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Reviews for gigs held in 2013

Review of 26th January - Porky's Hot Rockin'

5 weeks since our last gig, but it seems like absolutely ages since we had a Crondall rock 'n' roll nutters session! That's what we're about, a place to come & let yer hair down or cut it off, if that's what floats ya boat, lol. We always have a crazy rockin' time at Crondall r 'n' r club! Tonight was no exception, Porky arrives & whispers in my ear....Ooooo sweet nuthins', ha ha, just jokin', he whispers, 'The Messiah is here & they travel from miles around' lol & he was right an' all. We had the lot in, a very good turnout of Teds, Bikers, Rockers & Cats from all over, Reading, Kingston, Hastings. Andover & London to name but a few. Porky had the well known sensational guitarist Mark Harmen behind him, can he play that guitar or what?! Love the distinctive Johnny Burnette sound when they cover his songs. Baz Mungham is on bass, who has played for Red Hot Rockers & Porky's brother Johnny on drums who apparently created a wonderful non floral aroma on stage. Was doin' it in the van as well, by all accounts, must be the excitement or muscle strain of drumming :) Ha ha ! And it was a 3 hour journey down, phhhhoaaawar, lol,
You can never fail to get a brilliant performance with these guys. Porky, in my opinion is one of the best entertainers on the rockin' scene & can also be caught compering the likes of the Mundesley rock 'n' roll weekender & Ritchie Gee's Wildest Cats in Town one, as well as hosting jammin' sessions there.
What an atmosphere, electric tonight! I spend half the night on the door & the other half, my rockin' ma in law, Peggy does. I has a quick pee break & a couple of things to do, & then go & see how things are doin' in the hall. I was astonished to see such a big turnout of people. Lovely :)
Porky's Hot Rockin' is giving it all they can on stage, with Porky going like crazy, flicking his head back & forth, with his greased hair messed up in the process. That's some crazy action packed rockin'! They're keeping the dance floor busy too with people doin' what they want, strollin' jiving & boppin' all to the same song. That's rock 'n' roll for ya! But after 2 lively encores, they called it a day, leaving the crowd wanting much more! The band finished the night with 'Train kept a rollin' with that famous Mark Harmen, Ace guitarist, keeping its original sound with his Johnny Burnette licks & Porky swapping from rhythm guitar to adding some 'oh yeah, gimme some o' that' harmonica' at the end. Porky is just so wild, too good to miss if you like WILD & adrenalin pumpin' so much you can't resist getting excited yerself ! Crowd were a little unintentionally teased when Johnny came back on stage to pick up something he left behind. They thought they were going to get an honoured 3rd encore, but they have to stop at some point I guess & rest before packing their gear away. All this can be found on youtube if you type in 'Porkys Hot Rockin' at Crondall rock 'n' roll club' in the search box.

Dynamite Ady announces the band 'finished', with cds available if they want more, & just a minute, whats that pink thing in yer hair Ady? What the 'ell 'ave you got a flower in yer hair for? lol....A friend tells me, he's lookin' after it for her. Okaaay, must be a DJ thing, lol :) Ha ha ha ha ha ha....only joking now, before all you DJs write in, lol. But seriously, what a pretty Ady, lol. The band were very quick to pack up, once we'd finished.

Porky ended up havin' a photo shoot with the youngest in the crowd, a 1 yr old lad who was wearing special headphones to protect his ears with, with his crazy rockin' Teddy girl mama, Tina, with him. Bless his cotton socks, I think he thought he was gonna have to sit on Porkys knee forever more, awwwwww.
Okay, all you Porky's Hot Rockin' lovers, as I type, artwork is being prepared for their forthcoming cd on Foot Tapping records, titled 'Paint the Town' which is a 13 track cd with 5/6 self penned & some co-penned with Paula Redfern. It'll be available from Foottapping records or the band at gigs. Due out around March/April time, so keep ya eyes peeled, sounds like its gonna be a goodun! Foot Tapping will have a cd stall at Crondall r 'n' r club on April 27th, hopefully the cd will be available by then for anyone interested.

'Any interest in Porky's Hot Rockin', please ring 07553927076 or e.mail Rockin@live.co.uk

Watch Porkys Hot Rockin' at Crondall , here >  Train kept a Rollin'


Porky, Frontman says to me (Janie).....

Yeh it was a great night with a good crowd ! Nice to see new faces and we always enjoy Crondall cos it has a good atmosphere and always good sandwiches ! Lol .

The host's, yourself and Ady are always abliging and its alway's good ending the night with a trip to the burger van ! Lol .

Keep on rockin Crondall !



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Review of 23rd February - Straight Aces

Straight Aces....straight from the Midlands, spotted at their major debut gig at the Rockabilly Rave & whipped up for a gig at Crondall r 'n' r club 8 months later. A breath of fresh air! And although they used a depp drummer, Jim Booton, who also plays for the Hayriders, who I nicknamed 'Skinny Jim' for our gig & 20 year old Stevie T, guitarist, taking on all the lead vocals, they still produced an exciting & energetic performance that we experienced when we saw the band at Rockabilly Rave, where Stevie only sung 1 or 2.
Big Jim Smith on bass, a lot younger than me, and miles taller like a flippin' giant, but much older than Stevie shall we say, (I'm not ancient by the way lol) is the founder of the band who have been around for as long as Big Jim has been playing bass, about 2 years ish, covering a variety of tracks like 'Money Honey, 'House of the Rising Sun', 'Skinny Jim' & My 'Lovin' baby' with a self penned screamin' WILD Instrumental......'Show me ya Growler' lol, which was composed during a jammin' session together.

Great band, very tight. As for the 20 year old frontman, he's got it, the stage presence, confidence, but not 'too' much of it, just the right amount, good interaction with the crowd & on stage with the band as a leader, has some lively action by interacting with Big Jim & Skinny Jim on stage, energy, can play a mean guitar, has great versatile vocals & a cheeky little smile which you see a lot of 'cos most importantly, he's loving every minute of performing. Don't want to put the lad on a pedestal or anything, but thats the impression I got. He has also wrote a song 'Baby I'm comin' home' at 2am one morning 'cos he couldn't sleep, it was something to do, lol

Stevie T is inspired by one of the greats - Eddie Cochran, although the band aren't covering all Eddie songs. He started playing guitar when he was about 9 years old, although on & off since then, & it was about 2 years ago that he discovered this great music that we all crave & hasn't looked back since. Hope he sticks to it, 'cos he's part of the future of the Rockin' Scene. Best of luck to him.

Of course we mustn't forget how important the bass & drums are, what can one say, apart from great bass playing & drumming. Great all round sound & in the words of one of our customers whom I won't name ha ha.....'F**kin' Awesome'! Really, what Riff Raff! Ha Ha Ha!

Until about 8.15pm it was very bodyless at the club, (We open at 7pm) always a worry for the bands sake, especially ones that travel zillions of miles, but then, what a turn around, the place got busy. Yeharh!
Brilliant atmosphere as usual & dare I say Earl Jackson turned up promoting a load of gigs, he's such a cheeky begger, adopting a whole table for all his various fliers. It took the poor fella ages to actually get into the hall as everyone wanted to give him a hug. I will give him his due though, he used his energy tonight to help us clear up at the end of the night. Very, very decent of the ol' boy :)

A group of young girls arrived of which, one was there to take pics of the band at the club. Was gobsmacked to hear they had come alllllll the way from Manchester! Amazing! I'm sure Straight Aces must do gigs nearer to Manchester, but fate brought them to Crondall r 'n' r club. One guy was stopping over from Ireland & another couple had only been back from a holiday in Ireland for 3 hours & then set over to come to us. Nice!
A comment passed by one of our customers 'The band are great, good & loud, as rock 'n' roll should be'.........Rock 'n' Roll is never to Loooooud !

