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Reviews for gigs held in 2014

Review of 25th January - Serious Charge

A few hours FUN at Crondall to make all who attend, happy, is stacks of hours of work for us. It takes up a lot of time throughout the month & then the whole wkend is taken up when the day of the gig arrives. Cutting a long story short, making sure everything is ready on Friday night & after loading the car to the brim on the Saturday, we then have to change, cook & eat, if we get time to, & leave for the club by 4pm, set up the hall with tables & chairs & all the other jobs & we finish being 'on the go' at gone 2am which includes unloading the car when we get home. Sunday, we're basically too knackered to do much else! & can't wait to go to bed again when we get up, lol. But to give our customers 'time out' from the real world & to see them let their hair down & just have a ball makes it all worth the while. When you get problems occurring like arctic weather (where other gigs cancelled), the car won't start, personal bereavements, ill health or a member of our team can't make it at the last minute, a power cut or no running water at the hall it becomes more manic. We've met many challenges on our journey & this time we were 1 pair of hands down due to her deciding to pop her baby out lol & we met a flippin' 'tornado as well!' Now if a tornado doesn't stop us, nothing will! ha ha. There we were driving along the A31 & whoops, the wind takes the car....like what's that all about? Holding onto the steering wheel like superwoman bending metal, lol, was a tad scary & then we are met by a ' just fallen' tree right across the road 5 mins from the village, so I had to divert, putting us behind with time. Ady tried to warn the others arriving at the hall by phoning them & I thought, not good, probably won't get so many people out tonight, but I was wrong there, we had a brilliant turnout. Singer of the band, Mark, said the wind kept trying to pick his van up and arrived late looking a bit bewildered by what had happened. When the stall arrived, they said they had a tornado  in their area, & its like ''seriously, is that official ?'' And its like ''yeah'' & then it's like 'time to thank our lucky stars'. The wind stopped as fast as it came & what a superb night it turned out to be!

We had a couple of French Rockers, who had been to the Rockers Reunion the week before, & are also promoters of the 'Rockers Party' event in France in March, who specifically travelled to England for Crondall, but first fitting a visit in, to good rockin' pub, Pavilion, Battersea the night before! A young Ted, travelled up on his own from Wales and stayed 'somewhere' local, lol. Some of our regulars from Oxford took him back to find his room which he hadn't a clue its whereabouts when he left us p**sed as a newt! Ha ha. 
Little did we know til later that one half of our stall was totally French! (She speaks great English, you wouldn't have known it) Our chef is French, we had an English living French guy attending, so Fred the French Rocker & partner felt a little at home with them around. 'Bonjour & tres bien' got me so far & just rockin' & sign language got me the rest of the way lol. Good job his partner could speak some English!  
Moving onto the night at the club now & we had been looking forward to Serious Charge playing at Crondall for a year, since we booked them, soon after they formed. Due to previous singer not, at this time, being able to make the commitments to the band anymore, the 4 piece changed down to the now 3 piece, Dave 'Diamond' Prince on skins 'n' washboard with baked beans tin, cymbal & hotel counter bell attached. The washboard I might add, is an original one & still has the instructions on the back pointing out the convenient size for taking on yer hols & to use down the loo back in the day! Bet when it was produced, they didn't count on it being used on a stage about 60 odd years later, as a 'dry wash' tester for loads of knickers whilst having a rhythm knocked out of it in front of more flying knickers being hurled by those naughty 'Rockin' Knicker sLingers' of Crondall !

