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Reviews for gigs held in 2012


Review of 22nd December - Rat Pack


3 years, almost, since we last had long standing band, Rat Pack, down at sunny Crondall r ‘n’ r club & maybe not quite as crazy as the last time, but we still had a great night.
The 1st couple to arrive were from Northampton! How’s that for dedication then, it took them about 3 hours plus to get to us.

Rat Pack started with the 1st set in their newly produced band T.shirts which are now for sale from the band & as a big Rat Pack fan myself, I regretted to not have enough money to buy one for myself :( but Santa did, which was a nice surprise for Christmas morning! Yippee!

The atmosphere was a good ‘PARTY’ one as usual, not necessarily people always dancing, but just havin’ a ball & lettin’ off steam & kickin’ all the troubles of life aside for a few hours. It’s gotta be done, it’s rock ‘n’roll in’it?!

Rat Pack start off as they mean to finish, all warmed up & rockin' from the word go! They have limited spare time & always strive to try out different songs whenever they can & quite often practise them together during some of their sound checks. They know hundreds of songs between them & are always good at hosting jammin' sessions & have supported the likes of Linda Gail Lewis & Rip Masters. The variety they have to offer is portrayed on their forthcoming CD release, from, Blues boppers, to jivers, some good rockin' tunes & the odd ballad even.


At Crondall r ‘n’ r club, they always rock it up so you get a draught from the roof they blast off, ha ha , but as so versatile as they are, can also satisfy a hall full of people who love to Jive all night. It doesn't take them long to suss out their audience.

Rat Pack covered some new tracks like ‘Mr Big Feet’ & a great blues bopper ‘Mystery girl’ with some additional sax & harmonica, which will both be on their new CD ‘Right Now’ soon to be released (at time of writing), and will be available from the band.

During the break, the raffle is drawn with a chance to win an MOT donated by Bellfields Auto Services of Guildford & lotsa other prizes & then Rockin’ Santa dropped in with multiple presents for the 2 children that were there, which was worth all his effort just to see their delighted faces! Goodness knows how he arrived via the toilet without getting wet! Ha ha.

 Santa was generous enough, also, to pass a couple of the older customers a pressie, which they had to put on, KNICKERS!, present themselves to me & claim a complimentary ticket for 2! Great fun. That’s rock ‘n’ roll in short, F U N!


During the 2nd half, Rat Pack presented themselves suited up in a ‘ Johnny Horton’ style with their maverick ties ‘n all, which soon got peeled off on working up a sweat, ha ha. They delivered a variety of numbers with a bit of harmonica & absent bass thrown in here & there, & later, bringing up on stage for a few numbers – Kazzy the Saxxy gal! who has also recorded on a few numbers on the aforementioned CD to add a little bit o’ spice. Kaz started out by hoppin’ up on stage with the lads at some of their gigs & doing her own thing along to some of the tracks, but for the CD, has worked hard on learning a whole new aspect of sax playing, i.e. different keys e.t.c ha ha. Lovely, lovely girl, full of fun & laughter, springin' about on stage with her Sax’s.

Playing at Crondall r 'n' r club was Kazzy’s first proper gig, which I don’t think she's going to forget in a hurry.
The band finished off with some jingle bells from me, assisted drumming from Jackie, & frontmen Mick & Age swapping instruments (bass & guitar) & alternating lead vocals.
Lead vocals are shared in general, with Mick doin' most.
The band would like me to add here that they thoroughly enjoyed themselves too, which I find touching. Can't be happy if the bands don't enjoy themselves, or anyone else for that matter. Its always a party at Crondall !

You can check out Rat Pack @ www.myspace.com/theratpack56 + also on facebook @ www.facebook.com/rat.pack.7330
One of our very valued manual helpers of each night at the club, young Kerry, was celebrating her birthday & had a massive cake presented by her Mum to share around on behalf of herself & Steve of Runicorn records as it was his birthday too. Rock ‘n’ roll soap suds provided the memorabilia stall for the night with all of her novelty shaped soaps.

Keep Rockin' !


 Age - Guitarist comments .....