Chatting to the band outside by the burger bar & I mentioned to them, when we saw them at the Rockabilly Rave, I had a hard job keeping off the stage to join in & Big Jim answers, 'But you'll do it here later won't you Janie?' All he had to do was mention he had some marraccas & that was it, sorted! I waited all evening, looking forward to some marraca playing, gets on stage, draggin' a mate up as Jim is asking for people to join them, my mate nicks one marraca off me, that's fair, I have one left, then one of the youngest, a regular lad of about 8/9 years old, Billylee, who has accompanied bands at Crondall a few times before, appears next to me. Well, I just had to let him have the remaining marracca, didn't I. All night I waited, all night ! Ha ha.....still had a blast though joining in with Ol' Black Joe.
As I said before, Stevie T was not the usual full time singer for the band & therefore, only had 'X' amount of songs he could do. Now it has come to encore time ......there goes 1 encore, band not expecting a 2nd, sorry but the crowd didn't want to let them go. Stevie returns from backstage saying with a big smile, 'I started with this one & I'll finish with this one' & broke into Eddie Cochran's 'Jelly Bean'. The crowd were left wanting more. Great!

A few dedications made by the band - My in Laws Mick & Peggy who help us at the club 48th Wedding anniversary, a birthday, a newly wed couple & a tribute to my late brother in law very decently singing one of his favourite songs - 'House of the Rising Sun', for us. DJ Dynamite Ady kept the floor busy til it was time to sweep the bodies out ha ha.

I have spoken to Big Jim since the gig & was astounded to hear they got in at 6am after the gig & went on youtube! Didn't go to bed 'cos the adrenalin was still racing, & he said they received endless compliments all night & a lot of expressed interest from our customers.
Any interest in the band, please phone Jim Smith on 07517669729.

Keep Rockin'!

Watch Straight Aces' at Crondall, here > My Lovin' Baby  


Self penned Show me ya Growler (end cut short)



Jim Smith, Bassman comments.....

 We would like to thank Janie, Ade, Peggy and Mick for being so welcoming and supplying us with coffee while setting up ! well deserved after a 2hr 45min trip, also very nice to have sandwiches backstage before we go on, the crowd response was amazing as were the compliments that came after the gig ! Its a really nice venue and hope everyone carries on supporting Crondall rnr club, on behalf of Straight Aces we thank all of you that supported us, keep on rockin !!



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Review of 30th March - Sure - Can - Rock

Thunder & Lightning storms at Crondall rock 'n' roll club with very new & WILD Rockabilly band, originally conceived about 2 years ago at a talent/jammin' slot at Wildest Cats in Town weekender. WILD Jack got up & did a couple of numbers & Diamond Dave, who has also drummed with Johnnie Fox, Sundowners & other bands, was on skins at the time, they got together & the rest is history. We heard how well WILD Jack went down & how energetic he was & then met him at the Rockabilly Rave, not realising he was the same guy we had heard about. He said he was forming a band with one of our regular customers & Dave had told us he had a band forming too, not realising these bands were the same one. Anyway, Dave sold the band to us as a WILD Rockabilly band with Hungarian WILD Jack up front, that with a couple of videos Dave sent to us from a jammin' session, led us to havin' one of the best Rockabilly bands I have heard in a while.
I was pleasantly delighted to hear tracks that you don't usually hear other bands cover, like Rod Willis' 'The Cat', The Phantom's 'Love Me', & one of my faves, Tooter Boatman's brilliant 'Thunder & Lightning' with the same drum roll intro! Diamond Dave, in my opinion & the other 'alf DJ Dynamite Ady thinks Dave is an excellent drummer. He tries so hard to get the sound right, down to the point of bringing along to a gig, the right set of drums to produce the best sound for the tracks he's playing. Yes, Dave is an avid drum kit collector, it certainly beats collecting stamps, much more fun in drums! And Susie, his beautiful wife must have the patience of a saint, lol. Dave also provides all the screamin' & howlin' from the back of the stage that adds to the excitement of the band! With the added occasional howlin' comin' from the excited crowd as well.
First words from WILD Jack when he arrives, ''its great here, I love gigs in the middle of nowhere'', ha ha. He lives in England, speaks very good English with a strong Hungarian accent. I only heard the first set as I was on the door, but he ended up jumpin' off the stage & getting down on his knees. He just can't keep still ! A great performer who is lead vocalist & rhythm guitarist. I watched the 2nd set & a bit lively to say the least. Great to hear the European touch with the vocals. Someone did say to me before the gig, that Hungarian rockabilly's are all a bit crazy, well, this one is, defo!

This is Jack's first band which he has sung in, I believe & has started as he means to go on. As a customer passes him a drink when he's performing, crouched down on stage, he pours some over his head, takes a swig & rocks it out, getting off stage again & returning for more craziness, he's a nutter!
SURE - CAN - ROCK all come from Essex, Kent, Feltham & the Woking area, & being so far apart, don't rehearse that much, nevertheless, they produce a very good all round sound, a bit loud in sound check, but once bodies filled the hall, the sound was fine.
Bass player, Ewan Penkey is a reasonably new bass player, has done some work with Pete Hutton & now works with SURE - CAN - ROCK & Diamond Dave's other band, an all British sound band, Serious Charge, who will play at Crondall r 'n' r club on January 25th 2014.
We've known Ewan for a bit over a couple of years now & 2 years ago, he was just playing bass & hoped to be joining a band eventually. Well, he's doing a great job for himself & has reached his goal & gained a gig at Crondall where he & his wife have been attending for about 15 years, & on this night, he chose to celebrate his 40th birthday in style, playing stand up bass on the Crondall village hall stage! Little did he know, the cunning plan of a surprise birthday cake presentation following the bands 1st set, with moi ending up singing happy birthday, assisted by Diamond Dave on his drums. I only planned to start people off, but somehow ended up singing it all through, on the mic. The things we have to do, but it was a real pleasure to watch someone fulfil his dream & on his 40th, it couldn't have been more perfect for him.

Don't know much about the guitarist, Paul Dickinson, accept he played with another band, the Wildkat Tamers, who some incorrectly think of as a psychobilly band. Paul was playing some real good guitar, raw rockabilly style.
SURE - CAN - ROCK finished off with WILD Jack lifting the bottom of the bass onto his shoulder, whilst Ewan was still playing. This band SURE - CAN - ROCK & if you dig the WILDER side of Rockabilly, then this is the band for you. There is already an International interest in this very new band & you can check them out on youtube or facebook, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sure-Can-Rock/207036339396684 . Thanks to the couple who travelled from Cardiff to visit the club for the first time. Really appreciated.

Keep rockin' !