Mark ' Long Leather Legs' Ponsford (Stingrays) is on guitar & lead vocals & Ewan Penkey is on the ol' doghouse. Ewan is just a guy who I often asked, ''have you got a band going yet?'' when he came to Crondall as a customer 'cos I knew he played a bit of bass & in these last 10 months, he's now managed to play 2 gigs at Crondall in 2 totally different bands & not,  I might add, because he was a customer at ours, it just happened that way, just like 'The Chargettes', who 'just 'happened' ', on this night accompanying the band on stage with jingle bells & marraccas!
Dave had been waiting to put a band like this, together for years, but was just waiting for the right people & the right time. Being a huge fan of the British r 'n' r movement, he named the band after Cliff Richard's first film, SERIOUS CHARGE & using the screen grab of the title from the film as their band banner. They 'do' what it says on the packet & play British r 'n' r sound of the 50's/early '60s' unleashing the Fury at their finger tips, covering stuff  of mostly what you don't hear other bands playing, like Don Lang's 'Sticks & Stones' & Lonnie Donegan's 'Puttin' on the Style'. Dressed in the authentic British style, Black trousers, white shirts, braces & slim ice blue ties with matching guitar, lol, & the drums were no doubt authentic too as Dave is an avid collector of many old Drum kits which he selects from to suit each gig. Mark is the only 'Leather Legs' in the band though.
The highlight of the evening was after the band had done their encores worth, they looked like they had finished & then came onto the dance floor to play acousticly, 'pick a bale of cotton' , the way they used to play back in the day, with people gathering round & joining in the 'Ooooo Lordy!' bit. That polished off the fantastic evening we all had. You don't have to be a fan of British to go see this band, even someone who's not keen on it said he was pleasantly surprised & enjoyed the band
One of my videos says it all really, just search Serious Charge at Crondall rock 'n' roll club on youtube, or check them out here (facebook link).

Remember life is too short to avoid F U N, our key word at Crondall !
Keep Rockin' ! Janie



Watch Serious Charge at Crondall r 'n' r Club here


Puttin' on the Style & Sticks 'n' Stones (with the rockin' knicker sLingers! )

Brand New Cadillac (with the crowd)                  Pick a Bale o' Cotton (played acousticly)


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Review of 22nd February - Lights Out

& UK National Jive Championship 1st Heat for Atomic

Dunno about 'Lights Out' we had more energy going on than Seeboard puts out in a night! The Lights would have been well & truly on in the whole village had we have all joined hands & stuck our fingers in the sockets lol. What a crowd that flooded through our doors this night, we had so much going on in just a few hours, didn't know if I was comin' or goin'. The club had been personally invited to host a heat for the UK National Jive Championship Contest & we decided to host it the night 'Lights Out' were on.
Jerry Chatabox, one of the organisers of The Atomic Vintage Festival (www.atomicfestival.co.uk) is a bit of a secret fan of 'Lights Out' & managed to get along and see the lads after first donating a variety of DVDs to our raising club funds resources for future use, which is really 'raffle prizes' in laymans terms, lol. Bless his Cotton Socks 'cos the Box came for the Cottons! Ha ha! Yes, I know...drone here lol. The Quarter & Semi Finals will take place at the very 1st Atomic Vintage Festival on 3rd/4th May 2014. Watch out for the wacky Poodle 'owners' if ya going, thats all I can say :)
Our best selected Jivers of the night, who will be representing the club, were Pete & Gina (right - Pic courtesy of Stepy Walmsley) from Kingston, they were amazing, although it was a tough decision for myself, Ady & Leon Oddsocks to make. We decided to give our very own runners up a little something too. I'm afraid my intro to the Jive contest was a bit cocked up as I found out after wards nobody could really hear what I was saying, but the dancers appeared to respond pretty well so couldn't have been too bad, lol. Craig - singer of Lights Out sorted me out before we announced the winner lol. Told me to put my mouth right up to the mic so if you saw him that night with a bit of lipstick on, that was mine, lol. Last time Ady & I had anything to do with a Jive contest was at the Teddyboy wkender about 15 yrs ago when we won it! In fact, it may have been
 the same wkend we first saw Lights Out play as kids for a couple of numbers as the 'Bad Boys'. Jeez, if someone had said to me then, in 'ex' amount of years, you'll be running Crondall r 'n' r club & booking these young lads, I wouldn't have even dreamt of it.

Just did a cash raffle for 2 winners as there was so much to fit in & with the dance contest goin' on, didn't want to disrupt the rest of the crowd for too long & we needed to squeeze good ol' Leon Oddsocks in too. He was our Guest Spot Vinyl DJ, Leon Oddsocks all the way from Bristol, Ooooo arrrh! He played a mean set & is quite often a mad guest on Wednesday Night Rockin' Party Radio Show. 
And of course we had 2 great sets from the band as well as DJ Dynamite Ady (the other 'alf) to fit in amongst the mayhem & we have to keep the crowd happy.