Hi Janie, a BIG thanks to all of you who run "Crondall" for making us "Rats" welcolme.
Hope you all enjoyed the show, we had a blast doing it.
Your club is always great, a real rockin club with real rockin folks. keep up the good work.
Enjoy the rest of your Xmas and if we dont see you before have a LOUD 2013.
Rockin` regards Age (Guitar) "RATPACK"

Watch Rat Pack at Crondall , here >  Mystery Girl


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Review of 24th November - Mee Kats


It was well over a year ago that we booked the Mee Kats on initially hearing their self penned track 'Call My Name', which has just recently been released on 7 inch vinyl on Colin Mee's own label 'Skip Records'. We knew of Colin's abilities with his performing, rhythm guitar playing & beautiful lead vocals from seeing & liking one of his other bands 'Skiprats' & also the geetaring talents of Joe Guillan, maybe better known as that double neck guitar player of 'Sureshots' & also 'Skiprats'. Put them together with Mandy (Colin's wife) on bass & yer got yerself a great little entertaining rockabilly Trio from NE England. Not that we'd seen them play live, but thought them worthy to give them a go & it makes me happy to see they picked up a few fans along the way :)

With Mee Kats, Colin plays stand up drums, golden colour, with one about 3 ft high from near the floor, with 'MEE KATS' artistically written on the front, & also plays some rhythm guitar, & is lead vocalist. Skiprats don't use drums. And even though I have mentioned that Colin & Joe both play in Skiprats, don't be misled to thinking that Mee Kats are simply Skiprats with a different bass player, 'cos that is not the case, they are 2 bands producing totally different sounds & style to each other, which emphasises how versatile they are.
In fact, Colin has a 3rd band with Mandy called Root'n Toot'n which has a different guitarist with washboard included & is more of a hillbilly trio.
Mandy is loaded with stage presence & can create a good laugh, is very witty & entertaining. And of course, without a doubt, Mandy can play the bass & has done for about 20 years in various bands, she tells me, and also provides the yeeeah's, WooOOps & backing vocals with Joe. Mandy also made the clothes Colin was wearing on stage too. Check them out in the photos. Mandy has a website 'MM Retro Tailoring' at www.mandymee.co.uk She's a right ol' Jill of all trades!
Joe is a devoted guitarist who has also experienced playing alongside some big named artists. He's an Ace guitarist, what more can one say? I already mentioned his double neck guitar which is like that of Larry Collins of the Collins Kids. There is a story that Joe's finger is allergic to Crondall. When he was due down before, when Skiprats played at ours, he couldn't make it as he had severed one of his finger tips, which Colin showed me a pic of. This time, Joe decided to show me a pic of the after effects with a huuuge yellow septic ball on the end of his finger, lol. Where is the bucket? lol. He later pointed out to me, that he had cut the same finger during the course of the evening! How bizarre!
The trio travelled over 400 miles one way, stopping at Grantham to do a gig the night before. In total 5 & half hours travelling down & took 7 & half getting back!
Regretfully, but very understandably, some people stayed in because of the threat of floods on this night, but people like us, the band & bar n burger staff, who are a little crazy, still go out to keep it all going for all the other crazies who ventured out to support us & the band. Some travelled from Andover, one from Portsmouth & some from Kent & Reading & some localswho were all dropped off by the Titanic! Sadly the Titanic didn't return, but we managed to drive safely home through the puddles in our James Bond boat convertible, after we partied with Mee Kats first of course! And they certainly did ROCK!

Some tracks they covered were 'Everybody's lovin' my baby', 'Telephone baby', & 'Teenage Heaven', with some of their own tracks like previously mentioned 'Call my name', available on 'skip records' which has a hint of Eddie (Cochran) sound . A few others have said that Colin sometimes sounds a bit like Eddie. The flip side to their recent vinyl release is just as good a number, called 'Rag Top Baby', of which, the band managed to sell a few of at Crondall & has been heard on Radio Caroline, Weds Night Rockin' Party & BBC Radio 2 !

We had a drummer in the audience who had done a guest spot before on our stage, I think with Johnnie Fox. Anyway, he was invited up by Colin, his name was Colin too, so we had Big Col & little Col doin' a bit more than a drum roll! boom boom ha ha!
Big Col belted into 'Wipeout' whilst Little Col found his way up the steps, & there they were playing harmoniously & then in turn.....a duel of the drums! Little Col whacks up the drum volume with his sledge hammer technique, & breaks a drumstick which flies out onto the dance floor! It was funny the way Little Col ad libbed & found a way to continue drumming. Apparently, Big Colin had never broken a drumstick in all his years of drumming.. Little Col is there for 2 mins & causes havoc! Ha ha. It's all rock 'n' roll though & all good fun. View it at the link below.

