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Reviews for gigs held in 2006



Review of the December 16th '06 gig - Skyrockers


This night at Crondall, the Skyrockers definitely made their mark right from the start. Even though being held up on the M.25 'cos of an accident, they still made it in good time considering the journey of about at least  3 & 1/2 hrs they had to make to get to Crondall.

What did the journey do to them I wonder, all travelling together in their brilliantly customised fully furnished, centrally heated van!

We greeted them in the usual Northern B b b b b buddies way. I was crouched down sorting through some papers looking for something, Andy the singer comes along, gives me a little push and whoops a daisy I go over....Ha, ha, ha, very funny. Just as well he's a mate! Have to laugh!

Anyway, after getting hold of him & shoving him into the van and threatening to lock him away for the night, I decided I'd better let him get on or we would have no singer later on.

The Skyrockers are a great hardcore rockin' band and get along so well with each other...considering there are 5 of them and the amount of years they have played together as the Skyrockers. They are like one big happy family, such close friends, and all thoroughly enjoy themselves on & off stage. They blend so professionally together, a true rocker / teddyboy band starting their set with - ' Because I'm a Teddyboy' and including tracks such as 'Endless Sleep' & 'Ice Cold'.

Now since it was our xmas bash, we had a visitor from the North Pole.....Santa of course, BUT......poor ol' Santa fell sick just as he arrived ( it must have been that turbo boost revved up Rudolph, racing through the skies too fast!) Ah, oh, what now? The kids are expecting Santa after the raffle & time is movin' fast! Phew, an enthusiastic punter steps in & sorts out Santa's little plight!

Talk about entertaining!

In comes Rockin' Santa, strolling with the ladies, sacks of pressies over his shoulders, what an entrance! Finally decides to sit down, does his duties with the littluns ( and the bigun's ) Before he leaves, he's up dancin' with the ladies again, huggin' & kissin' them, givin' out more pressies as he goes along including a certain older male from another rockin' club! Hmm, got my doubts about him now!

Back to the band....during 2nd set...

Our young friend - 17 year old Elena is invited on stage to play bass guitar. 'Teddy Boy Boogie' & 'Little Sister' are the tracks she plays perfectly, and then, was thrown completely into the deep end to play a track  - 'Oakie Boogie' - she had never played before. Good show, great performance, coped very well. Well done Elena, such a talented enthusiastic young lady.

Now time for the young virgins to gather on the stage to join in with ' Whole Lotta Shakin'. Elena's up first, joined speedily by me, then other virgins follow!

All performing with maracas & tambourines & a touch of backing vocals too. Then it's time for....''Are you comin' out into the crowd with your buddy - the guitar - Mr Crazy Ash?''  Yyyes! he's out, straight to the burger bar, standing on the table, helping himself to someone's cuppa tea ( yes, our burger lady sells T's as well ! )strummin' out the wild licks on his guitar buddy. Wild & Raving, that's how we like it! 

Back to the stage now, finishing with 'Ol' Black Joe'. But are they finished?! Our crowd won't let them go..... By the time they've finished their encores, completely Cream Crackered, they had done an hours set.

Andy was still in good voice at the end of the night, he, the guys & any one else who wanted to join in while packing up, got into good panto spirit, singing 'Hi Ho, Hi Ho It's Off To Work We Go' . What fun!

We raised £111.15 profit on the raffle, rounded that figure up to £140, and donated it to The Woking Hospice , a residential / day care home, providing support & comfort for the terminally ill & their families. Thank you to everybody for your support.

Until the next rockin' party at Crondall, keep on supporting your local & not so local rockin' joints. And I wish you all a Happy Rockin' New Year.


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Review by Angela Sharpe taken from Maggies Blue Suede News magazine

Jan '07 issue



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Review of Clubs 30th Anniversary gig - 25th Nov '06 -

 Hicksville Bombers /  Sandy Ford & his Flying Saucers


The Spirit of Crondall lives on

Piccies can be found here.

This months review is written in memory of Gordon Gillingham, 1st promoter of Crondall Rock 'n' Roll club in Crondall village hall, Mick Hobbs - 2nd promoter & Mick Withers - 3rd promoter.