We also had a surprise 40th going on for Tom Doel of 'Doel Brothers', great band, come a long way since they started out as kids/teenagers. He had most of his family turn up & a few friends. We were very touched that his wife wanted it to happen at Crondall. Tom's brother in law & sister once run the club about 100 dinosaur years ago, er, about 14 years ago, who also happened to turn up for Tom's Party. It was great to see Keith again & his wife Claire & the kids all grown up now. 
Now to Lights Out, a smart rockin' trio, always uniformed in authentic American glad rags, with around 15 years experience behind them & still younger than most of us, & have even managed to do the rounds over Europe. A sheer joy to listen to with their fantastic harmonious sound with Craig, 'to die for' lead vocals & lead guitar, his brother Lee on drums & their cousin Dan on bass, he does a bit of lead vocals too for 'Is there a doctor in the house?' to name but a few. Just love the vocals all round, Dan & Lee provide backing 'perfectly', its just good ol' cotton pickin' talent there! A very tight sound doing some of their own amazing compositions which are available on their latest CD on Krypton - 'What Did You Expect' which delivers the band at their best! Available at Rebound or Raucous records or probably any good dealer. Lights Out do a wide variety of covers from the very harmonious 'Church Bells May Ring' to good ol' blues boppers like 'Fu**in' Sweet' which I know I heard on this night, but can't remember if it was the
 band or one of the DJs playin' it, lol, but the band do it anyway :) Lights Out produce a sound that is the next best thing to the original artists with some of their numbers, especially with The Willows' 'Church Bells May Ring' & they do other songs with a more modern rockin' sound. But what is outstanding, are the harmonies the trio can produce whatever the sound. Considering they had arrived home up in Northampton neck of the woods, from an abroad skiing holiday with the kids just the day before, they were a trifle knackered, & still managed to put on 2 good sets keeping the dance floor hot too. But hey, these lads are a little spoilt, they have their own personal roadie, Dennis the Menace, their little diamond, the man behind the Cottons who shifts a lot of the gear & does all the driving! I want one! lol :)
We had a packed night which the band certainly deserved ! Very pleased for them. Check them out or contact them via facebook at https://www.facebook.com/lightsoutrocknrolluk 

A damn good PARTY had by all. See some of you April 26th for Straight Aces with their very talented young singer/songwriter/guitarist, 
Keep Rockin' Janie


Watch Lights Out & some of the crowd at Crondall r 'n' r Club here

   Cryin' Over You             Running             Is there a Doctor in the House



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Review of 29th March - Rebel Riders


Well, what can I say, impressamondo ! Rebel Riders played 'exclusively' for us at Crondall r 'n' r club in March, & 'exclusive' to the South. Front man of the band wanted to play at Crondall in particular as it had always been one of his favourite places to play at, when he his other band 'Skyrockers', were active. And what a grand party we had ! Rebel Riders line up are the 4 piece Skyrockers as they were just before they packed up about 4 years ago, but with a different drummer, from Leeds, Peter the pumpkin eater, sorry, didn't catch the proper surname, who worked really hard with a towel round his neck for some of the performance, I thought he was going to get up & do a bit of boxing looking like that, ha ha.