DJ/Promoter - Pete Bruce kindly stepped in & replaced Runicorn records just for this night, with his cd stall & badges n stickers n things.

Any interest in Mee Kats, please go to www.meekats.co.uk or if you're not online, call 07817063143.
Colin also has a mobile and studio recording services at www.skipmedia.co.uk

Young 12 yr old rockin' lad & vinyl DJ 'Wig Wam Willie', a regular floor stomping customer of ours, as part of a school project, had created some cds with rock 'n' roll Christmas songs on to sell for a £1 each. All the money was to go to Southampton General hospital for a ward who look after extremely sick children. He raised £33 in total! Lovely job done!

Keep Rockin' & Happy New year !

Watch Mee Kats at Crondall , here >   self penned tracks - Rag Top Baby & Wipeout

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Review of 27th October - Outcasts


Crondall + rock ‘n’ roll + crazy people = FUN! Our Halloween bash gave us more reason to party. Just more of a reason to let our hair down! To get into the spirit of things (drooooone) Fancy dress was optional on this occasion, we had a great night with band Outcasts, lots of witches, skeletons, a grim reaper & a crazed Alcatraz escapee, Jason Voorhees (Friday 13th Movies scary person) who thinks the bass was a chainsaw, a werewolf guitarist & a heavy metal werewolf with a pumpkin drummer! ha ha. Had to laugh, as we know the Outcasts, the drummer said to me, the zombie Alcatraz escapee, on arrival, ‘’you’re Janie aren’t you? ’’ I shook my head & said ‘’no’’, to which he replied with a puzzled tone in his voice & the same look on his face, ‘’no, you’re not are you’’ and walked off, ha ha. We managed to set up in plenty of time thanks to all our helpers, & had a bit of a little party ourselves before any customers turned up.
Going back to the band Outcasts, a relatively new 6 piece band from Kingston, who at time of writing have played only a handful of rock ‘n’ roll clubs, have kindly played a charity gig we organised with John of DJs 2 Houndogs, for Autism, and have done quite a few pub gigs. Outcasts are out there waiting for bookings, if anyone is interested & would like a demo from this relatively new band, please ring Mark on 07921676167.
The band consist of Nick Murray (ex Kool & the Krazy) the ted on guitar who plays some wicked licks, especially to their own tune ‘Outcasts Boogie’ which is a 200 MPH Instrumental number! Nick also runs a Barbers in Kingston ‘ www.MurraysBarbershop.co.uk ‘ great place for you cats out there for a proper specialised rockin’ hair chop. Julie Murray, a singer new to the whole performing thing, as is Mark Nicholas, the other lead singer, who both kind of fell into the band by pure circumstantial luck! Basically, the band needed a singer & Mark thought he’d give it a try, then band decides to add a difference & include a female singer, in comes Nick’s wife, Julie, who is only used to singing around the house. When one is not singing, they either harmonise with the other, clap or play the tambourine.
I wouldn’t liken Julie to anyone except herself, but has a powerful voice & does great covering tracks by female artistes, like an up tempo version of Brenda Lee’s ‘Rock the Bop’ & ‘Jump the Broomstick’ & a few brilliant original ones of the bands own that Julie has co written at least some of. Mark covers songs like Cavan’s ‘Teddyboy Boogie’, Dion & Belmonts ‘Runaround Sue’, Del Shannon’s ‘Runaway’ & an up tempo of ’Lovers Curse’, sometimes Mark’s voice gives a hint of Eddie & as Mark is such a big Billy Fury fan, has acquired the name Mark Fury! Mark was a regular at our club before he joined the band & got busy with them, lol. Both singers new to all this public performing lark.
The band started by first, Mark announcing that the whole gig was dedicated to a mutual friend, Elaine, as she is the biggest follower of the band & her birthday was on the Sunday, but regretfully, she couldn’t make the gig & later Outcasts dedicated her favourite song to her, the bands very own stroller, ‘White Trash Mama’.
On the door, we had a plastic pumpkin full of jelly sweet sharks, dinosaurs & worms & every time Mark came out to speak to us, he caught a worm quicker than the eye could see, which ultimately led him to droppin’ his draws! the ones on the outside, of course, lol, to reveal ‘HANDS OFF’ slogan with a pair of skeleton hands on each buttock! I said, what do you think your doing, this is Crondall r ‘n’ r club, they should be round yer ankles! Ha ha!
As you can tell by the songs I’ve listed, the band cover a wide variety of songs as well as performing their own brilliant numbers, which is what appeals to myself & Dynamite Ady, it’s the variety all round, a variation from all genres, 2 guitarists & 2 lead singers. The band got together around 2 years ago now & have developed a bit of a following already.
Outcasts don’t have just one particular style that they follow, like just thoroughly Rockabilly or just straight Rock ‘n’ Roll, not that there is anything wrong with that, but they’re just different to other bands with their own unique way. They can suit the teds or rockabillies in the audience & if people wish to dance all night, they could keep them going too.
Danny Huckridge (ex Kool & the Krazy & Rapides) is the ‘Mr ants in his pants, super fast, who thinks he’s at Silverstone’ bass player. And on this occasion brilliant guitarist, Peter Johnson stepped in as depp guitarist.
The whole night was buzzing with a good party atmosphere, what else would you expect at a party! Many dressed to add to the fun of it & the band joined us in their 2nd set, putting on their masks from the land of the scaries! ha ha. Richard Nash, the Pumpkin face scary, brilliant drummer & a lovely kit to go with it.
Thanks to all who supported us & thanks to Blue & Paula, 2 of the longest standing customers, travelling 89 miles to celebrate Blue’s 50th especially at Crondall r ‘n’ r club! Just one big happy party.

