz blew up his amp & had to go through some other musician's device. lol......It was still a good sound though, even though Daz couldn't hear what he was playing! lol

Love the way these guys do Run Chicken Run....every now & then, they froze their position....continuing to play on....so enthralling.


In all the time, we have been running Crondall, I have never seen so many people go backstage to see the band, it was just like the old times.


I have to say, Greg isn't as good a footballer as he is singer. We had a quick go of 'Shoot to the goal Greg, on the stage Greg'....none out of 2! lol. Stick to the singing!

We've had a few things left behind by bands, but never a nappy bag! What's all that about? Greg said it was Daz's??? I dunno, go see the band & ask them!


Once this review is published in Maggies Blue Suede News, then Daz's bass becomes all miiiiine.....that was the bribe anyway! lol




To hear $lim $lip & the $liders, go to www.myspace.com/slimslipandthesliders 


look out for their  recently released c.d. 'GO WILD'.


Keep it Rockin' Janie

Greg - Lead vocal thingies & Rhythm guitarist comments.....

Hi Janie, Thank you for the review (love the nappy bit, killer) and the vid clip.

Anyway thanks for havin' us and all your support. G $$$



See $$$ singin' Bip Bop Boom at Crondall here

. . . ________________________________________ . . .