Crondall rock 'n' roll club has been in existence in the same village hall for the last 30 years, run by various promoters during this time.

We celebrated the occasion with The Hicksville Bombers & Sandy Ford with his Flying Saucers providing us all with performances of their greatest talents.

Sandy arrived first & waited patiently for me to finish unloading my car, before asking me to move it so he could park his van there. ' what!!??' Answer :- ' That may have been your parking space for the last 2 years, but I've been parking there for the last 30 years'. Well, who can argue with that? That's the whole reason we hired Sandy Ford!

30 years of non-stop rockin' in the same venue was the purpose of our special night. And all the hard work leading up to it certainly paid off.  We had pics of all the past promoters of the club, on display along with pics of some of the older bands that have ever performed there, such as Whirlwind, Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers, Crepes & Drapes, Flying Saucers & more. Pics of some of the D.J's that have played there, such as Stompin Steve, Son in law of Gordon Gillingham ( 1st organiser / promoter of Crondall rock 'n' roll club in the village hall).

Shani Gillingham, daughter of Gordon (in pic above with Womble), one of the late Mick Hobbs helpers , Fifties flash, Be Bop Bella (possibly the first female rockin' D.J) who D.J'd almost wherever Crepes & Drapes played, as she was married to one of the members, and of course - Wildcat Pete who D.J'd there for many years.

Pics of past Crondall punters ( which I have been collecting for about a year ) were displayed. The precious memories caught on these pics were a great attraction through the night & the mood there became quite emotional for some people.

We had tracked down a few faces from Crondall's past & invited them along, incl. Jill & John Barber, landlady & landlord of Castle pub that was. And Sunglasses Sam, who promoted the club with the late Mick Withers in early 80's. We had never met some of them until that night. Most of the past promoters, or representatives turned up, reuniting with people that they hadn't seen in years. It was so very nice & memorable for all, and so overwhelming.

Oh Boy! Record Hop kicked the night off in good ol' Crondall style, and the place was heaving by 8.15pm. We had such a tremendous response, it was truly, unbelievably a hugely successful night for the spirit of Crondall Rock 'n' Roll club.

Its 8.45pm & Hicksville bombers are on stage playing as lively as ever. Dave, the front man is one of the most amazing guitarists I have ever heard, he really makes his guitar talk!, he's so talented & writes/sings a lot of his own material. He obviously enjoys his work too, as he's always smiling on & off stage.

Hicksville Bombers were given their 1st gig down South at Crondall about 10 years ago, which was a great break for them for getting more gigs down this way.  Although now, Dave has had a change of bass player & drummer since then. His drummer is now Andy - ex drummer of Cottie & the Alley Cats. And gentleman Paul on bass.

We move on now to Wildcat Pete, our special guest D.J for the night, who feels as though he's right back at home again! Then into the raffle, the cash prize draw and the feeling of need to thank all for coming along to the special occasion, especially the old Crondall crowd & Gordon Gillingham's family. It was such an amazing atmosphere that night. Personally, I feel extremely happy that people were reuniting with each other & reminiscing over old times.

Tony Gillingham, son of Gordon, (pic above on the right) with brother Barry had brought along a 3 minute cine film complete with projector & screen of old rockin' times taken in the Church rooms, (a very small venue 30 secs away from the village hall) before R 'n' R took place in the village hall. A few faces were recognised by the old Crondall crowd as Tony's son Ryan rolled the film all through the night.

Wildcat Pete finishes his set & shoots straight down to Camber Sands for the Rhythm Riot. He said, if he had been asked to D.J at any other venue that night other than Crondall, he wouldn't have bothered at all. That is how important Crondall is to him & most people that go there. It has an unexplainable spirit!

Sandy Ford is now on stage with his Flying Saucers....bah! the drummers name escapes me, but Yvonne, Sandy's wife is playing bass guitar. Sandy never seems to look any older.

He doesn't look as though he has been gigging for over 30 years, that's for sure,  and sings just as good now, if not better, as he did all those years ago. Well, rock 'n' roll keeps you young they say, and I'll go along with that!

The night was wrapped up with Oh Boy! Record Hop playing the most appropriate song ever for the occasion....Of course...Danny & the Juniors' - ' Rock 'n' Roll is Here to Stay '.