Watch Sure - Can - Rock at Crondall r 'n' r club here

 Rockin' Daddy              Thunder & Lightning

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Review of 27th April - Sandy Ford & his Flying Saucers


Sandy Ford, the legendary performer who has been performing since before I was born! Think I must have first seen him about 25 years ago or more! Sandy never seems to Age, lose his hair, gain wrinkles or change his style & even his voice still seems to remain the same. It's like he's been suspended in time! Leopard Von, the beautiful blonde bass player is the same too. Rock 'n' roll keeps you young they say & they are living proof of that, although Leopard Von hasn't been performing for even as half as long as Sandy, but she has been on the rockin' scene all her life!
Together with Chris, working hard on the drums with a big smile, we have Sandy Ford & his Flying Saucers!
So there stands Sandy Ford, so very tall, dark & handsome, Ha ha! in his usual stance behind his guitar, legs slightly apart & from the first time I saw him, til now, he's always reminded me of 'Marty Wilde', 'cos he has the same young look, build & stance like a tall red Indian minus the feather headdress & tan ha ha. Wearing his snappy red & dark blue 2 tone trousers with satiny red shirt & black stripes & black jacket with red bits in, all very colour co-ordinated & very smart, as is the Leopard Von, who is always dressed smartly, usually in a circle dress. Tonight, its a black dress covered in musical notations. And Chris is the man in black! No shades though, too dark, ha ha!
Going back to Marty Wilde, I just thought I'd mention to Sandy about the similarities of Marty that I have always seen in him. With which he replied, 'I was in a supermarket somewhere & someone comes up to me & says 'I don't believe it, you're from the Flying Saucers aren't you? God I used to follow you everywhere back in the day'' & so they reminisced. 10 minutes later, still in the same supermarket, someone else approaches Sandy & says, '' My goodness, you don't half look like Marty Wilde!''. Must be something in it. I also see a lot of young French musician/singer, Yann Gourmelon from CorrupTed, in Sandy, but he doesn't remind me of Marty Wilde....not yet, anyway! Sandy is a great inspiration to Yann & IF Sandy ever retires, oh look, there's a pig flying by! lol, I reckon Yann will help to keep the Sandy style going. Sandy Ford & his Flying Saucers have always been a great encouragement to the youngsters inviting them up on stage to have a go with the drums, or playing their own guitar, or in fitter years gone by, taking one of the drums onto the dance floor during 'Keep on comin' song & giving kids & some adults a chance to join the drummer in knocking out a beat on the skins. Done it a few times myself! Thrilling times! Encouragement has paid off for the likes of Yann Gourmelon & 10 yr old genius guitarist Denvir Jet, who Sandy also encouraged a lot.
Tonight, the band were egging along young 7 yr old Poppy, who is eager to learn how to play the drums & what a superstar, diggin' the beat & really going wild, helping Chris the drummer. She went home with a pair of drumsticks & a bit of experience & has since acquired a drumkit of her own. Poppy's brother Wig Wam Willie & Lewis Jordan Brown were also in our midst. Sandy said to Willie when he met him, ''you look like a DJ'', he's only 13 yrs old & IS a VINYL DJ.

Lewis Jordan Brown is a very young (about 11 yrs old) & very good budding Jerry Lee like piano player.
You can never fail to have a good time with Sandy Ford, he's the Guvnor & a master of the rockin' circuit. I thought he'd been performing for about 40 years, he tells me its more like 50! now thats going it some & he's still puts on a lively performance, is still popular & appeals more to Teds & Rockers, The band perform plenty of self penned numbers & plenty of Rockabilly, dedicating a George Jones number, Maybe Little Baby , to the late & great George Jones himself. RIP George Jones. 'Honey Hush' is dedicated to his very old friend Ginger for some strange reason, Sandy says its the 'Hi Ho Silver' bit that makes him think about his 'old' mate. Ha ha. Think about it, Hi(gh) & silver.
Leopard Von's first words as she arrives & she says it everytime, ''it's so like coming into someones home, coming here, its lovely''. Always a pleasure to have Sandy Ford & his Flying Saucers play for us! Leopard Von plays electric bass & stand up bass for the band.
Real early in the evening a couple of young good looking male cops turn up & my immediate thoughts were, if these are stripograms, they're way to early cos hardly anyone was there at the time, but hey, do what you have to do, lol, then its like ''I knoooow you'' to one of them, but couldn't quite place him as never seen him in uniform & not seen him for a long time. It was only the son of Clive of foottapping records who was running his cd stall for us, kindly filling in for our resident runicorn records stall. He popped in to say hello to his dad. Was expecting them back later for a photo shoot, lol, but they obviously got tangled up with some naughty people 'cos they didn't come back, ha ha.

I have to mention our new hot food providers who work 'in house' & cook mouthwatering delicious home made beef burgers & chicken goujon burgers made with real chicken breast & chunky home made chips made with fresh potatoes. They are the French 'Lazy Chef' who has been catering for about 30 years & the lovely Lisa.

Keep Rockin' all.

Watch Sandy Ford & his Flying Saucers at Crondall r 'n' r club here

You're My Baby                   Maybe Little Baby


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Review of 25th May - Ten Bob Millionaires


Ten Bob Millionaires, a band we had never seen play live. We booked them on knowing 2 of them already, the bass player, Howie Gough & drummer, Noz, who were once with Rhythm Aces. The singer, 27 yr old Rich Lyon usually plays bass for Jack & the Real Deals, a good rockabilly band, & we had only seen him sing once on video. The guitarist we knew nothing about, except his name, Chris. They were sold to us as a band that do a bit of Skiffle & a bit of Bop material covering the likes of Patt Cupp, Johnny Norton & the Vipers. Most numbers played this night were of the boppin' rockabilly influence & just a few of the skiffle, like Streamline Train & Lonesome Traveller & also a few good originals from the band. Some of the rockabilly tracks covered were 'I guess its meant that way', 'Stutterin' Cindy', 'Raw Deal' & 'Rock 'n' Roll Guitar'. Surprisingly, because of the genre covered, a very good cover of 'Move it' was included as was 'I fought the Law', but the basis of material was the rawer hot boppin' rockabilly sounds. We would have had a few more skiffle numbers included, only the singer has literally only been performing with the band since end of February which is a relatively short time for someone to be learning a load of songs, since he wasn't a singer until he joined Ten Bob Millionaires in January. More self penned skiffle numbers are in the pipeline as I type, & recording sessions for a cd release are semi complete, so I look forward to that when it's released!
The band are LIVELY including the senior members, ha ha. Howie can't keep still even if he did drive down to us in 5 hours with only one 10 minute break! Back & forth on the stage draggin' the bass, movin' around like someone with his pants on fire! Noz is his usual self, full of much needed concentration & bringing the wire brushes out occasionally as opposed to those wooden long things they call drumsticks, Chris plays guitar like he wants to be an actual part of the guitar, & can't quite accomplish that, so just moves around restlessly knockin' out some great guitar sounds. Rich has charisma, a voice, the looks, & what makes some of us feel old, 'youth'!
Although an average sized crowd, the band deserved a bigger audience, but the response they got for an encore was great & Howie's response to that was ''Thank you, that was completely unexpected''. They went down a storm & were most refreshing, with steel toe capped boots 'n' jeans worn mostly & t.shirts 'n' open neck shirts, 'cept Noz, the smarrtest, lol, the only one with a tie & pin, not forgetting his cap, no set uniform, but raw like the sound they produced.
Ten Bob Millionaires finished with a skiffle number, Lonesome Traveller & I was asked if I wanted a go on the washboard, well, I wasn't about to turn that down! I don't know if I played it right, but we all had a damn good ball ! The guitarists 14 yr old lad, Billy, or was it Bob or Fred....don't matter, thats another story, lol, he also got up & joined in with some of the vocals & little Billylee, one of the youngest Crondall Rockers, came & stood by me to make sure I played the washboard proper, Ha ha! Howie tells me at the local gigs they do in the pubs, they supply tambourines & marracas & a load more usually have a go at joining in. I have spoken with Howie since the gig & he says they got in at 6am! had less than 2 hrs kip & then had to get up! After a total of 10 hours driving, he's still very eager to play at ours again!