Happy Rockin’ Christmas everyone x


Nick Murray - Lead guitarist , comments....

Wicked night, great club, great crowd, thank you to everyone supporting us and Crondall rock 'n' roll club


Julie Murray - 1 of the singers, comments....

Really enjoyed our night at Crondall and many thanks for the coffees and lovely sandwiches too! Much appreciated xx


Danny Huckridge - Bass player , comments....

It was a pleasure, great people, great club, I bloody love Crondall, me!


Peter Johnson - Dep guitarist, comments....

Thank you all for havin' me, I'll be back !!!!!!!



Watch Outcasts at Crondall , here >   self penned tracks - White Trash Mama & Outcast Boogie 



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Review of 22nd September - Fireballs UK


Fireballs UK.....in the last just over 3 years, have grown, & developed the reputation they carry now, of being a band that perform tracks from the late 50’s/early ‘60s recorded by British artists such as ‘I Got’, Shane Fenton’s ‘It’s gonna take Magic’ & the Instrumental ‘Saturday Night at the Duckpond’, which are all available on their latest cd – A Tribute to the sound of British r ‘n’ r - ‘Wild Streak’ on Fury records.
It’s so nice to be able to experience these tracks & others like it, 'LIVE' especially with youngsters being in the band, giving an even more authentic touch. I love every aspect of rock 'n' roll, but the Fireballs UK are one of the very few bands that deliver us that early British sound so well & the only band I can think of, with the young touch.
Back in the ‘50s/early ‘60s, of course, all the bands were young, which there isn’t a lot of these days on the r ‘n’ r circuit, so to have that added youth appeal makes that much more difference & makes the Fireballs UK just so unique. They have recorded one of their own tracks ‘Wild Streak’ which has the same authentic sound of the era we love, British style. Maybe we’ll have a few more self penned further down the line, who knows, but it would be good.
I personally feel that the Fireballs UK have brought more to light, the British r ‘n’ r sound of the late ‘50s /early ‘60s & have, in the last 3 years or so done a good job of promoting this sound on the r ‘n’ r scene which seems to go down well, more with the Teds, as the British rock ‘n’ roll sound seems to be more popular with the Teds, although Fireballs UK are also a hit with other rockin’ genres on the scene, Rockers, Cats, & anyone who appreciates this particular aspect of the whole rock ‘n’ roll spectrum.
Although the Teds are a little more of the wilder audience!