When most people had left we had, with the old Crondall crowd, a more peaceful & private gathering whilst watching the cine film I mentioned earlier, which was an emotional moment for all concerned & such a touching finish to the momentous occasion.

May Crondall rock 'n' roll club live on & prosper for another 30 years. Without your support no clubs will survive, so please keep on supporting your local & not so local rockin' joints. Long live rock 'n' roll !


Sandy Ford comments on the gig.....

Hi there.

Yes it was a great turnout and you did the occasion proud. It was really nice to see so many familiar faces from the past. In fact there was 
such a large crowd I couldn't take in all the faces and I do apologise to those I missed but it was just a bit of a crush. as for the Hicksville 
Bombers it was the first time I had seen them and I thought they were really good and enjoyed their set as well as them coming across as nice people.

Sorry about the drum mat and thanks for getting it for me.

Best wishes and thanks to everyone who turned up for a memorable night.

Dave Brown - Lead vocalist / guitarist - Hicksville Bombers comments on the gig.....

Hi Janie,

Good luck with your future gigs it was the best Crondall night we have had and I've always enjoyed playing there.



Steve Runicre of Runicorn records says....

Dear Jane,

Just a quickie. Great night last night. Well done to you and everyone concerned. It must have been a lot of hard work, concern & worry. I’m really pleased it went so well for you. Looking forward to the Skyrockers.

Best wishes


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Review of the 28th October '06 gig - Rudy la Crioux and the All Stars.


Mad, Crazy, Wild & extreeemely entertaining is how I would describe Rudy La Crioux & the Allstars.


Ian (guitarist), a.k.a. Rocky (me no not why!), & Douglas his brother, (who both share a deep resemblance in looks...something to do with the fact that they are twins !) arrived at Crondall first, and whilst patiently waiting for the rest of the band did a spot of sightseeing around the car park! 

The rest of the band turn up, with Woody (very polite bass player) travelling all the way to Crondall ON the back of the van, and feeling extremely cold, finally jumping off when the van was almost parked in the hall !

Aha, Rudy (singer of course) now appears from inside the van, is also very politely spoken, and impressively DRESSED, like his poor ol' frozen mate - Woody.

Fully assembled band, all present and correct, drummer & other guitarist included (sorry, didn't catch yer names)

On stage now, and the whole place is hummin' 'n' buzzin' with electrifying excitement coming from the stage oozing into the crowd like a contagious infection spreading faster than a bullet fired from a gun.

That very polite, fairly quietly spoken Rudy & the very polite bass player have caught the bug & have transformed into two Crazy
Wild entertainers,not forgetting little Rocky of course on guitar, who later performs...with his guitar in the midst of the crowd, and on the dance floor, managing to sing a few words projectively without the aid of a mic (or was it his brother?)

Seriously, they are a fine band, all playing with full heart & soul injected into every song, with Rudy, well what can I say, he had women swoonin' and falling at his feet for the great performance he was puttin' on! That just about says it all.


Rudy & the Allstars had 3 encores, and I reckon if we'd paid them double they would have carried on another hour. They love performing and thoroughly enjoy it.

What more can I say apart from thanks for a fantastic night, and thank you to the drummers wife for insisting on helping out at the end. Thank you very much.

So until the next rockin' party at Crondall...support yer local & not so local rockin' clubs...and most importantly.....Stay rockin', yer know it's good for yer!



Rudy la Crioux comments on the gig.....


Hi Jane,

We had a ball, thanks mainly  to the audience, they were great.  
All the best  



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Review of the 23rd September '06 gig with Pete Hutton & the Heartbreakers.


Crondall has another successful night for all, around....the atmosphere was as electrifying as the first gig that we organised at Crondall in Jan. 05. Admittedly, it was a little quiet to begin with, then woah, where did all these people come from is what we were asking ourselves?


Pete Hutton & the Heartbreakers drew a good crowd into Crondall, some regulars, some old and some new punters came in.

Who remembers the D.J. Flash, old London D.J from mid /late 70's? He turned up at Crondall out of the blue. Tall Paul, promoter of Horsham rock 'n' roll club......

......remembers him & had a little reunion at Crondall as did some of the Reading crowd after they met up with someone they hadn't seen in years.

