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Reviews for gigs held in 2007



Review of December 22nd '07 - Jack Rabbit Slim


Of our most successful nights at Crondall, Jack Rabbit Slim, hardcore rockabilly band, has provided us with 2 of them. Not that well known on the circuit the 1st time around at Crondall, had not long released their 1st album - Sin-uendo, on Western Star records, & yet, at that time, was the most successful night that we had had so far! Bob Butfoy, fronts the band most intently, playing rhythm guitar with the energy of a typically 'Hot' Jack Rabbit. Such a phenomenal performance with enough energy to power the whole of London. You have to see it to believe it.

Since their 1st gig with us in March '05, J.R.S. have come a long way. They've had a rapid increase of gigs which is the result of a lot of hard work & talent, including gigs coming in from Europe & U.S.A., & with no. 2 album - 'Sleaze A Billy!' already acclaimed to them & a 3rd in the pipeline, and all tracks so far are mostly self penned. J.R.S. is a fast moving  progressing successful band which matches the speed they show on stage. They're also the fastest to pack their gear away!

Bob has recently had a change of Bassist & lead guitarist, & with no disrespect to their predecessors, who helped the band build up their reputation, Bob has made an impressive choice.

Thee Josh, Australian, &  is thee most amazing guitarist I have ever seen. Jumping around as he should be, like a Jack Rabbit all over the place. I don't know who is fastest, Josh or Bob! Either way, they work really well together, as an extension of each other maybe? Brilliant team work. Josh has had loads of experience with bands already, &  is only 27 years old. I am to believe that he has been a musician since about the age of 13 & can play stand up bass too.

Bob now has Landon on Bass, who also plays with Stateside Slide & Mario Bradley, & still has Paul on Drums. J.R.S are all very smartly dressed, full of no end of smiles, & regardless of the 100 m.p.h. performance, have a tight act together. Check out their gig guide here

Tonight, we had a guest d.j - Robbie Knight playin' a 45 min slot, including some great blue's boppers, & hot strollers. All you proper rockin' clubs out there, Robbie's a great d.j. to book. 

Robbie did an expert job with the raffle, and was almost accosted by Santa who appeared from behind the xmas tree, coming off backstage with sacks of goodies for the kids, which a lot of the women ended up with, & naughty Santa nearly carried one of our punters back to Lapland!!!!!! But, luckily for her, she managed to make a speedy getaway, making sure she got her pressie first!!

We raised 150  for 'When you wish upon a star', a charity that helps to make dreams come true for terminally ill children. Charity no:-1060963. 30 of that total was raised in co-operation with a company called Sporting Ted.

Whoever chose the correct name for the teddy, got to keep it & one of our monthly helpers, Sue, happened to win it, fair & square. The bear's name was aptly named Huggie.

In pic on right...L - R...Paul, Bob, Sue with Huggie & Landon.

Until the next party, support your local and not so local clubs, they need you!

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Review of November 24th '07 - Rat Pack



Only 9 months after their 1st time at Crondall, and still drawing people in.

A successful night for Rat Pack, finally getting to play for us, after losing the chance to do so at my late brother in law's benefit gig, in Reading, in September, which was unexpectedly cut short.

Now, that benefit night/wake has dragged on, &  at last come to an end. Johnny Angel could not make our gig with Rat Pack as planned, so as a tribute to 'Our Paul', we organised the Teds & Rockers for a photo shoot to the sound of J. Angel's version of 'House of the Rising Sun' (Paul's fave song), played by Oh Boy Record Hop. Such a lovely final touch, of which Paul would have been proud.


Rat Pack are always ready to party at any gig they do. The release of their new self penned album came days before their gig at Crondall, and we were havin' a party of all party's tonight, celebrating the new album & selling it for the first time since the release. Wherever Rat Pack play, & no matter how tired they are, they are always so enthusiastic, be the crowd small or large. Where some bands feed off  the crowd for incentive, Rat Pack really rock the roof off from the very first song, to their very last.

The 3 piece, each have a lifetime experience of life in rockin' bands & having a relaxed laugh on stage, but still managing to give a tight performance, with great stage presence shows their true professionalism.

There's Spike, who has been with Rat Pack for 2 years now and is a great asset  to them, as a talented guitarist.....one of the best. Steve, drummer & the main comic on stage out of the 3, and Mick, bass & harmonica player, who's famous last words are ''give us a song!''. Mick is the main singer in the band, but since the creation of the new songs on their all self penned album 'Independence Day - Vol 2' . Spike now sings a lot more lead  than previously. And if Steve behaves himself, he gets to sing his very own crazy 'Rockin' on the Beach' song, which he wrote himself, whilst away on holiday.....ahh, living the life of a band never stops! When Mick isn't busy gigging, he's passing on his knowledge of bass playing, through teaching, and encouraging newcomers onto the scene. The 16 tracks on this album have been written by all band members, & a couple  with family & friends.

For those of you that haven't seen Rat Pack yet, & like to party, you should get out & see them, then maybe buy their new c.d as a souvenir of your evening. It's well worth the money, & lyrics are included, so you can sing along to your hearts content!


The album comprises some great wild 'n' exciting boppers & cool heartfelt sung strollers, & some to jive to if yer wanna. Some a touch bluesy & all original!


To hear a taster, click here. The c.d is available from the band or you can e-mail Linette to place an order. Also available from Runicorn's c.d Stall.


Doin' covers in their first set, & working xtra hard in the 2nd, singing all their new songs, that's a lot of new songs & tunes to remember. Writing their own material is such a good progressive move for Rat Pack who continue to write more. Rat Pack had the place really jumpin' with their refreshed sound, and were joined by that rowdy Essex mob, up on stage. I think they were getting in practice for Wildest Cats xmas party!  What a ball everyone had,,,,A mini finale from Pakefield in the village of Crondall with Rat Pack.


Ta to Barnstaple club promoter, Bill & Wife for doin' a 3 & 1/2 hr journey - one way to join us all, &  returning the same night....phew, that's dedication! Ta to our regulars & people buying the bar out for a surprise 50th and 2 other birthdays. 

Oh yeah, dare I mention....I have to thank Spike for allowing me to howl into his mic, har, har! And thanks to J, (pictured on r) for being my no.1 fan.


Y'all have a rockin' good xmas & new year.


Party on, Janie.