Anyone checking the band out for themselves should only view them at youtube, just search Ten Bob Millionaires at Crondall, or check their facebook page at www.facebook.com/TenBobMillionaires. Please remember, anything dated before 1st March is totally irrelevant/void!
Right, a local Rockin' Fraternity visited Crondall r 'n' r club in force, they are the Boozinstoke Rockin' Fraternity, they are nutters, they love their drink, they love Crondall r 'n' r club & they have all been attending Crondall r 'n' r club on & off since it began 1,000 yrs ago just before the Dinosaurs became extinct, the BRF are the last surviving lovable Dinosaurs! Watch out for your drink if you spot one! Thanks to them for all their support & to all our loyal regulars & to the likes of Teddy Boy Mike Cookson (in pic) who came all the way from MANCHESTER fitting us into his weekends busy schedule whilst visiting his daughter in Epsom. Even Epsom is a fair distance to come from.

Thanks to anyone who supports Crondall r 'n' r club in any way or form, keep rockin' all the while!



Watch Ten Bob Millionaires at Crondall r 'n' r club here >>    Streamline Train      Stutterin' Cindy


Self Penned 'Bad News Travels Fast'


Rich Lyon - singer comments.....


We all really enjoyed coming down to play for you guys, thanks for the kind words and thanks for taking a chance with us, not really knowing what you were getting,

thanks Richie



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Review of 29th June - Cliff & the Cavaliers


Before I rabbit about the band, I would like to comment on ' A National Treasure ', a customer's point of view on Crondall r 'n' r club. I got thinking about that today & I guess you could say it IS part of Englands rock 'n' roll heritage. It started in the hall we are in now, in 1976 & was the first event to take place in the then new hall, & before that, Crondall was rockin' in the old boys club house that stood pretty much on the same site & in what used to be the pub next door & in the Church rooms next door to the pub. I've been told Crondall has been rockin' since about '67 ish. From the '50s til '67, I'm unaware of the rockin' that occurred, but there must have been some teenagers in the village that loved the music in that era! We have some loyal customers who have been attending since before the present hall was built, others, a little younger who have become regulars & newbies who come along & become converts to the great music . Crondall r 'n' r club welcomes all, be you a rocker, ted, rockabilly cat or a biker.

Everyone comes for some F U N & aren't allowed to leave until they've had some! Ha ha.
First, lets concentrate on Cliff & the Cavaliers, who was using one of the bands' original bass players from '04 - '07- Mark Fisher, who was standing in for Emma Goss tonight as she was busy in another band she plays for. Mark's main job is playing with the theatre show 'Rock 'n' Roll Paradise' which tours all around Britain and Europe but deps with various bands on the circuit. The Ol' Piano didn't arrive as poor ol' Big John is poorly, I did miss that, but the band were still on top form & put on a good show as always, although I didn't see Cliff get down on his knees like last time, lol....I think his bones are getting frail, lol. But this doesn't stop him being a top singer, one of the best on the circuit & honoured to be fronting 2 of the remaining Pirates, that backed Johnny Kidd, at the summer Wildest Cats in Town this year, which you may be able to read about in Maggies Blue Suede News magazine, assuming she managed to catch them. Cliff also conveniently has a backing band in Germany called Town Rebels who are a very good band on their own, in their own right. He released a 4 track EP on vinyl (33rpm) 'I want that' within the last year. Like yer vinyl, like original late 50s/early 60s British sound, like old school ?, then I would highly recommend you get a copy, go to EP section at www.rockabillyrecords.de  & find it at page 4 if you want that! Nuthin' like a bit of vinyl.
David Briggs, the ace guitarist, has played with Elvis's guitarist I'll have you know, this band aren't a fly by night, top musicians all round. He treats gigs with the likes of Scotty Moore & a gig at Crondall as one of the same. In other words, he just gets on with it, doesn't let anything go to his head, a gig is a gig & that's it, a brilliant guitarist! Sings a bit too & has his own band called The Dave Briggs Band.
Terry Earl, what can you say about him, the legendary drummer?! Just simply one of the top 3 drummers on the circuit, he's gotta be. He hasn't changed much in looks in the 32 years I've known of him. Said to him Saturday night, 'who'd have thought over 30 years ago when we saw you performing with the Dynamite band in a London pub, that 30 odd years on, we would be running the Crondall r 'n' r club & hiring you?'. If someone had told me that then, I wouldn't have believed them! lol.
Right, I mentioned the Rockin' Knicker sLingers earlier, well last year, this Crazy Teddy Girl we know, & a very loyal supporter, Tina, together with her Dad, Uncles from London & hubby all had a load of baggy old knickers to sLing at Cliff mid song! That was a real laugh! I saved the knickers, I know....sad in'it? lol, took them home & washed them, ready for any other likely victim, which happened to be Cliff AGAIN at Crondall, only this time, I discreetly shared them out with all the game ladies in the crowd, Tina was the ring leader, it wasn't me, lol....set time for the launch was at 11pm & awaaaay we go......flying knickers everywhere with the additional less baggy, more lacey knickers that Tina brought along. Terry Earl is now an Official Rockin' Knicker fLicker as he kept flicking them back with his drumstick. On top of that, Tina did one of her specials & I sent someone else up stage to make sure it was done proper, while Cliff was singing, Tina seductively but tastefully stripped off his top half & attempted to stick nipple pasties onto him, only they wouldn't stick 'cos he was too sweaty. So funny! Cliff never missed a note, broke into fits of laughter or showed any sign of being put off, Laugh my arse off! What a true professional! Once the band finished the sets, Cliff showed off his creative talents by improvising a washing line & hanging all the knickers on it! You get the picture?
Just some old school F U N with an old school band & old school crowd. Love it. Have to give a mention to Blue & Paula who had driven from Bournemouth the night before, went back there on the Saturday & returned the same day to go come to the club. Paula was celebrating her birthday as was too, one of our loyal & committed helpers, Lisa, who Cliff sung a great version of the birthday song for them both. 4 new faces travelled down from Kent in their classic motor & 1 of our diamond helpers, Adrian, reversed over someone when he arrived in his Consul ! Oops!

Keep Rockin' & thanks to everyone who supports Crondall r 'n' r club, Janie

Photos by kind courtesy of Adrian Watts 'cos muggins 'ere forgot her camera!


Watch Cliff & the Cavaliers at Crondall r 'n' r club plus a F U N strip tease right here


 Pretty Pearly



Terry Earl - The Legendary Drummer todays Rockin' scene comments.....


Hi Janie, Many thanks again for booking the band, it's always a great pleasure to play at Crondall and cant wait to come back, great fun !.....Love your article for the magazine and may Crondall Rock ON for the next 30 years. Cheers Terry


Cliff Edmonds - Frontman comments.....

Brilliant!  Thanx for the tea and sarnies

Trust Cliff to think of grub!  :)


. . . ________________________________________ . . .



Review of 20th July - Doomsday Rockers

Peggy's 65th! 


What a hectic month we've had since our last gig which was only 3 weeks before this one. Dynamite Ady & I appeared on Steve Stack O' Wax's Wednesday Night Rockin' Party Radio show (www.stevestackofwax.co.uk) to help celebrate the show's 7th birthday. Before that, we & some of the clubs supporters have also been to the Wildest Cats in Town wkender partying there, what a blast that was, with our resident DJ, the other 'alf, doin' 4 slots there.