It was such a great night again, little parties having a big party!

Pete Hutton is a huge Elvis fan but mustn't be misjudged by the denim jacket, the black hair & the stance on stage, and the noticeable inspiration from Elvis, as being someone who reckons he is Elvis & will be singing Elvis songs all night. (No offence to the Elvis fans there)

Pete Hutton sings in his own way, not trying to sing like Elvis, covers a variety of rock 'n' roll including some Johnny Burnette & covering the instrumental - Misrilou by Dick Dale, as well as his own material. He is fairly lively on stage playing his guitar and moving around with a touch of Elvis within the moves.


Pete is also quite select as to who he has in his band. The drummer, Lance Larsen, from Washington U.S.A. has been drumming since the age of about 10 years old in some form or another. And Pete himself started to play guitar & sing at the age of 15 yrs and joined his first band - 'Late Night Set', just after leaving school.

The lead guitarist, whom I don't know much about, has played for the band 'No. 9'. And there's the bass player who is cool 'cos he plays the bass!

Pete Hutton is an ambitious person, always working hard at producing new songs for the set so punters don't get bored with hearing the same thing over & over every time they go to see him.

Food for thought:- Most bands you go out to see have day jobs, and to keep the band alive is not just a weekend job or pastime.


Obviously bands enjoy it, they wouldn't do it if they didn't. Bands are also committed in the week with their band work, with the rehearsing & arranging somewhere to rehearse. Writing / learning new songs / tunes, taking bookings and trying to get bookings, making sure all the equipment and their vehicles are always maintained. The list goes on, and the bands don't really make a lot of money out of it.

So next time you go out rocking, just think, when you pay yer £6, £7 or £8 at the door, you'll be getting more than your money's worth for the night!

And for a tenner, you'll be getting two great bands on the clubs 30th anniversary night - 25th November. And a chance to win £50 in cash! Check the gigs page for details.

We had Mick & Thelma's Big T's stall for the night coming from Hemel Hempstead, supplying goods such as patches, badges, t-shirts, trousers, stickers, small memorabilia items. Steve Runicorn supplied the CD stall as he always does each month. And Pauline & Terri were busy in the kitchen providing punters with burgers, hot dogs, toasted sarnies, chips, other hot food, teas & coffees & soft drinks, all at very reasonable prices.

And, of course, & most importantly....we have forever reliable, friendly & fully efficient staff in our fully licensed bar supplying the luverly booze!

So until the next party at Crondall, Stay rockin', & support your local & not so local rockin' clubs.


Pete Hutton's comments on the night at Crondall......


Hi Jane, Ade.

Thanks again for looking after the band.




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Review of the 26th August '06 gig - Crazy Jay & the Partytimers


Well, really, what can I say? How can I explain? I was overwhelmed, dumbstruck, extremely moved, and envious of the sound being produced by such a petite young lady.......and that's just the sound check!

The name of the band? Crazy Jay & the Partytimers, and man is she crazy?!

From start to finish, Crazy Jay is a complete mass of energy...forget yer red bull. I want whatever Jay is on.

Jay is a mother of four, and to look at her, you wouldn't think that she had even one! With four kids to look after and a house to run, it is a tiring enough job on it's own.

Jay deserves all the gigs she can get. It is much more difficult for a woman to make it on the rockin' scene as not everybody likes to hear a woman singing all night. Admittedly, most people do like to hear the guys, but if any of you have been thinking of booking Crazy Jay, don't think about it anymore..... do it! You WILL NOT be disappointed!

Jay has just as much stamina, if not more than some of the guys. Jay is completely dedicated to her music, let's face it, you have to be to be a singer. But realistically, and I'm not being sexist, for a FAMILY woman it's got to be a lot harder.

There were times when Jay continued her jumping around and singing when she was heavily pregnant a few years ago.
Crazy Jay is completely barmy, utterly WILD, extremely energetic and for a petite lady has an absolutely fantastically powerful voice. That's it....It's Jay's voice that gives her turbo boost!

From the moment Jay came on stage she was bouncing around like an uncontrollable clockwork toy, then when she got bored with that, she would escape from the stage continuing to sing, disappear through the fire escape, run round the outside of the hall, still singing, and re - appear in the entrance foyer, then dropping by into the kitchen, still singing from the counter before returning to the stage.