Fireballs UK always present themselves very smartly dressed in suits & ties of the style of the era, & Bass player, Martin, has a mind like a library when it comes to that early British sound, which is the absolute inspiration & the passion of Fireballs UK, although they can throw in some other numbers if desired, such as ‘Buona Sera’, ‘ No Particular Place to go’, some Johnny Burnette numbers & the likes of Stray Cats’ ‘Rumble in Brighton’ re-worded on this night to ‘Rumble in Crondall !’
The bass drum skin logo is simply the design of the centre of an old record with ‘Fireballs UK’ written across it. The band play as close to the sound of the said era as they possibly can, although originally, for some of the tracks, bands used an electric bass, whereas Fireballs UK use a stand up bass for every number, but it doesn’t seem to err the original sound that much, on those tracks where an electric bass would have been used back in the day.
The drum sound is brilliant for authenticity, played by Darren Brown, a good friend of the family ‘up front’ being Dad, Martin Smith on bass, & his sons Russ, 19 & Anthony, 16, on guitars. Anthony on lead most of the time with Russ on lead occasionally with 2 different sets of sounds/tones/pitches coming from their guitars. Mrs Fireballs UK must be very proud!

On arrival to Crondall for the 3rd time since 2010, Martin said before getting out of the car, ‘’please don’t come near us, as we have a stinking rotten colds & I have a sore throat & I don’t wish to pass it on’’. Certain pitches couldn’t be reached because of it, but still the show must go on, & ‘well’ did they perform. They managed to get through it, despite being under the weather (any singer’s worse nightmare! but something inside drives them on)
The band drew a good mixed crowd in, of Teds, Cats, Rockers & Bikers & delivered a good performance of note for note perfect Instrumentals & some good British sounds & a bit of the other, finishing off with a party on stage joining in with Ol’ Black Joe’ especially for the late Mick Donnelly, a friend & regular Ted at the club.
To compliment the band this evening – DJ Dynamite Ady plays a good few sets & keeps the honky tonk hardwood floor well bopped on in between band slots!

Whether you are a lover of British r ‘n’ r or not, try & get to see the Fireballs UK. You can catch info on them on facebook under ‘Martin Smith’ (on my friends list – Janie Warner) or ‘The Fireballs UK’. Or look them up on youtube.

Any youngsters out there, as Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers say....’If you want some fun in life, Get yourself a band’. If you’re thinking of doin’ that, get down to it & keep rockin’!

Not long after this gig, Fireballs UK released their first record....More info here
It's a "double A-side". the Fireballs UK side is "Cherokee War Dance", an instrumental recorded around 1962 by the Nu-Notes and recently discovered on a reel-to reel tape recorder. It was never released by the Nu-Notes on a 45. Fury records asked the band to record the number and they did so, keeping as close to the original as possible. The other sid...
e is by British Rock'n'Roll singer Nikki Pappas, entitled "The Pitch And The Toss (and the double cross)" It comes from a 1959 acetate recorded at Abbey Road and its a great song. Fury Records have made the 45 look very, very close to a Parlophone 1959-62 orange label 45 including the multi-colour stripey sleeve (in high quality card). The band are very proud of this record and will be selling copies at their gigs. Fury Records will be selling copies on E-bay. Available now!

Martin Smith - Frontman , comments....

Hi Janie, The Fireballs UK would like to say a big "thank you" to you, Ade and all of your fantastic team of helpers for booking us once again at the fabulous Crondall Rock'n'Roll club. Despite heavy colds we had a great time on stage, as we always do. It's always a privilege for us to play to so many people who we consider to be our good friends. Also, thanks for the sandwiches!
'til the next time, Russell, Anthony, Darren and Martin, the Fireballs U.K.


Watch Fireballs UK at Crondall , here >    Maybe Tomorrow       





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Review of 25th August - Whirlwind & guests spot 9 yr old Denvir Jet