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Review of October 27th '07 - Sandy Ford & his Flying Saucers


Sandy Ford, one of the original 70's rockers, is still going as strong as ever, with his never ending youthful appearance & his only change in voice is that of maturity. Unbelievable.....& it proves rock 'n' roll is good for the soul ! Sandy Ford started his first set as he meant to go on. Singing on top form as though he had already warmed up in a first set, right from the word go.

 Sandy's Flying Saucers have changed line up over the last 30 years, and now consist of... Sandy's lovely wife.....aka 'Leopard Von' on Dell Richardson's Good Rockin' Tonight Show on Radio Caroline, plays bass guitar & the stand up bass, and, I might add, very well too, considering that she hasn't played any instrument at all until the last 2 or 3 years. Leopard Von has taken to learning the bass in her stride, & compliments the band with her ever progressing bass playing & her natural good looks.


Chris is on drums who used to play for Sandy prior to Sandy's son, James, playing for him.


I was pleasantly surprised to hear Sandy cover the song ' 16 tonnes '. I haven't heard that song in years, most refreshing. And of course, Sandy doesn't do all covers, he has written much over 100 songs of his own in fact, like 'Oh what a shame', 'Loves to blame' & that energetic track that sometimes seems like it's never going to end - 'Keep on coming'. No modern touches, just simply rockin'.


If you don't know what I'm talking about, you'll have to buy yerself a Sandy Ford c.d, or better still, go & see him with his Flying Saucers in action, you won't be disappointed. Sandy Ford & his Flying Saucers are one of theee most top bands around......ever! With a store of 100's of songs in his head, you can always guarantee a great night wherever they play.


I must mention the surprise we received  from Sandy, Leopard Von & Chris......

Re:- My article in the news section of 'Our Paul's' benefit night.

'House of the Rising Sun' by Johnny Angel, was my late brother in laws

favourite song. Tonight, Sandy called upon Paul's parents, Mick & Peggy who

also help to run Crondall each month, and presented Peggy with a framed pic of

Paul & sung in public for the one & only time ever (and unrehearsed) 'The House of the Rising Sun',

as a tribute, knowing that the song was not heard on Our Paul's benefit night.


Our raffle proceeds and a private donation totalled at 205, will be going to the young daughter of the late, unforgettable, full of character, fun lovin', most popular 31 yr old Spanish lady - Marta, who tragically lost her life on route

to the Brighton Ace Cafe Reunion on 9th September this year.

May Marta  rest in peace. An inspiration to us all, to live life to the full.

Photo of Marta courtesy of Tim Barnes.



Leopard Von -  Bass player comments .....


Hi Jane,

 Thanks for such a lovely write up. The cheques in the post !!! he he !! Best wishes    Leopard Von   xxxxxx


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Review of September 29th '07 - Cat & the Hot Tin Trio


Three exciting gigs within 3 wks, and all, courtesy of the most fabulous Cat & the Hot Tin Trio.

I remember when Cat Cane used to get up with various bands & sing a couple of songs here & there.

Since then, Cat's voice has developed wonderfully, with songs ranging from fast 'n' wild, all the way down to yer smoochies, so sweetly sung with fully relaxed, melodic, almost entrancing, voice.


Her stage presence has progressed dramatically, her whole stage appearance is assisted by 100 % confidence.  She has worked really hard to reach the standard she meets today. Cat has aimed to becoming a great performer, & has succeeded her ambitions to sing, through sheer determination & dedication.


It's very difficult, though I don't know why, for a female rock 'n' roll singer to keep hold of a crowd as Cat does. There are some other female artists out there who are just as successful, but not as many as yer all male bands.


Cat & the Hot Tin Trio has that something that does move people, pure rock 'n' roll, wild, fun, & entertaining. As for interacting with the crowd, well if you haven't ever seen Cat & the Hot Tin Trio in action, you're in for a treat, 'cos if you ladies are too shy to get up & stroll, then Cat's the one to break the ice. 'So'? you say, 'there's always one to break the ice'! But singing to the audience at the same time as strolling, not sounding a bit like she is dancing, is a totally novel way to break the ice.


So Cat doesn't miss out on the dancing while she's performing....Cool, she can go out, do a gig & dance to her very self too!


Cat looked & sounded absolutely fabulous, a knockout performance at Crondall, pulling lots of punters in, singing lots of British stuff like Shakin' All Over, Right Behind You Baby, & a great fun version of House of the Rising Sun, as well as American covers too, like Collins kids - Hoy Hoy, what a fantastic sound. And a couple of Janis Martin no.s squeezed in, to prepare for  the Janis Martin tribute night the following Thursday.


Moving on to the Janis Martin tribute - 04/10/07


A performance that I would watch over & over again, carrying all the traits that I have already written about above, with the whole of the 2nd set dedicated to singing only Janis Martin songs, apart from the LAST encore song, which was 'A Train Kept a Rollin'...Johnny Burnette no. No complaints there! Janis songs were top notch covers, sung in Cat's own way,  but  keeping  them as close to Janis Martin style as poss.


Cat & the Hot Tin Trio only had a couple of weeks  between them, to learn, rehearse & perform these  songs to an audience that expects them to be good, and the crowd were  impressed. I lost count of the encores! (Thus the reason for singing J. Burnette for last encore.... all the newly learnt Janis no's had been exhausted!)


There were 3 things that touched me on that night.....


1.The mention & dedication to 1 of the scene's most full of life, & fun people - Young Spanish Marta, a sad loss to many. May she & Janis be resting in peace.


2.Cat's occasional informative output about Janis Martin, & the comment, '' I hope Janis enjoyed this gig tonight'', at the end of her set.


3.Cat's cover of 1 of Janis' songs from a yet to be released, recently recorded c.d - 'Long White Cadillac'. Brilliant cover!


I MUST also mention...' The Hot Tin Trio'....IMPORTANT FACTOR! Brian on guitar, Theo on bass, and Woody on drums, joining in with some very good lead vocals. Cat don't 'ave the complete sound if she ain't got that band!

They deserve as much credit as Cat, producing the whole tight knit sound. The whole band have worked really hard for this special event.


Nice to see all B.17s coming to support Cat on the Janis night....Mad lot!


Cat at 'Our Paul's benefit night' - 15/09/07


As from my previous article (August), you'll see that Cat did a couple of no.s with B.17s at our last gig. 1st time for both parties. It worked so well, that as a result, Cat & B.17s, who we'd previously arranged to perform at Our Paul's benefit gig 3 weeks later, met up within those 3 weeks for minimum rehearsal & started by doin' a couple of songs & ended up doing a whole set together on the benefit night........no mistakes or slip ups that I recall, not that it would have mattered. They gelled as though they had all performed many times together before. Cat has good versatilities in her singing career.