Now, its always a party at Crondall, but tonight was an extra special party, the Ma in law, & highly respected rockin' chick, Peggy, was celebrating her 65th birthday at Crondall at our July gig, thats DJ Dynamite Ady's Mum of course. She helps us out at the club & has been rockin' near 50 yrs herself. Peggy wasn't expecting any big deal over this, but she got the balloons, which had buried Ady in the back of the car for a half hour journey, that was hilarious, all I could see in my rear view was Ady's eye & the balloon bag flapping about in the wind in his face. Anyway, we managed to get them & the 'specially made banner all unloaded & put in place around the hall & a couple of those squeeky voice helium balloons, (Hot Rockin' Stall at Wildest Cats), up on the stage before Peggy arrived. And she didn't know she was having the night off either until she came to sitting at the door & I gave her handbag to our daughter & told her to make Nan chase her if she wanted it back, to get her away from the door duties! ha ha. Tonight was Peggy's night & she doesn't often get chance to relax in her fave old club, BUT since she was feeling guilty in not helping, I said she could draw the raffle, but that was part of the cunning plan to keep her at the front of the hall for more surprises! Ha Ha! I knew she would give me the cue to suggest that, lol.
Doomsday Rockers has always been a fave band of Peggy's & we did originally have them booked for May, but soon after we booked them, the guitarist, Andy Tate, realised it was the date for his Mums very special birthday, so I thought, hey, you only have one Mum & he can't miss that special occasion, so we gave him the opportunity to not miss it & booked them for Ady's Mum's birthday instead, so everyone was happy! I'm still waiting for the cheque to arrive Andy, he he.
Since we took Crondall r 'n' r club on, Doomsday Rockers were the 2nd band we hired back in Feb 2005 for Mick & Peggy's Wedding Anniversary, and that was one of the bands last gigs at the time due to disbandment, then June 2007 we booked frontman/guitarist - Colin Evans' new band 'Jacknives', which later had to be cancelled due to other committments for the band. Jacknives then disbanded & Doomsday Rockers reformed later down the line with new drummer, Keith Hogan, affectionately known by some as 'Hicks', & used to play with Mike & the Rhythm Stars, plus the addition of stand up bass player, Pip. Their gigs are now limited due to work committments, so if you like a bit of hard hitting rock 'n' roll, as well as enjoying dancing all night, try to get & see them. But then again, who knows if things might change & gigs may increase. Whilst there has been a lack of Doomsday Rockers gigs, there has been a lot of songwriting going on & there are intentions of recording an album, hopefully within the next 12 months. So watch this space! On the CD note, Katmen have recorded one of Colin's songs, 'This Time its Real', for their latest album 'Cometh'.
If you are familiar with Doomsday Rockers from old, you'll know they didn't have a bass player before, now they have a stand up, so some of the songs obviously sound slightly different, but they still have that Doomsday Rockers trademark sound! Good hard rockin' sounds all the way from Northampton, the land of the Jets! A lot of of their own songs that have become known over the years, like 'Teds Unite', were performed & it was great to hear Doomsday Rockers play live again, its been ages since we've seen them.
Peggy had a good catch up with Colin & he nearly let the cat out the bag about our good mate Johnnie Fox comin' down, there's me winking away at Colin saying 'No, no, Johnnie said he couldn't make it' lol. Colin later said to me, he thought I had something in my eye, lol. I wanted to surprise Peggy with his presence, just his presence, wasn't expecting him to perform & Porky turned up as well, but Crondall being Crondall, they both ended up on the stage in the 2nd half delighting us all with their talents performing a couple of songs each.
Andy - guitarist also sung a few songs as I think Colin was having a bit of trouble with his throat & one point.
So, as one customer put it, we were Doomed, Porked & Foxed in one night! What a treat! Half way through the evening, ma in law did the raffle, we packed away 20 mins earlier at the door & twice had to set it up again quickly as Ma in law left her post at front of hall & wandered out to the foyer, naughty Peggy, lol. We didn't want her sussing us! I had to take money from 5 more customers from inside the cupboard! Yep, I was hiding in the cupboard & pouncing on the customers, it can only happen at Crondall, lol. One of our most valued customers & friend, Tina was with me. She & her family had a birthday cake especially made for Peggy for a b.day pressie, and no, Tina's family weren't in there with us, lol, just Tina & Emma, my daughter, who had a huge bunch of beautiful flowers to present to her Nan from us. Just crazy & fun times! I said to one customer outside, ''Hey Kaz, when you come in, I'll be in the cupboard when you need to pay me'', lol. Made her laugh anyway!
And for once, the raffle seemed to take ages this time, so we were stuck in the cupboard for a while as Peggy would have seen us from where she was standing. I have to explain, the cupboard was the only place we could keep the cake & flowers til this point, so we had no choice but to hide in it, lol. Raffle over, we presented, Peggy ACTUALLY spoke on the mic & thanked all.
Great night had by all. Great to see the Boozinstoke Rockin' Fraternity out in force to help celebrate Alan BRF's birthday too. Crondall is the place to PARTY!
Good luck to our kitchen staff, Lisa & The Lazy Chef for cycling to Paris for benefit of Cancer patients & for a meningitis charity on 21st August. Head here to donate > www.justgiving.com/LisaClarke-Pitter . Keep Rockin' & thanks to everyone who supports Crondall r 'n' r club, 'cos without you, it would be nothing,




. . . ________________________________________ . . .



Review of 31st August  - Hicksville Bombers


After a few line up changes along the way, Hicksville Bombers are just as hot as the 1st day I saw them about 1994/95 at Crondall. Their recent change of drummer & bass players are no exception! Landon (ex Jack Rabbit Slim) on bass & Tattoo Tony (occasional Rockers Reunion Tattooist) on drums, fitting in very well with the traditional Hicksville Bomber style! Wild, high propelled & entertaining!
New drummer Tony turns up first at about 6pm absolutely cream crackered! Leaving from Derby at 9am, down to Gosport nr.Portsmouth to do something important, then back up to us. 9 hours travelling he did single handedly and he drove home after, getting in at 4am! Think about it, thats almost 24 waking hours to do the gig at Crondall ! How long does it take you to get to a gig? Dave Brown, the original one of the band & frontman comes from Lincoln, he gigged on Friday night, slept for 4 hrs, out to work early hours, back indoors for 1 hour, then off to Crondall, got home at 4.30am! Thats a count of about 40 plus waking hours! Was it worth it? Well in Tony's own words, ''I had a fab time really enjoyed it, the Crondall lot were very supportive so thanks to all'', and Dave, a simple quote, ''worth it though''. What does that say to you? Either the band are mad, Super Bombers, or just plain dedicated who love to play at Crondall.
I say all 3, with a stong emphasis on the last one. Hicksville Bombers have always loved playing at Crondall as do a lot of other bands, I hasten to add, but its always a treat havin' the Bombers play at Crondall, they're like part of the furniture, lol & the only band I can think of that have played their acoustic through lack of electricity! lol, and were honoured to play at the clubs 30th anniversary.

We had a packed hall & many travelled long distance to see the band & to also get a taster of Crondall. One couple, huge Bomber fans, interrupted their visit to a Steam Fair in Dorset & returned there once the night was over. Another couple of old rockers, Ian & Little Tex travelled from Swindon on the train & tented it part way home after getting a lift about 10 miles back toward Swindon, Real troopers they are!
Well thanks to everyone who came & supported the club & the band after all the effort the band went through to to get there & their lack of sleep & rest, Hicksville Bombers did us & themselves proud delivering the best standards that they could possibly deliver, 200%!
Opening the set with a Hicksville Bombers original number composed by the original members, from the same titled CD 'Bombs Away', with accessory - 1 x WW2 wind up Air Raid Siren fully put into action by myself at request. That is just so exciting to do & in much better conditions than in WW2 of course! I also arranged for our helper Adrian Watts to start up the 2nd set doin' the same. It don't half kick out some noise, and a good start to get the crowd going!
We all had such a great time, on & off stage & we had such a good turnout, had a few from the Kent area, including both our stall holders, lol, Pete Bruce & Steve Runacre. Pete Bruce is another regular hirer of Hicksville Bombers at the Rosecroft club, Orpington. He did our memorabilia stall this time & surprisingly didn't get lost on the way for a change, lol. He probably changed the batteries in his Sat Nav! Ha Ha.