Later, Jay escaped from the stage again, venturing around the hall, still singing, sitting on peoples laps, climbing up on the table, and that was after she chased the barmen out of the bar & still singing decided to continue on with her singing from behind the bar!


For her finishing act Jay placed a bag right over one of the guitarists head while he continued to play, placed a beer can on the other guitarists head while he also continued to play. Now was that before or after Jay pulled him around by his hair!

The band finished off on the dance floor, the drummer ran round like a madman with his cymbal before ending up with Jay lying down and the others getting as low as possible.

In short, I'd say "What a helluva night!"

So until the next party at Crondall, stay wild, and support your local & not so local clubs. Thanks a lot.



Graham Parker, bass guitarist for Crazy Jay comments of the night at Crondall....


Hi Jane,

Thanks for the link to our site, of course we have reciprocated and I can honestly say that your club was one that we will all remember very fondly and we hope to see you again soon.

Take care.


Peace and Quiet.


The band comments on the review....

Crazy Jay says.......


Just a quick note to say thanks for your encouragement and saying some great stuff about us!

It was an amazing night at Crondall and we thoroughly enjoyed it! It's a great club, fantastic audience and you looked after us really well!

Thanks again!

We all work hard at what we do and appreciate your positive input!!



Jay xxx

Graham, Jay's bass guitarist says..........

That's great Janie you more or less described the whole show from start to finish!

And you are right, Jay is literally a 'magical one off' and every single one of the other band members, all with years of musical experience know we are in the presence of a truly gifted artist...we just want everyone else to share in that magic!

This is what Conrad, Jays husband thought when I forwarded your email today:

"Fantastic write up!! Let's thank her warmly and sincerely. This what I call "appreciation" for so much hard work (and a mountain of bills to pay)!!!

Sursum corda!! (trans: keep on keeping on!!)"

We really can't thank you enough for your support and to be fair it's people like you that make the hard work and the long drives worth it!

The mountain of bills refers to the fact we have just forked out for new transport after our old van became uneconomical and too unreliable to keep.

Keep in touch!

Peace and quiet


Lesley Larsen , Jay's manager says..........


Hi Janie,

Thanks so much for your kind words.


Lesley - Manager Crazy Jay & The Partytimers


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Review of the 22nd July '06 gig - Moonshiners


Another hot day, and the evening is much the same. And as you all know, the weather has been effecting us all in a way that you don't feel as though you want to do anything but constantly soak yourself in a cool pool! and you can't be bothered to get yourselves out and about.

The band for our nights entertainment - Moonshiners - have arrived in plenty of time coming from Dartford all together in their van, how hot and uncomfortable could that have been?

So, the usual, out of the van, unload, set up, sound check, battling with the heat & the gig hasn't even started yet.
An extra long sound check takes place due to an unknown blip in the sound which has to be sorted quickly & as efficiently as possible. A bit of a nightmare for any band to deal with.

Anyway, problem sussed & rectified. The gig goes on......The Moonshiners, a fairly new band consisting of Martin Botley - Singer & guitarist (ex guitarist of The Rat Pack), Luke - stand up Bass player & singer (ex drummer of The Rat Pack), and Nina - drummer, yes, that's a female drummer...not your usual sort of set up, but a very good drummer who deserves a lot of credit, putting her best into and enjoying every moment of it. Good for Nina, and good luck to you with your rockin' career.

The first set from the band begins, no probs....But, the blip I mentioned earlier has started to creep back in. The reasonably new P.A. is starting to play up, and effecting the sound. Now that's a LIVING nightmare.

But The Moonshiners coped very well, persisted with the act as best as they possibly could, which isn't easy when you're trying (as a new band) to impress a hall full of dedicated rockin' guys & gals.


At half time, with no time to relieve themselves from the heat the Moonshiners have to deal with their problem. Whatever the problem was, it was dealt with professionally and solved before the 2nd set. Excellent, well done.

Now, you think about it! If your car breaks down, what do you do? Well you call roadside recovery of course, and as there's no such thing as stage side recovery, there's no way they can nip back home or happen to have a spare p.a. hanging around in the van! Bands have to cope with these problems whatever it may be.