'Til next time .... Janie


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Review of August 25th '07 - B.17s


Sense we'll have a little more than average turning up on this reviewed night (Promoters instinct!), but not a lot more expected, because of the August bank Holiday, & beautiful hot 'n' sunny weather we were receiving (where did that come from?!).....how wrong we thought. Surprisingly, people were turning up in their droves to come and see brilliant rockin' party band - B.17's. B.17's have been performing together with the same line up for 15 years, which is quite an achievement for a band to survive that long together, but it has been worth it for them as they always produce such a professional sound, and have obviously spent more time with each other and their instruments than anything else, other than their day jobs. All the time & effort they have put into the band has paid off.  Rob - lead guitar / Little in body, big in voice Nigel - vocalist & rhythm guitarist / Johnny - Bass / Phil - drums appear to be very happy, relaxed & enjoying what they do to the full.


Starting off with a game of musical chairs on this night, outside whilst Nigel prepares his throat for singing with some old fashioned remedy.....now I know the secret of the great voice coming from this little guy!


And don't let his hat get you thinking this is a 'touch of country sound band', I think the hat is just there to make Nigel look bigger! LOL! Bless him. I guess Phil doesn't need the medicinal powers like Nigel as he does the backing vocals of 'I wanna be like you' (originally done by Baloo the bear! lol) I love them real, deep down in the throat backing vocals.....they just MADE the song. All 4 were totally in their element, really letting rip & tearing it up good rockin' style! They showed no flaws whatsoever, not that most bands do anyway, but, how can I explain it? B.17's were noticeably having a ball from start to finish & were the best I've ever seen them perform. B.17s departed that night leaving a lot of impressed & fully satisfied people & giving us memories of one of our best nights so far.


Cat Cane arrived at Crondall, using her ticket for 2 free entries, which she won at Baby Annie's benefit gig, to get in. Later in the evening, she arranged with the band to do a couple of no.s with them, one of which, was a cover song of the late, great rockabilly queen - Janis Martin's 'My Boy Elvis'. What a fantastic cover, didn't discredit the song at all, and what makes it even better, is that the B.17s hadn't played those songs before, or had even ever backed Cat. They all blended as though they had all performed together previously, true musicians through & through they are.


B.17s roadie, at the end of the night, kept mentioning that he was going to Jackson, dunno if he got there yet, he, he....too much liquor & high hopes maybe? lol


And any men out there who cook well, BEWARE!, you may well have 2 of the B.17s after you, they like anyone who prepares tasty food, be they male or female! Well, they say you learn something new everyday, don't they?


B.17s have 2 c.ds out at the moment - 'The B.17s at last' and their latest being aptly named 'The Fabulous B.17s - 15 years' ('15 years' being a self penned track on the c.d)  which at the moment are only available to buy from the band themselves.

You can hear 4 of their tracks at  www.myspace.com/theb17s


I would like to take this opportunity to say our thoughts are with Janis Martin's family & friends at this sad time. Janis Martin  was, and still is, such an important icon of the rockin' world & a great inspiration to many. A fully talented, respected, 100% loyal, to the rockin' scene, all the way. I shall never forget Janis & her natural ability to sing perfectly & effortlessly, any song she wanted. What great sounds she has left for us all. Janis, greatly admired Rockabilly Queen, by many, will be missed & never forgotten. Bless her always & forever.



Stay Rockin' & don't forget to always support yer local & not so local rockin' joints.




Rob - lead guitarist comments.....


Hi Janie,


Cheers for the great write up. We really enjoyed the evening too. I never thought about it before, but now that you mention it, Nigel is a bit on the short side.


If you see Robin tell him that my offer of marriage still stands!


Thanks and see you next Saturday


Rob  x

Janis who passed away on Monday 3rd September, 2007



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Review of July 21st '07 - Coy Dogs (Glasgow band)


We're up against all odds.....a 40th party elsewhere, a well known large car show attracting a lot of our regulars, & need I say, the weather?

Floods covering a mass of the country, people being warned to travel only when necessary, we are experiencing a thunderstorm, lightning strikes, the power goes off in the whole village, less than an hour before the doors open! (Luckily, problemo easily rectified) & still we have a fairly good turnout & most impressively of all - The Coy dogs, our band for the evening has turned up well before any of us & they're real eager to let rip.

Coy Dogs are a busy Glasgow band who have been together about 9 years now (drummer, about 2), we gave them their first ever booking in England about a year ago & have been struggling to get them a gig for the Friday & Sunday ever since, to make it worth their while coming down South for our July gig. A few weeks before they are due to play at Crondall, they manage to get  2 gigs in London at the same venue.


They had a  14 hour drive to London, did their gig, hardly slept, came down to us, kindly donated a bottle of Scottish Whisky for the raffle, and even though dog tired, were ready & raring to go.


Coy Dogs made a big effort to try & impress, having shirts especially made up in black with red trimming bearing the name of Coy Dogs on their backs, for their gig at Crondall......I want one, lol! They are a friendly bunch who had been counting down the months, the days, then hours & minutes to the moment they got on our stage. We had all really been looking forward to this day for such a long time. It was now here, the Coy Dogs full of excitement & nerves, as they had never performed in England, apart from the night before, and poor ol' Shaggy hadn't eaten for 2 days, he was so anxious as to how they would be received down here.  They gig 2 or 3 times a week in Scotland, but were unsure of how the response to them would be from us Southerners. Coy Dogs kicked off with Honey Don't & covered other songs like Long Blonde Hair, Chuck Berry's Nadine, Stray Cat Strut, Cast Iron Arm, Ol' Black Joe & My Little Sister's got a Motorbike. They have a self penned no. on their c.d - 'No Deal' & are working on producing more of their own stuff, but it's very difficult finding time for that, as they are a busy band and 3/4 of them work too.

The guitarist - Shaky plays some wild guitar, some Stray Cats feel in there. Shaggy as vocalist / rhythm guitar, Shaky's bro - Bun on Bass & vocals & there's little Lex on skins.

Shaggy & Bun do an equal amount of singing, both have good voices....thing is though, why did I have to say ''what...... did ya say''? every 5 mins they're talking to me, but I could understand every word they sang! Shaggy's origins are from Hackney, but speaks a true Scottish accent, you wouldn't know the difference. I could have done with a Scottish translator that night LOL.