Hicksville Bombers have played all over Europe & the States, big events in England like Americana & played with many well known bands & artists, they write a lot of their own material, have a fair amount of cds (I've lost count to how many!) & have been in existence since '92 with the odd line up change here & there. They're just a great wild rockabilly band who have the ability to convert anything into rockabilly. Dave called out, ''who likes Elvis?'', the lady I was selling a raffle ticket to put her hand up, then he asked ''what was the first song Elvis did?'' Lady is going, erm, erm....''Thats Alright Mama'', I tell her, so she calls it out & Dave says ''No!'', a few others called out answers & got a 'no' too, I'm getting a bit confused at this moment & then he says ''Do you want to know the answer'' & then broke into 'Humpty Dumpty' ! Daft ape, just the sort of wisecrack he will come out with!
It was a great atmosphere as usual & the dance floor was pretty much busy all night with the strollers packing the whole dance floor.

There were many birthday boys 'n' girls in this night & some wedding Anniversaries, one couple who had never been before! Couldn't have asked the band to announce them all as they would have taken a whole songs worth of time up, ha ha, but there was 1 that I did ask them to announce & that was of Pop the Bop's who had just turned 8 & Mum had bought in a whopping great cake for everyone to share. Dave called her up to the stage & Pop, without being asked, got herself ON to the stage, as everyone was singing happy birthday, she got herself a drumstick & joined in with Tony who then left her to play drums for the whole of Johnny Be Good, one of her favourite songs, on her own . Surprisingly, no one had arranged this, I thought her Mum had had words in the break, but Pop took it on all by herself! The other highlight of the evening was drummer boy locking himself in the loo, well that has never happened before & a good job he managed to escape, or we'd have all been sharing his drumsticks, Ha Ha!

We had a helluva EXPLOSIVE party all round, what with DJ Dynamite Ady playing alongside the Hicksville Bombers. If you would like to check the Bombers out, go to www.hicksvillebombers.com or their facebook page .

Keep Rockin' Cats! Janie

Watch Hicksville Bombers & some of the atmosphere at Crondall r 'n' r club here


Long Blonde Hair          C'mon Everybody & Hip Shakin' Baby



Dave Brown - Guitarist & Singer comments.....

 Ha, I did gig Friday, had 4 hours sleep, went to work at 5.45, finished at 2, left home at 3 for Crondall got home at 4.30 am 4 hours sleep in 48 hours, but worth it though


Tony - Drummer, comments ..... half way through the gig on facebook.....

Well first set done having fun awesome crowed looking forward to second set.


Then the next day he says.....

I had a fab time really enjoyed it the Crondall lot were very supportive so thank to all


. . . ________________________________________ . . .




Review of 28th September - Fireballs UK


Phew! No thats not the heat of the Fireballs UK getting to me, that was how we felt when we got home after the band ripped up the stage at Crondall r 'n' r club.
Oh My God what a night it was!! The Fireballs UK were outstanding, great atmosphere at the club as always, DJ Dynamite Ady was also on top form. I was knackered before we got to the hall, flippin' exhausted the next day, lol, but tell ya what, it was all worth the efforts to see everyone having a great time & the band enjoying themselves.
This was Fireballs UKs' 4th gig at Crondall following one of their most successful gigs to date, at Rockers Reunion earlier this year. We have watched them progress over the last 5 years & were one of the clubs to have given them a chance early on. We are very proud to have helped the Fireballs UK along their way & to watch them progress to the stage they are at now, with a good reputation, a large fan base who are willing to travel many miles to see the band & they have become a very unique band performing non stop full speed ahead 'very tight' all British 1950's/early 60's rock 'n' roll sound. It is a real pleasure to hear all British & its also very clear that the band obviously love the British sound with a passion, although I hasten to add, Fireballs UK did finish using 2 American numbers in their encoreS, one Roy Orbison's & one of Johnny Burnette Trio & of course finishing with a good ol' stage invasion!.
We had a great turnout, customer wise, & tonight, an exceptionally large portion of which, were Teds, from all over the country. We had one from as far away as Chesterfield, some from Bristol who can't wait to return, Brighton, Southend, Isle of Wight, & London, amongst others! Really appreciate the effort of everyone who supports the club especially those who travel & book a room to stay over. It's such an effort to go to, but most said it was worth their while & can't wait to return. Wouldn't be the same without all of you.
Fireballs UK were ace and have, during their existence, become extremely popular with the Teds of the rockin' circuit, some rockers & few rockabillies, but mostly the ted crowd has to be the larger part of their audience, but I think other rockin' genres should check the Fireballs UK out. Do you love the British rock 'n' roll sound of the late '50s/early '60s & nooooooo, I'm not talkin' Beatles here, I'm talkin' the likes of 'Moody Guy', some 'Instrumentals' & 'Johnny Kidd & the Pirates' kind of stuff. This bands frontman, Martin Smith, father of the guitarists Russ, 20 & Anthony, 17, has a head loaded with info of that era's music. Reckon he could get a spot on 'Mastermind' if it still existed !
The lads (guitarists) never cease to amaze me, loaded with the nimble finger talents of playing some Ace guitar licks, as close as to the original as possible & learnt via the ear! Anthony is on lead most of the time & Russ on Rhythm & some lead. Youngsters like this are the future of our rock 'n' roll scene, but only if we put it in our hands. I mean, if they are not supported & encouraged, who's going to be playing to us in 20 odd years time. No disrespect to the older musicians here, love you all, lol, and I know & respect the fact that Bill Haley's Comets have kept a lively act into ripe old age, & hey, you can't beat the Comets anyhow, thats different, but we're not all going to be that energetic into ripe old age are we, lol. And you know, I'd rather go out & see someone a bit younger than myself 'if' I can still get out & about at the age of 70 ! Lol.
Drummer Darren, a very close family friend performed for us with a pounding headache, yet refused a paracetamol when I offered it, what a trooper. Rock 'n' roll is good for the soul & obviously all that banging, lol kept him driven til the gig was over.
Our regular caterers had a family committment to attend & so for the evening, we acquired our very own HotRod Cafe burger bar for the evening which kept all the rumbly belly's content! And free beer was dished out to some of the regulars as a thank you gesture from the bar for being such good customers. Sadly, this was the bar staff's last night after 9 good years of friendly service. They had become part of the team & shall be missed by many. They even bought a club T.shirt each which they wore on most gig nights! But don't fear folks, there will still be a bar keepin' the beer bellys replenished throughout the evenings at Crondall rock 'n' roll club. Keep Rockiiiiiiiiin'! Janie.

Watch the incredible Fireballs UK at Crondall r 'n' r club here

Please don't Bring Me Down            Saturday Night at The Duckpond with the atmosphere of the club

Martin Smith - Frontman/Bass Player/Singer comments .....
Well it's the day after the Fireballs U.K. played at Crondall Rock'n'Roll club. What a fantastic night we had! A huge thank you to everyone who came along, especially people who travelled long distances to the gig, such as Helen and Shav from the Isle Of Wight, Brian Rushgrove from Chesterfield, the lads from Brighton and everyone else who made the trip to Crondall. We're very glad that Janie, Ady, Peggy, Mick and their team of helpers who run the club had such a large turn-out, it's always our great pleasure to play for them. Next one for us is next Saturday 4.00pm at the Ted Do, see you there! All the best, Russell, Anthony, Darren and Martin, the Fireballs U.K.