The 2nd set begins on time and The Moonshiners are now on top form and not in the least bit put off by their mishap. The band were for obvious reasons at their best during the 2nd set, performing an all range selection of tracks to suit all tastes in rock 'n' roll. You know, yer bop, stroll & jive beats to keep the crowd happy & dancing. And keeping the punters dancing with the exceptional hot weather is an achievement in itself.

We know that bands choose this way of life...yeah. As does your promoters etc, but why?, they don't make stacks of money out of it, they knacker themselves, bend over backwards & work extremely hard weekend in/month in....... weekend out/month out.

We do it, because it helps one of the biggest things in the history of music survive! Rock 'n' roll ! Bands I have spoken to have said that seeing people enjoying themselves and knowing that they are responsible for that, is also part of their payment. And that makes their job worthwhile, and the feeling with me is mutual.


So until the next party at Crondall, keep supporting your local & not so local rockin' clubs.



Moonshiners comments on review....


Hi Jane

Many thanks for your hospitality. I did make some inroads into the egg sarnies and I think the van has recovered.


We played at Live 2 Jive High Wycombe last night and I have not recovered yet!. Nina, Luke and I enjoyed the gig and the audience was great.

We wish you the club, much success after all your hard work

Rockin' Regards

Martin B - Guitarist The Moonshiners


Hi Jane

Thanks for your review of the gig and your understanding of the situation, it is a nightmare when gear packs up. I played my first rock n roll gig when I was 13 that was 37 years ago and playing that long I have occassionally had gear play up, it is inevitable. We were so relieved to sort it so that it didn't spoil the gig especially after all your hard work.

I was also pleased to read in the review about "playing to see the audience enjoy themselves and not making stacks of money". Sometimes, it has been suggested that rock n roll bands are greedy and money orientated, but it is certainly not In my case and many of the bands / musicians I have played with. Most of us play for the love of Rock n Roll and seeing an audience enjoy themselves.

If anything it is the opposite, I have been head hunted by companies but had to turn down well paid PAYE positions as an electrical maintenance technician with pension company car etc etc (they dont like you disappearing every Friday to play rock n roll ). Some rocking musicians that play around the UK on Fridays have to remain self employed or part time PAYE with no long term security. This is so they can dash off up the M1 to the North or the M4 to the West Country Friday's, sometimes at a moments notice to fill a last minute cancellation. I personally think myself it is worth it even after all these years.

Thanks again for your kind words and for giving us new bands a chance.

Rocking regards and best of luck @ Crondall. When the Crondall DVD is finished we will buy one

Martin B - Guitarist The Moonshiners


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Review of the 24th June gig - Rhythm Aces


It's a blazing hot day in June, we're getting prepared for an even hotter night at the club, getting all the last minute things together, then we receive a call from our band for the night - The Rhythm Aces have arrived at the hall 2 hours early, talk about PROMPT. I call that good organization, travelling all the way from Shropshire and allowing all that extra time for traffic problems e.t.c.


Food for thought:- When hiring a band, you're not only paying for their performance, you're also paying for their time. When bands have to travel long distances and don't get back home 'til 4 - 5 am, their whole weekend is taken up, not just an evening. So when you're all tucked up in bed after a tiring night, quite often, the band that entertained you are still travelling.

The Rhythm Aces are a three piece band with a stand up bass played by lovely li'l Howard, Jes on drums and Pete as singer / guitarist.

They play a great selection to suit all tastes such as you're rock 'n' roll / rockabilly classics, and numbers that aren't so classic.

Have you ever heard High School Confidential played with a stand up bass? I hadn't until I saw the Rhythm Aces, and I must admit, it seemed strange BUT the song wasn't ruined by this and was still worth listening to.

They are certainly a band with a difference, I enjoyed them and there was good feedback from the punters.  They are quite particular in getting their sound right during sound check time, and are all dressed very smartly, in their own individual styles.

Jes has only been playing drums for about a year. and after learning only one or two songs on the drums, he was then told that his first gig would follow 10 weeks later ! Before that, he'd never touched an instrument. He took to the drums like a duck to water.

We had no stall for the night as our scheduled stall holder had a major problem with his transport, and all other stall holders were otherwise occupied.