Of course, any Skyrockers fans will know that the frontman/microphone acrobatics controller is the Prince of today's rockers, Andy Snowdon from Mansfield. Tony is on bass who doesn't live far from Andy & there is Simon Reeves on lead guitar. Simon & Peter Pumpkin eater aka Fred both play together in the band Rip it Up as well. It had been just over 6 years since Andy & Tony played at Crondall r 'n' r club & finally, they return as 'The Rebel Riders', a real 100%  Rocker's band with Andy, in his Black Leather trousers & motorcycle boots & his black Western shirt with white trim upon the back & front of course, ha ha. The rest of the band all very smartly dressed in their black trousers, white shirts & black waistcoats & ties together with black shoes or boots !
The band started as they meant to go on & that was 'fast paced'. I think 'Tennessee Border' was the only slowest number they did. Rebel Riders just did the one set for a whole hour & a quarter and then they did the encore with about 4 songs, all in one shot ! We were very impressed as the band had pretty much only done 'mostly' a 'few gigs' round their way. They kept the pace throughout their performance & when I said to Andy, I bet you've been rehearsing hard for this gig, he said not really, they hadn't had a lot of time due to Tony working late or long hours, or the likes, & hadn't rehearsed that much. So, even more impressed that Andy didn't wear his voice out! They all thoroughly enjoyed the gig, brilliant sound output, tight & lively, covering some Cavan numbers & some original tracks. An old trait of Andy's is to turn his mic stand upside down & hold it up as high as he can & he is still able to do that which the crowd loves & if anyone is nearby the stage & he's singing the right song, he'll hold the mic down for someone to have a go at yellin' into it. Guess who he held it down to this time hah !
A lot of Skyrockers fans turned up from Carshalton where Andy used to play regularly before they packed up. Other fans came from Basingstoke, Boozinstoke, Andover & Allover ha ha ! Some of them being good enough to dig out their old Skyrockers T.shirts with 'The Northern Bas**rds' written on the back, 'cos the Rebel Riders ARE 'The Northern Bast**ds ! It was more like a happy reunion for Andy, Tony & some of the old fans of which some of have become good friends also.
The Crondallettes made another exclusive appearance too, joining the band with a few numbers, playing the bands' tambourines that they had bought along specificly, for the likes of this all female band to join in. Ha ha. One of the Teds also got up & joined the band, boppin' beside of them. Thats what we're about, PARTY & have F U N !
Andy thanked everyone for turning up & said that he hadn't expected to 'ever' play down South again in front of his Southern fans. I know he hadn't expected to play again 'fullstop', when he packed up the band about 4 years ago & it was such a delight to hear him sing live again. He also said 'if it wasn't for you guys, there would be no bands on this stage', nice words, thanks Andy & thanks to you & the Rebel Riders for such an outstanding & F U N performance! A band that would suit all Teds, Rockers & Bikers anywhere. If you're lucky enough to be going to Ritchie Gee's Wildest Cats in Town in the Summer, go see them, they will be playing on the Saturday in the Princes bar (at time of writing). I must remember to pack my 'Northern Bas**rds' T.shirt as well as me Crondall Rockers one !

The other 'alf, DJ Dynamite Ady kept everyone buzzin' til 10 O'clock, when we drew the raffle & the special Easter Egg raffle to help raise funds for a Childrens Ward at The Royal Surrey County Hospital. Then it was time to announce that our Lazy Chef was retiring from the club & present his lovely assistant, Lisa, with some flowers to show our appreciation of their 1 year of good service. Then thats when Rebel Riders Rev up their engines & open up the throttle for a fully ignited performance. Absolutely superb!

Keep Rockin' from all of us at Crondall rock 'n' roll club

Watch Rebel Riders at Crondall rock 'n' roll  club here
Train of Love                             Tennessee Border

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April 26th - Straight Aces


I'm sitting here enjoying the Amazing Midlands band, The Straight Aces' just released CD > 'Done My Time', titled after a bluesy boppin' song, the frontman wrote about a misfortunate love game, not about being inside, so no wrong ideas about this band ok :) Ha ha! We got the CD hot off the press from Foottapping Records because it was just about bang on time ready to be released at Crondall r 'n' r club when the Straight Aces came & graced our stage for the 2nd time in just over a year! There aren't 'many' bands that we rebook so quickly, because there are 100's of bands out there to get through. The future of the great music we love is going to be left within the hands of the youngsters on the scene, like the young lads in Fireballs UK & Stevie T, the frontman of 'Straight Aces' & only almost 22 yrs old (at time of writing). He's full of natural talent, plays a mean guitar & writes some of his own great material. Stevie T has a great voice which is well controlled & has developed impressively in just over a year & now seems to be more versatile than last time we saw them, not bad, considering this band started out with an entirely different frontman & Stevie T was just the guitarist who only used to sing a couple of songs at gigs. Confidence has increased too but not in a 'big head' way I'm delighted to say. When they first played at ours, Stevie T had only just taken on the role of frontman & worked his butt off learning a load of songs for the gig, he has done himself very proud. By watching videos of their last gig with us, compared to their latest gig at Crondall, one can see the difference in Stevie T in his performance & his voice. For a youngster he has his head screwed on & doesn't appear to carry it in the clouds, he seems to know what sound he wants to produce & is very particular about acheiving that sound. He makes a good frontman & at such a young age too, just as it was in the '50s.