The 2nd set, and Coy Dogs are a little more relaxed now.....oh yes....most definitely, for now the kilts are on, big boots and their leather jkts....the most Scottish rocker image you could possibly ask for! But are they TRUE Scotsman???? Hmmmm??? It's too irresistible, yes someone has to ask, and yes, all is revealed....BUT....only one full moon (sorry, no pics!). At least one of them is a true Scot....but he's from Hackney! Ha, ha! Shaggy is now playing his guitar with it held in a stand up bass position, he's up on the amp, down to the floor, ladies approaching the stage, asking for more!

Ah yes, have to mention, whilst they were busy getting on their kilts, my friend Elena & I were busy in the ladies doin' the same, to give them a little surprise. Gotta 'ave a laff innit?! Can't beat 'em, join 'em!

The Coy Dogs hardly slept Saturday night either, returned to London on Sunday for their last gig of the weekend, and God knows how, managed to be back in Scotland by Monday 12.30 pm, all exhausted, some back to work, with 3 more gigs to face the following weekend! And they would do it all again, but how & why???!!!!! Dedication, I guess!

We took on a great risk taking the band on from as far as Scotland, having never ever seen them perform, & not knowing anyone who had. Coy Dogs also took that great risk, that's why they were so nervous. We enjoyed their performance as our punters & the London punters did. The people that I have spoken to since then have said, they would like to see Coy Dogs again. Coy dogs were not 100% happy with their performance, and said they know they could have done better. So with our night as something to go by, they've got nothing to worry about. We look forward to seeing them again.

Coy Dogs are a good proper rockin' band who love a good rockin' audience. They received a good reception at all 3 gigs, are trying to establish themselves here in England, and are looking to gaining more rockin' gigs down South. If you saw the Coy dogs & enjoyed them, please spread the word.

Anybody can check them out at www.myspace.com/coydogs (some great gig pics & complimentary comments on there, and one of their own tracks!) but if you are wanting to contact them, & are not registered with 'myspace', call me on 07903 145018 for further contact details.

Until our next rockin' party.....Stay bonnie, rockin' through the rye. Och aye the noo!



Shaggy - Vocalist & Rhythm Guitarist, comments on gig at Crondall.....


Hi Janie and Ady,

Thanks a bunch for everything. Everybody made us feel welcome. We had a ball.


Shaky - lead guitarist, comments on gig at Crondall.....


Hi Janie,

Just like to say cheers to all at the club. You put a lot of effort into it and it really shows, respect for that. we had a great night and hope to see you again soon. Without people like you, the rock n roll scene would be on its ARSE, he he...what


. . . ________________________________________ . . .

Review of June 16th '07 - Predators


A five piece band almost arrive in 4 pieces & 2 halves at Crondall when Predators arrived in the drummers works van clearly marked 'excellence in construction'!

Well, with Bobby, the hyperactive barking nutter bass player from Berkshire as the front passenger, I think that DESTRUCTION would be more apt as he decides to open the door of the van before it's parked! Yes Bobby has arrived everyone! His poor ol' mate has lost his work gear out of the door, tut, tut! 'tis recovered intact, he is lucky.

Although, I think that Bobby was just very enthusiastic to get onto that stage. The enthusiasm & excitement just oozes from him, in fact, they all can't wait. That is so noticeably clear.

So full of Cheshire cat smiles that remained for the whole of the evening, apart from concentration time!

With gear set and ready for go, Predators decide to prey around the village, all waving from the gate......''come again sometime!'' I call.....they did, but sadly with no catch, nothin' whatsoever, not even a bar of chocolate for me! LOL.


Bobby maybe mad, but is also polite (or perhaps he was being nosey. LOL) , when he silenced the others while I was on the phone, he's crazy. Time for their moment. There's Rob - singer/ Phil - drums/ Kev - Guitar/ Dave - keyboard / you already know about Bobby!


They covered songs such as Ice Cold, Long Blond Hair & Stray Cats - Sexy & 17. And, they actually had people dancing in the 1st set, which is unusual for Crondall. We normally have the crowd drinkin', mingling, enjoyin' themselves & then dancin' during the 2nd set mostly. I must admit, that there was a little sound problem during the first set which was rectified in the break. People still had a ball.


The wilder faster songs, like Rock this Town, Jeannie Jeannie Jeannie, where a lot better & went down with the crowd much more impressively than the slower tracks that they covered. The faster songs, I think were enjoyed by the band also, as that meant Rob - lead vocalist, got a chance to bop around on the stage as well as the crowd.


In my experience, rock 'n' roll is rock 'n' roll, I don't like to split it into 3 sections....whatever is playin', dance how you wanna dance. But to give a better picture of the presentation of the band, I have to say for you readers, that songs you would mostly bop to and ones you would generally stroll to, were the most you would here from this band, and I think that is what they enjoy best. Although nothin's stoppin' you from jivin' to those songs.


In my experience, rock 'n' roll is rock 'n' roll, I don't like to split it into 3 sections....whatever is playin', dance how you wanna dance. But to give a better picture of the presentation of the band, I have to say for you readers that songs you would mostly bop to and ones you would generally stroll to, were the most you would hear from this band, and I think that is what they enjoy best. Although nuthin's stoppin' you from jivin' to those songs.


They are still feeling their feet with each other, but not feeling each others feet, I hope!


They thoroughly enjoyed themselves, insisted that they all pay for their raffle tickets and Rob said I should come along to their rehearsals to keep Bobby in check. I think he met his match with me that night, and I made sure that Bobby, had his door shut tight and gave him a warning to leave it that way, as it is customary to do so, until the vehicle has at least slowed down!

I have just had a cracking good laff, take a look at their Tour Diary re: Crondall village on their  website.

So, until the next Rockin' Party at Crondall, please support your local & not so local clubs. They need you!


I haveth a confession to maketh....zoicks! SLAPPED WRISTIES for me!


Adding the following comments was a job overlooked upon my part & I must hereby apologise, with immediate effect, publicly, to Predators for these comments taking so long to appear on this here website.


I think I must have been abducted by aliens along with the rest of the Crondall residents! LOL.


There, tis done!


Bobby - Bass player comments on gig.....


Hi Janie!


Morning!  Hope you guys are ok and wide awake and bushy tailed - I got to bed at 2.30 and was woken up by a 7 year-old at 6.30!