. . . ________________________________________ . . .




Review of 26th October - Bill Fadden & The Rhythmbusters

PARTY & F U N are key words when it comes to Crondall r 'n' r club & this was our Halloween Party, fancy dress was optional but more F U N ! This year, amongst others, we had cats, BRF Zombie Rockers, pirates, an escapee from Alcatraz, a black Pumpkin, Werewolves & Little Red Riding Hood fully equipped with a bag of sweets for her Granny! lol. Great that people make a little effort & add to the F U N !

Bill Fadden, hadn't played at Crondall in at least  10/11 years! Backing band would have been the Silvertone Flyers then. We were very proud to have him play at Crondall again with his band the Rhythmbusters, & not a moment too soon! Bill Fadden is one of the best modern day rockabilly artists around, he sings & performs with passion & writes some of his own great songs, plays rhythm guitar, marracas & a witch doctors stick, complete with skull, but still don't know who's, ha ha, banging out the rhythm conjuring up their very own 'Screamin' End' written by Bill & bass player Tony Biggs, from the brilliant CD album with the same title & many more self penned tracks on, on foottapping records. A perfect song for our Halloween bash, with all the sounds of a jungle included, seemingly produced by the talented drummer, come animal impressionist, lol, Mark Kemlo, who also drums for Gene Gambler & Tennessee Rhythm Riders who have also played under us at Crondall. 'Screamin' End', the most apt song of the night about a wild party goin' on in the middle of the jungle, with the help of the Witch Doctor! We're in the middle of nowhere, party animals come & party with us & get real gone til the screamin' end! 'cept we don't need a Witch Doctor, just the spirits from the cemetery across the road does us. M'wah ah ahhhhh!

Rob Nedin is Bill's outstanding lead guitarist, who also backs Gene Gambler as does Tony Biggs, the bass player who gets a bit carried away with himself toward the end of the sets playing his giant violin upside down & holding it like a guitar, gettin' lively like the whole act was.

I personally found the performance very moving, exhilarating & exhausting on my adrenalin resources! With Bill throwing himself on to his knees at times, not for show, but just driven by the music the band are producing. A lot of people said how much they enjoyed it too. A very professional, smart & authentic sounding band who have backed the likes of original artist, Narvel Felts.

Bill Fadden & the Rhythmbusters, mostly from Wales, have a Limited Edition single on vinyl (only 500 made) mostly sold out, remaining available from the band, songs are a brilliant  cover of 'Lordy Hoody' & Bills own 'You're coming back to me' on the flipside, on Migraine Records. The tracks + a few more are also available for download at https://billfaddenandtherhythmbusters.bandcamp.com/  To all you Bill Fadden & Rhythmbusters fans out there, keep your eyes & ears open, as after a load of travelling and an energetic gig at Crondall, the band spent the following day recording for their next single release on vinyl which will also be available on download & plans are also in motion for a new album to follow that!

Tonight, we had a lot going on, we had a guest, DJ Mad Andy Munday, playing on his own & back to back with Mr Resident DJ Dynamite Ady, the band hottin' up the stage, a collection for Cancer Research UK in memory of a dear friend & to help kick the arse of Cancer, to help boost a mutual friend's/customer's fundraising of doing a 10 mile run for the charity the next day. Well done Kas ! And in the house, we had the nephew, Eric Gomm, of a British rock 'n' roll artist of the 50's, Art Baxter, famous for 'Rock you Sinners' number & the film of the same title which was the first British rock 'n' roll film to be made! Eric, together with his cousin Julian, spent 10 yrs researching & travelling to be able to write a Biography on their Uncle Art, called 'from here to Obscurity in 240 Days'. The E.book has been available for a short while & the paperback was available from the day before our gig, so we had the opportunity at Crondall to be buying the first batch of books with the added delight of each book being personally signed by both the authors. The paperback is available on E.Bay & you won't be able to get it in the shops at this present time. Eric brought along some memorabilia of his Uncle Art to put on display & one customer, Brian Rushgrove, famous for the Ted mag, 'Velvet Collar', travelled all the way from Chesterfield to meet Eric.

This was one night we didn't want to finish, just fantastic & a big thanks to the Lazy Chef & to our Diamond helpers Sue & Adrian for making the effort of contributing to set the halloween mood. 

Keep Howlin' ! Janie


Art Baxter's website          Purchase the Art Baxter Biography here



Watch Bill Fadden & The Rhythmbusters at Crondall r 'n' r club here


This one recorded by Mad Andy Munday - Be Mine


Screamin' End        300 Days of Rain



. . . ________________________________________ . . .



Review of 30th November - The Kool & The Krazy


The Kool & The Krazy ! They've had a Reunion gig & went on to play at Crondall. Their last gig before their disbandment was probably at Rockers Reunion when it first took place at Reading in 2000. Last time they played at Crondall was about '98 (See flier on right) and it was good for them to be back, as in their own words, they describe Crondall rock 'n' roll club as 'a club we hold dear to our hearts', how touching.


We had a good turnout for the band with many crawling out of the woodwork, great to see, & so many musicians in the house tonight as well. One could be mistaken for attending a musicians convention! lol. Stuart Osbourne, from the fab band Daytonas & the band Guana Batz, was invited up on stage to do a guest spot & obliged with 2 or 3 numbers, 'Flying Saucers Rock 'n' Roll' being one of them!

The Kool & The Krazy are,

Craig Burford - vocals & Rhythm Guitar from Bristol, with a very distinctive voice I find hard to describe, not something you can always do in text without being able to hear it, lol. I guess one could explain it as having a definite late Northern Soul edge to his voice like thatof the late '60s, only singing Rock 'n' Roll ! Don't forget that important factor! They cover Barrence Whitfield's (Savages) 'Stop Twisting My Arm' extremely well ! Same for Gary US Bonds' 'New Orleans' with the crowd getting involved with the backing vocals as Craig jumps off the stage. As well as covering songs like these, the band have written many of their own like 'Gypsy Queen', which I hope they record at some point 'cos its still spinnin' in my head, a catchy song & 'White Trash Mama' which is becoming a well known great stroller from th eband 'Outcasts'. More about them later.

Nick Murray - a 6 ft something brilliant lead guitarist Ted from Kingston with ants in his pants, can't keep still kind of guy who played with the 'Untamed' in the '80s & now also plays with 'Outcasts' & likes to stand right at the edge of the stage when he plays, reckon he thinks he's on the bow of the Titanic with his loved one! Lol. He is also a Mens hairdresser who specialises in Men's Rockin' hair do's at his shop in Kingston - Murrays Barber shop

Danny Huckridge (proudly showing off his Crondall R 'n' R Club T.Shirt) - a London boy who is, in my opinion, one of the top 10 stand up bass players around, & can play at 200 MPH, faster than the eye can see, ha ha. Very tight playing & professional, one of a kind bass player, who gives 150% when he plays, has played with the Rapids, Razzle Dazzle for a spell of time & has supported original 50's rock 'n' roll artist, Freddie Bell.

Micah Moody - aka Micky Moody is a fantastic drummer. What can I say, he enjoys his playing & again, very professional, like Danny, although not quite as fast lol. Micky was the last drummer for Kool & The Krazy just before they disbanded in 2000.