Back in Feb 2013 Straight Aces had to do their 2nd encore with their opening song 'cos they had limited material due to only just becoming the forntman & didn't expect such a great response! This time, the band were well prepared & after the 1st set, blew us away. The bass players brother says to me, ''you wait til the 2nd set, that's going to be even more rockin' ! ' Without a doubt, it was, & they gave us at least a good 1 hour & 10 mins as opposed to the arranged 45! Producing a tight & good quality sound, appearing to not be tiring & were eager to keep it going, finalising their last encore with 'Ol Black Joe' & some invites to the stage for some backing singers, although 'The Crondallettes' were already well on their way! 

Straight Aces cover songs like 16 Chicks, Stutterin' Cindy, Rock Around with Ollie Vee, Flying Saucers rock 'n' roll & they also perform their own great material that match the standards of the covers they cover, some with an authentic sound, the Buddy ones are great, & 1 or 2 that sound like the band of late, 'Go Cat Go'. There are 4 self penned on the 13 track CD which is available at www.foottappingrecords.co.uk, their stall, or the band, & on this night, it sold impressively well considering there were a few bodies down, no, I don't mean plastered & concussed flat out on the floor, I mean, numbers were a 'tad' down, although, what a blast we all had. People were saying to me 'how good is this band?!' & 'Wow! Great band!' They definitely gained a few more fans down South, kept the dance floor busy from start to finish & attracted the stage huggers of the audience down to the front! This band deserve any good gigs that come to them, that Stevie T needs as much practice at it, as he can get! lol.

I've rattled on about the young frontman, but you know it takes 1 or 2 others to make up a band, lol. On to Doghouse Jim now, he has been playing the bass for only 'about' 3 yearsish & produces some top quality bass playing & great slappin' which can be heard clearly & damn good for those who like to stand near & let it run through their heads & their bodies, round their stomach & stored in their hearts ready to be runnin' through their veins...Yeah, great heart thumpin' sounds!
Doghouse Jim is also responsible for managing the band off stage & I believe has been a bit of a driver, initially, setting Stevie T into the right direction. And then there is 'The Black Country Bomber' on skins, when I first saw him play, he struck me as a hard working drummer boy, & I could understand why he carries half the nickname, the 'Bomber' part. Wow, when he plays, he's like a UXB thats just been detonated ! He IS part of his bongo's (thats drum kit for those of you who aren't tribal, lol) almost out of control, getting carried away, spinnin' his drumstick in the air when he gets a split second chance as he drums & he has to blast off from his seat by standing up for any other split second he gets a chance to, while performing. He's so fast, that with these stupid time delaying digital cameras, its hard to catch an action shot of him 'cos he's unpredictable, but I did manage one or 2 during his rendition of Wipeout which some of the crowd kept asking for, & Stevie & Jim got the blame for making him overexcert himself, ha ha! He stood for pretty much most of that if I remember rightly! lol. Oh yeah, 'The Black Country' part is because he's from a part of the Country they nickname 'The Black Country' (its a pollution thing, not a race thing) Not only did the band gain a few fans, The BCB also gained 1 or 2 fans of his own too, lol.

I do have some concerns about the band though & that is, Doghouse Jim turned up in his slippers & The BCB was fully equipped with a make up bag (so Doghouse Jim told me, ha ha) & pink umbrella, sorry, but thats another story ! If you wish to check out the band yourself, just click on the links at foot of this review to see the band with their current & crazy line up ! Or go check them out at  www.facebook.com/TheStraightAces?fref=ts.

Keep rockin' & join us sometime for some mayhem & F U N! Thanks,

Watch Straight Aces at Crondall rock 'n' roll club, here
16 Chicks                                 Rock Around with Ollie Vee       

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May 31st - Coy Dogs (Scottish)


Scottish Coy Dogs are on Tour from Glasgow to Southend via CRONDALL & the Ace Cafe! They claim to be the only Teddyboy band of Scotland & are, as far as I know the ONLY band to perform in their kilts ! They write some of their own songs & do covers, have their own real live Scotts Porridge Oats lucky mascot, & Scottish entourage in tow, well someone had to drive them all the way from Glasgow to Crondall but only 2 were the drivers for about a 9 hour journey! Phew, killer driving ! They departed Glasgow at 6am, giving them just enough time to freshen up at their lodgings before Invading one of, if not 'the' oldest village in England ! So, this army of 8 Scots including the Porridge Oats Man think they can win us over ay, the one & only legendary Crondall rock 'n' roll club? Hell yeah! They did AGAIN ! And they won on the raffle too, AGAIN !  Just 1 long phone call & a demo prompted us to give this band their first break in England in 2007, we believed in them, & they've since conquered The Ace Cafe on a Brighton Burn Up wkend & which is where they always go for brekkie too when they're down our way, Teddyboys Reunited alldayer & the biggest 'so far', The Rockers Reunion! Coy Dogs only do 2 or 3 gigs in England a year.  