Anyway, just wanted to drop you a quick line on behalf of everyone in the band to say thanks for last night:


We'll keep in touch and let you know how we're getting on, and obviously (at some point in the future) we'd love to come back to Crondall and play for you all again


All the best to you and the whole Crondall team

Bobby (and the rest of the Predators who are probably still asleep!)

Speak soon


. . . ________________________________________ . . .

Review of May 19th '07 - Planet Boppers


There are no flying saucers about.....I see none, but an out of this world band arrive in the small village of Crondall from 3 different areas of the nation. Laughing Dave ( who laughs at everything) & Mick from the Brighton area, Jim from Portsmouth, & Les from Gatwick.....aha, maybe Les has a spaceship secretly stashed away within the hangers of the airport there! The bands name tonight is Planet Boppers, don't ask ''why that name?'', 'cos seriously, no one seems to know! It's fun anyway, and who cares?


Maybe it's because people love to bop to their crazy rockabilly sound so enthusiastically & mixed with a little alcohol or not, the boppers end up looking like they have come from another planet by the end of the night! ha, ha!


I think it's a great name, quite an authentic kind of a name for such an amazingly authentic sound producing band of 4 talented young men.

Laughing Dave - lead guitarist & founder of the band about 7 years ago, plays and produces guitar sounds that, to me, sounds just as the originals of the 50's, no 'heaviness' added, no 'not quite got it right'......It's very authentic, and very 'have definitely got it extremely right!' as is the strong vocal sounds coming from Les, the main vocalist who joined the band a while after it was founded, and relieving L.Dave from all the singing, leaving Laughing Dave to concentrate on the guitar.

Les maybe small, but he presents his whole persona on stage as a high energy performer, moving from one side of the stage to the other like one of those friction controlled toy cars, whilst playing rhythm guitar & stopping in the middle of the stage to make use of his authentic mic projecting his, what can I say.....his great authentic voice. Les sings with all the power that his vocal chords can manage & anyone who has seen, or goes to see Planet Boppers will see that Les sings with all that he possibly can.

Mick on drums, I noticed, seems to play with the same sort of feelings. The drums appear to be an extension of his body. Mick doesn't seem to be concentrating that much, just simply enjoying every moment of the sticks making contact with the skins. Mick was well into the feel of the whole fantastic sound they were all producing together. I reckon, he could play drums in his sleep if he tried!

Jim on bass providing what all rockabilly needs. Where would rockabilly be without the double bass? Jim does a brilliant job providing all the sounds you wish to hear from a bass player's bass. Jim also participates with some great singing from time to time to give Les a rest occasionally.

You know, I don't think that a lot of people actually realise how much hard work goes into singing. Singers have to remember words to songs, learn new songs, sometimes compile new songs. They can contribute just as much effort as the rest of the band.

Each and everyone of the band contribute their own individual authentic sounds to produce an all round hi energy rockabilly band  with an all round fantastic striking authentic sound, and moving the Crondall Boppers all night. Planet Boppers, I would    imagine, succeed in moving people wherever they play.

They thoroughly enjoyed themselves through the  whole evening, I would say, as much as the crowd enjoyed themselves. And they had the crowd dancing all night.


To hear more of them, you can either bye their current 4 track c.d - ' DOIN' ALRIGHT ' from the band wherever you go to see them which consists of  3 covered songs and one of their own compilations, or you can hear them, view their gig guide (incl. a free gig at a car show in Steyne Gardens, Worthing!) and check out some great band pics at www.myspace.com/theplanetboppers

Our June gig will now be filled by band ' Predators ' due to unavoidable circumstances forcing 'Jacknives' to have no choice but to, MOST RELUCTANTLY cancel their gig with us.
We have booked Jacknives for our next available date, which is April next year. But should we get a cancellation between then & now, Jacknives will be given first refusal.
So 'til the next party, keep on supporting yer local & not so local clubs. Rock on! Janie

. . . ________________________________________ . . .

Review of April 28th '07 - Persuaders


We received some queries and phone calls regarding the band we had on this evening...The Persuaders...Nooooooo, it is NOT Colin Paul's Persuaders'( no disrespect to Colin Paul) known as 'Colin Paul AND the Persuaders'. These Persuaders are Darryl's Persuaders, simply known as 'Persuaders'. There is a difference. Next... So are they a rockabilly band then? Noooo is the answer again, (no disrespect to rockabilly....I loooove it) I have come across a few people who seem to be put off by the word 'ROCKABILLY', or a band that plays 'ROCKABILLY' only .....Why?

Persuaders are a rockin' band who do rock 'n' roll & rockabilly, they suit all tastes of rock 'n' roll. A four piece band - Darryl on rhythm guitar & lead vocals, Tony Ace with the hat (he has a missing notice out at mo for his hair! Anyone seen it?) slapping the bass, Gary on the skins & Baby face Andy on lead guitar ( who has also played with Jet Black & Avengers)

Darryl beats the hell out of his strings on his guitar, playing from the depths of his rockin' soul producing great rockin' rhythm sounds with Gary providing the backbeat with the drums, a set of instruments so important which most people tend to take least notice of. You got to remember, drums are just as important as any of the other instruments, no drums, no backbeat!


Persuaders were good when we had them at Crondall just over 2 years ago. You wouldn't have thought there was room for improvement then, but they have managed to progress & improve since. An entertaining band, Darryl has no inhibitions when it comes to addressing the audience when on stage. If he's saying good things, you know he is enjoying himself, and also enjoying the crowd, which, with him means that he & the other Persuaders are going down impressively well. He was saying nice things this evening, so Persuaders were impressive tonight & were noticeably, thoroughly enjoying themselves too. That's true rock 'n' roll!


Tonight, we had a surprise visit from the American singer/guitarist - Dave Hughes, who idolises Brian Setzer as a God! He seeks permission and hits the stage with a few numbers, starting with Stray Cats -' Rock this Town ', playing some wild guitar, battling it out with Darryl & his guitar!


Our stall holder was unexpectedly called away on business, long distance, and the only stall we could get hold of was my own in-laws 'quickly put together, last minute thingy stall', which I had to man for half the night....(or should I say WOMAN?!)


Big Bounce provided the music for a 1/2 hr guest D.J. spot after the 1st set of the band had finished, while Ade took a break and made sure that everybody was drinking....and mostly getting drunk & enjoying themselves.