As the late Mick Withers had played such an important part in the history of Crondall Rock 'n' Roll Club, we paid a special tribute to him.

Mick was a big Gene Vincent fan in the days that he ran Crondall Rock 'n' Roll Club, and stayed rockin' to the end, so our D.J. Oh Boy Record Hop dedicated three Gene Vincent records in memory of him, which was finished off with a complimentary applause from the crowd at Crondall.

Thank you to those for your support.

So, until the next party at Crondall...Keep on Rockin' , never ever stoppin'! and support your local and your not so local rockin' joints.


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Review of the 20th May '06 gig - Meanstreak

(Crondall's 2nd British rock 'n' roll night)


In my opinion, British rock 'n' roll doesn't get enough airing. And that is why we decided to have our second 'All British R 'n' R night at Crondall R 'n' R Club last month. We chose the band Meanstreak for this gig.

Meanstreak are a five piece band with a very original sound oozing out of their 3 guitars, and their drums. The singer ( alias Arnie !!! ) also has a great authentic sound to his voice. 

The band do a lot of British stuff anyway, and they also do cover American songs. But for this particular night at Crondall, the band took it upon themselves, unbeknown to us, to learn a load more British songs just for the night at Crondall. Obviously, they will now use these songs in future sets. This goes to show how hard the band work to please everybody that they play for.

We had loads of birthdays in the house, which 'Arnie !!!' dedicated a song to, and also got us all to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to every single person who was celebrating.

As pre-arranged with the band, they invited one of the birthday chicks up on stage to play 'Little sister' on the bass guitar. Elena, who is just 17, and only learnt to play bass to this song in less than a week, has what it takes, if she ever decided to take it up full time. 

I cannot go without saying this first....We had an unexpectedly pleasant surprise visit from Johnny Angel arriving later on during the evening with his mate Tommy. He was yet to surprise us once again when he was invited up onto the stage and eventually got up and did a couple of numbers for us. It was an honour for us to have Johnny Angel singing for our punters at Crondall. Johnny last came to  Crondall about 20 years ago, and said that he had enjoyed himself so much that he will be coming back again.

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Johnny for inviting the previously mentioned Elena to play at the Acacia ballroom with him for the following weekend at the Nightingale reunion, which she did so admirably and enthusiastically. And to thank Meanstreak for giving Elena a chance to play guitar with them.

We could all learn from this, in that, most of us have lived a long fulfilling happy rockin' life, and to help keep rock 'n' roll alive, we should do our best in encouraging the younger generation and educate them the right way at every given opportunity...because with that encouragement, rock 'n' roll can remain as strong as it lives today!

So until the next party at Crondall, keep on supporting your local and not so local clubs. THEY NEED YOU!

                Stay rockin', Janie.

. . . ________________________________________ . . .


There are some Crondall punters from days long gone that have been going to Crondall R 'n' R Club since it began in the 'Castle Pub', which is now private accommodation, situated next door to the village hall. And then there are others who have started to come back to Crondall & have been meeting up with people that they haven't seen in a long time.


Hopefully, more & more of the original punters will return, especially on the night we celebrate 30 years of non stop rock 'n' roll in the village hall in November. It would be great for old friends to be reunited that have lost touch with one another.


So anyone who went to the 'Castle pub', the 'Church hall', the ‘Boy's Club hut' or the Crondall village hall 30 years ago plus, it would be great to see y'all in November to help celebrate Crondall rock 'n' roll going for a constant 30 years plus, in the venues mentioned.


I have mentioned all the people involved in keeping clubs going...Bands, Promoters, Stall holders, mag editors & about all the work that they put into helping to keep rock 'n' roll alive, in previous write ups.


Now it's your turn, if it wasn't for you punters out there we'd all be working for nothing. We have to rely on your efforts to get out and support the clubs which we always appreciate, it's never taken for granted, not in our club anyway.


. . . ________________________________________ . . .


Review of the 22nd April gig - Fever.


Although a little less in numbers as usual, due to a couple of parties going on elsewhere, the atmosphere was fantastic, the place was buzzin' with the sound of everybody having a great  time, and to me, that is extremely rewarding.