All in all, 3 great musicians providing the backing, & pretty much most people seemed to love the band as they got a great roaring response. Thanks to all those who travelled to see them. Welcome back to The Kool & The Krazy ! Check out their facebook page here > The Kool & The Krazy or watch them here > 'Stop Twisting my Arm'


We were in for a treat tonight as Nick arranged for the singer Mark Nicholas aka Mark Fury of the Outcasts, to come along & do a couple of songs which turned  out to be 6 songs divided into both sets. We had 2 bands play for us in effect, as all the musicians are of the Outcasts! Both singers though are completely different from one another & so totally different sounding bands. Mark sung the likes of 'Lovers Curse', Teddyboy Boogie, Johnny Be Goode & a couple of wicked self penned numbers & went down a storm!


Durbie the Hot Rod Artist supplied our non resident stall of the evening. Check out some of his fantastic freehand work here > www.durbie.co.uk & was then later joined by Julie with her handmade hair flowers, rockin' cards & some shoesies.

Sad news for us & that is our resident CD/Record stall holder - Runicorn Records will be retiring from Crondall at our Xmas Bash 21st Dec 2013.  He has been serving us for 9 long years & we wish him well. Foottapping records, CD stall will be in place come January 25th, for all you avid collectors of the great music!



Keep Rockin', Janie


Watch The Kool & the Krazy, at the club, here


 Gypsy Queen             Flying Saucers Rock 'n' Roll


Nick Murray - Lead guitarist comments .....

Great night at Crondall last night with The Kool and the Krazy, and Outcasts' Mark, and a great crowd, Big thank  you to Janie and Ady.

. . . ________________________________________ . . .



Review of 21st December - Rock - A - Toons


After reading Trevor Noddles' great 3 page review on The Rock - A - Toons in Jan issue of MBSN, I thought, how am I gonna follow that?! Ha ha! That told us pretty much most about our Christmas band for 2013 except for the colour of their socks! And I still don't know what colour they are 'cos we were too busy rockin' our own off to find out, at what was probably our best Christmas bash so far, under us, at Crondall.

What a night! is all we kept saying the day after our party, a party with a capital 'P' full of F U N ! Its always manic leading up to our Christmas bash due to preparing for our own Christmas at home as well, but I tell ya, it was well worth all the effort. The place was buzzin' & the house was most definetly rockin' ! Great to see so many people make the effort to dress as elves & Mrs Christmas's. 

Rock - A - Toons are a 5 piece from Portsmouth & are fast making a name for themselves (someone told me they are superstars, ha ha) & first played for us in Oct 2011 for our Halloween bash, that was memorable too. Such a great party band, one of very few who use a saxaphone. We do love a bit o sax! And we do love a party! You can liken the band to Lucas & the Dynamos, thats as long as their  frontman, Keith doesn't mind, lol. Most peeps have seen them so should know what I'm yakking about!  Rock - A - Toons have the same kind of energy, sound & appearance but in their own unique style & better looking...or are they...he he, don't want to upset either of the bands, lol, & this time Rock - A - Toons are not  in their gold suits as Mr Noddles informed us we would be seeing less of them (the suits that is) They have written some of their own, cover others & have changed a couple of non rockin' songs into rockin', one of which, they call their marmite song, you either love it or you hate it, in other words, just like marmite! Personally I love the growing up spread, but I won't go into that.

Anyway, back to the party, Rock - A- Toons rocked from start to finish, keeping people moving & entertained with Adie Bishop - singer & guitarist and Wayne Stevens - bass, doin' most of the action & Monz - Sax, hooter & marraccas adding to it where he can & being the clown of the band. Adie likes to think he needs extra stage height cos he stands on the drums in the finale & Wayne lowers himself to the floor, feet in the air or lays over his bass & plays it that way. Are they just showing off? No! Its called Rock 'N' Roll !

We were kept busy at the door with constant arrivals. Everyone,including our new bar staff, the stall holders & The Lazy Chef were all suppin' up the great atmosphere. I finished my door shift at 8.45pm & the dance floor seemed pretty busy at that time til the end of the night, smiles & joy everywhere & thats what makes the night special & worth all the work. 

Speakin' of atmosphere, it surprised me to hear one of the girlfriends of the band members say to me 'its really nice here isn't it, its a nice little hall & the atmosphere, its a good atmosphere'. My answer was, 'you think the atmosphere is good now, you wait til the customers get here'. Yep, she felt good atmosphere before we started ! 

We had a great mixture of Teds, Rockers, Bikers & Rockabillies/Cats, young & old all having a great time with each other old school style! It was nice to see some of the very young dancing & at such a good standard, except it took me back to when I was as fast, so they did make me feel old, ha ha! 

In the break, we had an extra long raffle as it was Christmas & we like to use some of the proceeds to donate to a charity each Christmas. This Christmas, proceeds shall be going to 'Young Epilepsy' Reg Charity no:- 311877. I presented Steve Runacre, of runicorn records all the way from Kent, with a few nice words & a retirement gift, much to his surprise, as this was his last night selling at the club after 9 good long years of dedicated service, & in return, he voiced some lovely words about the club & his time spent there. Steve will be missed & Runicorn records will still run as a mail order service. Steve is hoping to visit on the odd occasion & Foottapping Records will be providing a stall for the club from January onwards.

Father Christmas paid us a visit & gave out a few pressies to the children that were with us & a couple of lucky grown ups (well they had grown up bodies, dunno if they were grown up really lol) got a pressie too. Knickers is the word! An elf gained a pair of sponge Bob Square pants knickers, had to put them on & keep them on to gain a complimentry ticket for 2 ! Haha! Crazy! Thats right, we are!

During the 2nd half of the match...er sorry, The Rock - A - Toons performance, we have 2 guest appearances, one we knew about & the other, we didn't, but not a surprise since we've seen Miss Saxy Kazzy play many a time before including at Crondall. There she was in her pink & black non feminine boots, short shorts, a little festive red top & the biggest smile. Out comes her Sax with a huge red ribbon tied around it, played a few numbers with the band & went down a storm!

Prior to that, the band were joined by some mad women dressed as Mrs Christmas's & a teddy girl wearin a strange Santa hat, all playing rubber Saxs & guitar, which was out of tune according to Wayne! The extra backing band with no name joined the Rock - A - Toons & left the stage as The Crondallettes! aptly named by Adie, singer. It was all just one helluva big 'n' mad party! I must mention the highlight of the night with Ken, Waynes dad, on guitar, ons his Leather jacket, takes centre stage & performs 'Just for Kicks' with some audience participation, whilst Monz skilfully plays lead hooter! Ha ha. Rock - A- toons certainly did a fab job of kick starting our Christmas. Check them out at www.rockatoons.net or grab their latest CD 'You Gotta Move', available from the band or at least from www.foottappingrecords.co.uk. Finally, before the Fun was over, we did the Conga with many other nutters joining in! 

Our Lazy Chef & assistant have to be commended on the efforts they made to keep our customers fed. Their car broke down the 'night' before with engine trouble & Lisa spent most of the gig day organising & collecting a vehicle which a friend of hers kindly lent her while he used his Mum's. Then because of the mayhem, had brought along all the food to Crondall but the burgers, Lisa insisted on going back home to get them. Lisa went to so much trouble just to keep hungry tums filled! She's a superstar! We'd like to thank everyone who supports Crondall r 'n' r club & wish you all a happy 2014 ! As we enter our 10th year of running the club, one can only conclude, we are either mad or just simply 'rockin' !' I would say we're a bit of both !

Watch the Rock - A - Toons at Crondall r 'n' r club here


House of the Rising Sun               Matchbox with guest Saxxy Kaz





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