Keeping the dance floor hot in between the band sets is a difficult job at times, and thanks Glenda, for keeping our floor hot, It's good to have that little bit of variety. Rockin' D.J's are another important instrument of rock 'n' roll. Where would we be without them & the likes of Alan Freed?

Tony Ace, Bass player of Persuaders comments on the night.....


Enjoyed the gig Saturday. I've downloaded some pictures and video footage from that night. We've been playing a lot of jive clubs lately. It's nice to play a real rock 'n' roll club.


                                                          All the best, Tony


. . . ________________________________________ . . .

Review of April 8th '07 - Easter Sunday


Regarding Our Easter Sunday event, all I will write about that, is, our die hard Crondall punters had a great time, as did most of the others that came to Crondall for the first time. I say most, as some merely came along to see the Cruise which we were supposed to be hosting, arriving from Bristol and organised by someone else, who also organised the bands for the occasion. We were responsible for the organisation of everything else - licensed bar & hot food all day, stalls, tattooist, extra car parking/attendants & extra hands on deck.

There simply was NO cruise, not even in Chippenham. ( Which Dave the Rave didn't realise at the time of  writing his article for UK Rock. No probs Dave.)

 As organisers, we were just as, if not, more gutted than the punters were. One of our regulars drove his classic to Bristol only to find no cruise to drive back with, & spending a massive 90 on fuel. Another of our punters had serious trouble with his engine on his classic, in that the engine went on him, I gather! And all for nothing.

They weren't very happy, knew that the Cruise was not our responsibility, remained loyal to us and still turned up to support the club. 

Our event started at 2pm, we had organised the time schedule for the bands, d.j, raffle e.t.c. At 3pm, I finally get through to the organiser of the cruise to find out where they are, not knowing that there was no cruise at this point until the person turned up at the hall. I discover at this time that Somethin' Else had split up the night before . As I say, we were not responsible for organising the bands for this event, so I hold nothing against the band for not informing me. Liaising with me was not their prerogative.

They were due to go on at 8pm...So now, as nothing had been done about rearranging another band, it was full speed ahead to try & find a band to cover the slot, as we didn't want to disappoint our punters.

It is...Easter Sunday/bank holiday weekend/beautiful sunny day at 3pm, what luck am I going to have?! I'm surprised that my phone didn't burn out! But finally, with thanks to Linette Richardson on the way, I managed to get hold of Sundowners, who were travelling down from Stocton on Tees from a gig from the night before, hadn't got home yet & with a couple of phone calls between us, agreed to do the gig, with NO PRESSURE on them whatsoever, ( I even said, that they mustn't feel obliged, if they would rather not do it, just say so). They were up for it so enthusiastically, but explained they had been travelling & they wouldn't be in their tuxedos...LOL. Who cares about dress code? Jeans and tee shirts do us, it's the sound we want!

We had to have a swap around due to their arrival time, and they actually went on at 10.30pm. Poor things, they looked knackered. But they were the stars/heroes of the event. Did a perfect 1 hour set as though they were as fresh as if they had come from home. Lee, Mini Dave And Mr Sundowner Bassman deserve rockin' medals for saving the day. They are a 100% credit to the true rock 'n' roll scene! I cannot express how much effort they put in at such short notice, we are so grateful. And what a great party atmosphere. It was difficult shifting the punters on this occasion! They were still partying outside after we cleared up!

So until the next party. Please support yer local & not so local rockin' joints. They need you!



Lee Gocher, Lead vocals/Guitarist of Sundowners comments on the review.....

Hi mate, 

Thanks for the mail, and all the great things that you wrote in it.

We really did have a good time and I think it was a little bit of the "we'll get there and put on a good show if it kills us" spirit that got us through. But a good time was had by all. Thanks for the photo's. Will add them to the website over the next week or so.

Catch up with you soon, and again thanks for everything.

 Lee x

Dave the Rave's review taken from UK Rock magazine June 2007.....

At time of print. Dave the Rave was unaware that there was absolutely no cruise actually involved with this event.

The cruise was not an event organised by Crondall rock 'n' roll club.



. . . ________________________________________ . . .

Review of March 24th '07 - Strollers


Before I write about  the band that we had at Crondall in March, I would like to publicly thank, on behalf of my family, all the various clubs & bands who gave us tremendous support in the loss of our Paul whom I wrote of last month. A special big thank you to Roy & Lyn from The Guildford Hot 50's r 'n' r club & Pete, Sarah & Wayne from the r 'n' r club at Queens Arms in Reading who couldn't have done much more for us if they had tried.

The rock 'n' roll family is immense....we should all help to look after it!

About a year ago, Ade & I went to see the Strollers....would they be the same Strollers that backed Gina in the 80's after she no longer sang with the Rockin' Rebels? Well, they most certainly were, and our 75 minute journey was worth all the effort. They were the same as they were in the 80's, but without Gina of course. A LITTLE older, with all their own hair! The sound was just like it was all those years ago. This is the band that should be playing at Crondall again, we thought. So, a couple of Strollers t.shirts, a Strollers c.d, plus one night later & they were booked for Crondall once again.

About a year ago, Ade & I went to see the Strollers....would they be the same Strollers that backed Gina in the 80's after she no longer sang with the Rockin' Rebels? Well, they most certainly were, and our 75 minute journey was worth all the effort. They were the same as they were in the 80's, but without Gina of course. A LITTLE older, with all their own hair! The sound was just like it was all those years ago. This is the band that should be playing at Crondall again, we thought. So, a couple of Strollers t.shirts, a Strollers c.d, plus one night later & they were booked for Crondall once again.

When the Strollers first performed at Crondall village hall 20 odd years ago, I bet they never dreamt that they would be sought after, to play at the same venue another 20 years on down the line. The Strollers have gigs, quite a bit up country, in & around Northants, and further up. Northants is where the band come from, and they would like to gain a few more gigs down South....Ahhh, the good ol' South! 

The Strollers are:- Paul James - lead vocals/lead guitar, Lol on Bass/vocals, Brian on drums (3 of the original Strollers, Lol being Gina's brother) & well um, apparently, I discovered tonight that Gina has had a sex change....( hope you don't mind this Gina)....the 3 mentioned already, informs me that the other guitarist come harmonica player & vocals in the band, is Gina transformed a.k.a. Spike, but known tonight as Gino! Paul & Lol also backed Gina in ' 76 as part of the Rockin' Rebels & also gigged at Crondall back then.