The band we had for April carry the name of Fever, and yes, they are a hot band....( corny, I know...but it's true! )


Have you seen them yet? If you haven't, then you should if you get the chance to. Fever are a very versatile three piece band with lead singer, Wil, on stand up bass, who is very happy with his work as can you see by the picture, such a lovely cheeky smile, Brett on guitar and Ivo on drums.


Fever are not a rockabilly band, or rock 'n' roll band (confused?), they simply play rock 'n' roll the way it should be. 


Fever play a good selection of rock 'n' roll & rockabilly & they play to satisfy the crowd and they kept our punters on their feet for the night.


Our Stall for the evening was Maureen's Betty Boop's Memorabilia Stall, who has so much stock it takes the good part of 3/4 hour to unpack and the same to re-pack. It was all worth her while though, as Maureen did well with the sales.


What more can I say except that on the night of our latest gig, we decided it was time to release our website to the open public:- http://www.crondallrocknrollclub.co.uk/index.htm 


So, until our next party at Crondall, keep on supporting your local and not so local clubs.


Keep on rockin', never ever stoppin'!



Comments made by Wil, ( lead singer of Fever), about the review.....

Dear Jane,

I have just received your review of my band when we played at your club on the 22nd April, and would like to thank you very much for the kind words you have said. It was an absolute pleasure to play at Crondall for many different reasons. 1. For the history the place has. 2. The great crowd (even though there were less than normal). 3. The way the place is run. You and your crew do a great job in making the band and punters feel very welcome and are a terrific example of how a great Rock n Roll club should be run.

Once again Jane, thanks for giving us the opportunity to play at your club and will hopefully see you somewhere in the near future.

Very best wishes and keep doing what you do best.

Keep Rockin’


 Wil (lead vocalist & double bass – FEVER)

. . . ________________________________________ . . .

Review of the 25th March gig - Jack Rabbit Slim.


We all had a fantastic time at Crondall, myself, Adi my hubby, the rest of the Crondall mob, the punters, the stall holders, Flash Harry's & Steve Runicorn with his CD's


Of course we have to thank our super guest DJ. for providing us with half of the entertainment for the night and who didn't fail to play a brilliant selection of tracks, kicking off with no other than the king himself....Mr Bill Haley.


The DJ's name - Steve stack of Wax, a wonderful guy who is totally dedicated to the world of rock 'n' roll, and has a lovely family, whose wife Dawn runs a 50's clothes / memorabilia stall called Flash Harry's, and there's Lyndon, their son, who is already receiving his roadie training at the tender age of six, and very well he does it to.


Steve and Dawn came all the way from Bournemouth, to contribute their very important services to Crondall R 'n' R Club, Steve said that he thoroughly and sincerely enjoyed DJ'ing for Crondall again. They left for home after midnight with an hour lost into the night 'cos of the clocks going forward, only for Steve to have to get up at 6am to go to work the next day. And what a distance to travel too. Now, that's what I call total dedication. Thank you very much you two.


Now....The band we had performing for us in March, and I mean performing were, 'Jack Rabbit Slim'..... "who?''... I sense a lot of you thinking! Well, if any of you remember Bob Butfoy in 'Bob & the Bearcats', he is now the frontman of Jack Rabbit Slim.


Bob, singer & rhythm guitarist seems to have great difficulties in keeping still when he is performing, his hips and legs seem to be semi detached as he moves around on stage and wiggles his hips about, and he still manages to play rhythm out from his guitar with great precision whilst giving his all with the singing. Bob sings with a lot of feeling and has such energy, he is a live wire from start to finish. And still has enough energy to pack the gear away in surprisingly double quick time at the end. A completely wild band with style, 99.9% of people loved them.

A good original sound from the whole of the band, with a touch of Johnny Burnette sound coming through occasionally. Bob has penned a lot of his own material, of which 80% of the band's first CD album 'Sin-uendo' consists of, and well worth listening to. 

Jack Rabbit Slim are a dedicated band totally to the rockin' scene and to their work. They try their absolute hardest to promote their selves, which worked with us, and I wish these guys all the success they deserve in the coming future. 

So until the next party at Crondall, keep on supporting your local and not so local clubs. stay rockin'.


. . . ________________________________________ . . .

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