They're a great bunch of lads with a lot of character & from the moment of arrival, it was like everyone had been switched on with Scottish Power with both parties being chuffed with their presence. Some of us had made an effort to wear some Tartan & we put up some Scottish flags with our English ones & were ready for the Invasion. They conquered valiantly & Scots & Engish ReUnited in the little village hall of Crondall!

The Tartan Party began as people turned up donned in Tartan ready for a right honourable McNoodle knees up! Jimmy wigs in force, stage invasions were inevitable as the Crondallettes were in our midst & then were told by Shaggy the singer/songwriter, that we were going to be signed up! Ha ha. People gatherered at the front of the stage just havin' one big party, with the kilTed Scots & the tartaned marked English, together boppin' in unity. Lol

The band, Shaggy, I already mentioned, also plays Rhythm Guitar, Big Bun is on Double Bass, Lex on Skins & Big JP on guitar, the 'Bigs' are brother's as it happens, ha ha, they started off draped up during the first set, & in the 2nd set, to many peoples delight & amusement, came out on stage in their 'kilts' & their very own Crondall T.shirts! Are they true Scotsman? THAT you will have to find out for yourself if you're ever lucky enough to see them perform in their kilts 'cos it's not often they do this, as kilts are mainly worn for special occassions such as weddings & Highland games of course, but hey, we had our own Highland Games at Crondall & yeah, it was very special ! God knows how Shaggy managed to move about like he did & lye on the floor playing his guitar, without revealing the answer to my question!  I tell you what, they were all wearing lycra cycle shorts under their kilts.....do you believe that? I may not be telling the truth, then again I may be! Ha ha. 

Coy Dogs own material is so unique & typical Rocker influenced, just go to youtube & tap in 'Coy Dogs' with the song titles 'Fancy Wheels' , 'Cafe Racer' or 'New Dogs in Town' & have a listen to a few of their own. CDs have been available by the band, but at mo, CDs are exhausted, but watch this space. The last CD 'Ruffed Up' has a track on it recorded 'live' at Crondall. It's taken from a video that was shot at their first gig with us, by a late mutual friend of the bands' & us, Maggie Monroe. She was one of the earlier characters of the club in the '80s. It's an honour to have this involvement with the band, who have been rockin' for about 20 plus years now, in Bonnie Scotland.

Coy Dogs & the Scottish Clan have a great love for Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers & the band cover Teddyboy Boogie & My Little Sister's got a Motorbike & also cover tracks like 'Tennessee Rock 'n' Roll' & an excellent 'Down the Line' sung by Big Bun who does some vocals, so some good variety there but definetly a band that attracts Teds & Rockers! a bit like yer Johnnie Fox of Scotland ! Band finished before the encore, with Old Black Joe, stage invasion & an unexpected leap from the stage by Shaggy to play his guitar with the crowd on the dancefloor & splitting vocals between him & Big Bun. The band did a good hour in their 2nd set for us, bloody marvellous after such a long day of travelling!

We didn't let them leave until they had signed the Scottish flag we had put up for them for the first part of their Scottish Tour before heading to the Ace Cafe for breakfast the next morning & then onto the Foresters, Southend for the finale of their Tour. Think I shall have to start eating Scots Porridge Oats for brekkie, I could do with some of that energy. One of the drivers is off to some concert on Monday evening! Wears me out thinking about it! If anyone wants to check the band out, check out their facebook page

We were also lucky to have Ritchie Gee send us 2 free entries for Saturday night at the Christmas Wildest Cats in Town wkender for our raffle & friends who travelled from Dorset to come check out the band donated to our raffle too. It's people like this that help the club to keep going as well as all the customers that support it. Thanks to everyone in that department!

Welcome back our new, once previous, grub man, 'Rocker Ralph's Cafe' who by reports from others does delicious burgers & lush chips!

Keep Rockin' all, Janie