Anyway, the stage is set with a magnificent black banner, covering the whole of the rear of the stage, bearing the Strollers name in the form of the symbol of the Harley Davidson motorbike emblem. There are coloured, sound sensitive lights facing the stage, which react to the sound picked up from the band, but the lights do not seem in anyway to appear as though they are lights one would use in a disco. They were quite effective with regards to the band's performance, quite enhancing actually. Strollers also perform with the aid of a smoke machine, only producing enough smoke for them so they don't have to light a fag up on stage!

Strollers were a big hit with everybody from the moment they started, they seemed to be liked by everyone. They are a, what I call, 'a heavy rock 'n,' roll band, playing some good hard rockin' stuff & lotsa bluesy sounds, great boppers! They have kept the style that they had in the mid 80's with that added sound of Gino's harmonica.

Lol, casually comfortable, performing as what you see is what you get. His scarf hangin' from his belt & the one around his neck looked as though they were just as old as he was...( that doesn't mean to say he's OLD, old, if yer know what I mean....zoicks!) and on conversing with he & his mate, the very quiet Mr Daniels, I can say that the Strollers are true thorough bred rockers, the others were pretty casual but smartly dressed.

After all these years, they are very happy on stage together, really feeling their music, with each instrument being an extension of their own bodies & souls. A very professional sound, but still rough 'n' rockin' ....not squeaky clean. If you dig rock 'n' roll with your body & soul, book 'em. Let's see more of them down south. They have 2 c.d's soon to be released from footapping records..' Sleep on your Doorstep' & a remake of their present c.d ' where there's life' with their new harmonica player - Spike.

Check 'em out!

D.J, ' Big Beat Pete' from Reading - Queens Arms, gave our own 'Oh Boy! Record hop' a break just before the raffle for a good 20 mins playin' his own selection of great rockin' tracks. A good demo for his club where he d.j's with his mate Waikiki Wayne, but on this one occasion, Wayne was way too inebriated to join in. Queens arms, another place where you can reeeally let yer hair down.

So until the next party, keep on supporting yer local & not so local clubs...THEY NEED YOU!


Paul James, frontman comments on the review.....


Hi Janie,
Thanks for the positive review and great pics - I think maybe bands should start writing reviews of gigs from their point of view. Yours would rate very highly.

All the best,

Paul James / The Strollers.


. . . ________________________________________ . . .




Whether you  have read the following review already or not, I must explain the highlighted text within it, otherwise  Memphis Pete will no longer respect  the W.P.C. of Crondall ! Apologies to Memphis Pete for the ear bashing he received, as a result of someone reading this article. I must explain the highlighted text forthwith before it goes any furthur than just an ear bashing, thus forcing me to make a speedy arrest!


 Memphis Pete does ....and often complains about Oh Boy! Record Hop, simply because they always play good stuff & if he (Memphis Pete) is trading within the same venue as them....wherever it is....he doesn't seem to do a lot of trade, because people are spending more time dancin' than they are buyin'!


So, sorry Pete, what more can I say, other than, at least you still enjoy yourself listening to great tracks....Hah!


. . . ________________________________________ . . .

Review of February 24th '07 gig - Rat Pack & guest singer - Johnnie Fox

In memory of our Paul


This review is in loving memory of much missed brother in law of mine - Paul, who sadly, but peacefully passed away on the morning of Friday 23rd Feb, aged 38 years.

Paul was on our committee who helped out at the club each month, as my door partner, raffle ticket seller, table lifter & general helper, as well as contributing ideas occasionally.

Friday 23rd Feb was one of the worse days of my life & also for my family. My in laws - Mick & Peggy (Paul's parents) also help us run the club each month.

As you can imagine our news was devastating. Now do we, or don't we continue with the club for the next night? Before Paul left us he was adamant that we kept the club going for the Feb night.

We decided to carry on & hold the event in memory of our Paul. It was extremely difficult for us all but we did it. Of course Mick & Peggy were their for Paul. Ady & I didn't expect them to contribute their help on this night.

We had to tell the Rat Pack & Johnnie Fox when they arrived what the night was all about, as everybody would know about Paul at the gig and the band were now there, not just for a normal gig, but for to lift the spirits of Crondall rock 'n' roll club.

Johnnie was gutted as we all were, as he was Paul's favourite singer.

We had a full house and Rat Pack started the first set with ' Rocking Rock & Rolling Stone' , and after the second no. Johnnie Fox took over with the vocals with the most impressive singing & one of the best performances we have seen him do with the backing of the versatile Rat Pack behind him, & playing guitar himself, Johnnie put his all and best that he could achieve into the act for us & Paul. We can't thank you enough. Thank you so much Johnnie. And thank you for dedicating a song to Paul. We know that we gave you a bit of a challenge at such short notice but you did us, and yourself proud as did the Rat Pack.

With all the determination we had to make this as good a night as it could possibly be without our Paul being there and in his memory, we managed to organise a raffle with ALL proceeds going to Paul's wife-Diane & his 3 kids. The response was absolutely overwhelming. We had countless amounts of donated raffle prizes from other clubs, Steve Runicorn, our bar staff, Pauline's kitchen, and the Parrot pub, Guildford with top prize being a micro stereo system. It must have taken at least 20 mins to call the tickets and we managed to raise, with voluntary contributions, just in excess of an outstanding 400 which has been donated to Paul's family and has been an immense help to them.

Everybody was so unbelievably generous & so, so supportive to us all. We felt the atmosphere on this night so great, almost as good as Crondall's recent 30th anniversary gig. Whoever was there on this night, I would like to say a huge thank you to you all, you were all so kind & so extremely supportive. It will never be forgotten.

Back to the entertainment, Some tracks from the Oh Boy! Record Hop (who Memphis Pete keeps complaining about  in Maggies Blue suede News mag. LOL) and a tribute played for Paul. They kept that dance floor hot 'n' ready for the one & only.... no other than, .....the Rat Pack....yeaaah!

Rat Pack return to the stage. These lads just wanna have a ball and party, up stage. We have smiling Steve - Drums & sings / full of concentration &  good licks man, Spike - guitar, also sings  / last, but by no means least.... bass slapper, occasional harmonica blowin' man, - Mick - he also sings...lots, & has good stage presence. Mick & Spike, I know have had many years experience with various bands, as has Steve, I think. And the 3 of them blend so well together , you'd think they had all been playing as one band for all those many years. They are totally relaxed with each other & have a great time on stage together.

A completely dedicated band to their music and wherever I see them they always rock the house, always enjoying themselves on stage no matter how far they might have travelled or how tired they might be. They are a great band to have at a party and occasionally invite people to join them on stage, including myself this time I took the offer up & sang a couple of songs, of which  'Gene & Eddie' I especially sung for our Paul.

Rat Pack do a lot of covers, and perform them well. They are pretty versatile, covering songs from artists such as Haley, C. Berry, J. Burnette, G. Vincent, Perkins, Glen Glenn, Big Bopper, Elvis & more.

I have to say this....Spike & Steve are the best backing vocalists that I have heard on the scene today, especially Spike, he has such good clarity in his voice. B U tiful!

(Check out ' Almost Grown ' on their 'Rockin' for Independence' C.D.)

They also have a go at singing lead for one or two songs to give Mick a break, and to give the band some variety. I only have one complaint about Rat Pack's performance on this night, in that Mick didn't play his harmonica. Mick has this knack ( or should I call it talent? ) of being able to play stand up bass, harmonica & be lead vocalist all within the same song. But tonight, he musta forgotten to bring it with him. If yer haven't seen the Rat Pack, make sure you do, they are a good fun band.

Rat Pack finished with an encore, then Johnnie returned to stage unexpectedly for more, with Rat Pack perfectly accompanying him with a two songs worth encore.

An enormous thank you  to my mates Elaine & Elena for helping me on the door & with the raffle all night. And great appreciation to all our friends that helped voluntarily with setting & clearing up, especially Ray for washing up!

Diane, Jason, Nigel & Eddie wish to convey that they are extremely grateful to everyone who contributed to our raffle for that night. You have made life for them a little easier at this sad time. 

Remember, life can be short, life can be long, life can be hard, whichever way it goes be there for each other, and so life goes on. Enjoy it to the full & NEVER stop rockin'!

'Til next time, keep rockin', it's good for your soul!


. . . ________________________________________ . . .


Review of the January 27th '07 gig - Southsiders


Crondall rock 'n' roll club has been in our hands for 2 years now and has been a great deal of work & a total life transformation, and we aim to continue on as we started, for the sake of this longstanding, ever rockin' club, to survive and live up to it's name within the history of rock 'n' roll.


Now then, the evening started with half of us getting stuck in traffic including the singer of the band ( promoter's / bands / d.j's worse ever nightmare ) due to a big accident. But, thankfully, we had people at the other end opening up with the rest of the band helping out with the tables & chairs. Thank you so much for that.


'Southsiders' is the name of the band that performed at Crondall in January. It was their first real gig, they hadn't been able to rehearse a full 45 mins, let alone 2 x 45 mins for the gig properly, only jammin' for fun previously....When we booked the band, they hadn't even decided on a name until a few weeks after. So we had a band with no name booked, who had only jammed around previously & they made their break at Crondall. We had a great turnout....And the band went down a storm, I think I counted about 3 encores at the end of the evening. They were wild from the start to finish, completing their first set playing amongst the crowd on the dance floor, starting with the bass player going on walkabouts with the bass being played like a guitar, and the ol' stand up bass ain't exactly a lightweight!


The singer is left alone on stage and, totally unrehearsed, decides to jump off to join the others on the dance floor & manages to land in a semi splits position just in time for the final note, then managed to get up seemingly unharmed, back on stage, ciao fer now & back to Oh Boy! Record Hop. The place was buzzin' all night, a great atmosphere, ' Southsiders' on top form joining in with the punters....they were there to party too!


Now, I have to be fair & say just who these band members are:- Singer - Kav Kavanagh a.k.a.  m/c, d.j., jive instructor & UK Rock columnist and Kav & the Kavemen (a more contemporary band with a totally different style to Southsiders)


......Drummer - Daisy ( don't ask me....I didn't ask! ) who also drums for 'Jelly Bean' and is also a little loony!......Guitarist - Eddie, very good guitarist, also plays with The Kavemen, Old no.7, and presently working on a Elvis tribute band with a very young talented Elvis tribute singer.......and last but not least, Bass player - Dave - also with Old no.7 and brother & mad energetic ex bass player of.....the just as energetic & lovely Crazy Jay. So, all experienced singer /musicians, but not with each other.

Watch out Jay mate, you have competition within the family LOL.

During 2nd set, Southsiders do a self penned number - ' Southside Boogie ' - an instrumental which involves Eddie standing on top of Dave's Bass in the middle of the dance floor, whilst playing his guitar and Dave takes a break to stand back and watch him. Kav then takes on a new role as drum transporter whilst Daisy follows hitting the skin with his sticks, ( that's the drum's, not Kav's! ) trying desperately to keep his drum together! He's such a clever Daisy.....( Why Daisy?! ) Sharing the sticks with Kav, hitting the bass, back onto stage, and Daisy's bashing the front of the bass drum...different! There's Eddie also at the drums. Dave still on the floor spinning like a top, with his bass held like a guitar, wish he'd make up his mind, is he playing a guitar or bass?!  Kav decides he wants a good ol' Crondall bop before getting back on stage, pinching the drumsticks to hit out the beat on the bass yet again. Back on stage together, finishing with their encores. and what a fantastic night.

Blokes, rest assured, since the ''Why Daisy?'' quote...I asked...Simple really, his name is Dave, that makes 2 Daves in the band, so to differ...Drummer is dubbed DAISY! What else?!


Crondall is not the only club to take on new bands........there are a few others. But you lot out there that always book the same old fully established bands could be missing out. No disrespect to those established bands whatsoever, we book established bands, it's gotta be done. But it's the new bands that are gonna be taking place of those other bands one day. They need bookings too!


Until the next party at Crondall rock 'n' roll club....keep on supporting yer local & not so local clubs. They need you!




Kav Kavanagh's (singer) comments on the gig......


Thank you for your warm welcome and hospitality last night. Friendliest club in Britain award. x


and on the review.......


Thanks for the review, I'll forward it to the lads...I hope it helps us further the band..great pics too...


Eddie (very good guitarist) says......


Hey Janie,  a great review for Crondall r&r club. We had a great time partying with you guys. Keep up the good work.


Suzy Q - very good friend of Kav says......


Hi Jane,
Thanks  for everyone's hospitality on Saturday night. You have a great club there, long may it continue. I only wished I lived closer to come more often. The jam session was great fun yesterday too and hopefully you'll be able to make it along to one soon. We've had a fab weekend...Thanks again!! x


. . . ________________________________________ . . .


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