Crondall blows up a Whirlwind for Cancer research UK

’70s band Whirlwind last played at Crondall r ‘n’ r club back in ‘78ish in the same hall where the club is now & at a time when I didn’t even know the existence of clubs & was too young to attend anyway, ha ha. I was a massive Elvis fan at the time & knew nothing of the vast choice of artists/records available & knew no one else from the scene, so hadn’t heard of Whirlwind, but know I would have loved them if I had! I grew to know of them, and in recent years, through speaking & associating with Mick, Rob & Nick have learnt enough about the band to add them to my list of favourites, the old & the re-formed!
Nick Dadd fronts the band who came from the r ‘n’ r ‘disbanded’ band ‘Roofraisers’. The original singer, Nigel Dixon, sadly passed away 19 years ago & I’ve only ever seen him on video, incl TV clips, & in my opinion & a few others, Nick is a credit to the band & I think Nigel would be very pleased with him fronting his band now, with brilliant spritely guitarist, Mick Lewis, as he did when the band first started with Mick (guitarist below right) in the back room of a rock ‘n’ roll club that Boogie Dell (Dell Richardson / Good Rockin’ Tonight Radio show) used to run. Rob Russell, on Keyboard (below right ) is one of the much earlier Whirlwind members & only keyboard player that Whirlwind has as far as I’m aware & joined the band around 2 years after they began. Bob Macdonald is their mean bass player & professional trainee maracas/tambourine player (ha ha) & the baby of the band is very versatile James Bell on drums.
We first saw Whirlwind play live at a Bumbiters Cancer Research UK charity gig in March last year shortly after they had re-formed, after about 30 years of Whirlwind not playing. As soon as we saw them, we decided to book them up, but the poor ol’ band didn’t know til much much later, lol. I say ‘poor ‘ol, ‘cos I know how much Nick had been wanting to play at Crondall for a long time since he was with Roofraisers, but we can’t book ‘em all, as much as we’d like to.
We consider it an honour to have had Whirlwind play at Crondall r ‘n’ r club which just started as an ordinary gig with a special band, & progressed bit by bit to a Major Bill Records LTD triple cd release party! Still can’t get over the fact that they chose to launch their cd at ours, we’re very touched.
The 3 cds released, were > A special Ltd edition ‘gold vinyl appearance’ Whirlwind cd ‘Back into the Storm’, ONLY available at Crondall at this gig! , 9 yr old, Denvir Jet’s EP & a single by Peter Gray & Whirlwind sold to raise money for Cancer Research UK.
In the earlier days following the booking of Whirlwind, Mick Lewis asked if they could bring along a 9 yr old lad Denvir Jet along to play a couple of numbers with them on guitar, sent us his music across, we agreed to give him an opportunity & he stole the show for part of the evening!
What a knockout! The whole night was just awesome. What can I say, it was just an honour to have Whirlwind play for us. The atmosphere was how they say......PARTY!!!!!! Whirlwind covered some of the original tracks that the band are known for, like Hang Loose, Midnight Blue & Cruisin’ around, all of which, Nick covers brilliantly. Whirlwind still write their own material, which I think is what helps them be so unique, although they do cover a few like ‘Don’t mess with my ducktail’. There is only one Whirlwind with their own inimitable style & sound & they seemed to have picked up where they left off all those years ago & still gigging abroad. They certainly kicked up a storm at Crondall, just crazy man crazy!

A group called RH20s collected just over £155 for Cancer Research UK from our customers, so well done to those of you who dug deep into your pocket.
The band sold loads of cds, I was overwhelmingly impressed with that, considering we had a collection, raffle & 2 other cd releases going on, which also sold well. What with the recession going on, I’m really pleased about that.
Denvir Jet, just 9 yrs old, stole the crowd & if he’d have been a few years older woulda stole a few young hearts too. What an amazingly talented guitarist, who covers & learns by ear & also composes some of his own Instrumentals – British style! To have him play with Whirlwind & his dad, ‘Rocky’, who once played guitar for Sandy Ford for a spell, backing him, was an awesome experience, I don’t think many will forget, especially Denvir. An ensemble of 4 guitars, keyboard, drums, tambourine & maraccas, almost half an orchestra, lol ! The young blood with the old hat, just an indescribable experience. On asking Denvir how long he had been playing the guitar, he said he had been following it since he was a baby....how sweet & what a lad! To have Mick Lewis on stage who started performing when he was 7 & on completion of celebrating 50 yrs of performing, with Denvir Jet playing alongside with him was just fantastic to see. Who knows, will Denvir be doing the same in another 50 years. One would like to think so, but his destiny is his prerogative. We’ll just have to wait & see.

One of the Bumbiters joined the band on stage for ‘A thousand stars’ in memory of a long lost friend & also joined DJ Dynamite Ady singing along to his friends cd – From a Jack to a King / Lonesome Fugitive, to help promote it, in aid of Cancer research UK. Nick made a surprise presentation to this Bumbiter with a framed Gold disc for his friend, Peter Gray, who couldn’t make it personally to the gig to promote his cd.
The same was presented to Denvir Jet to commemorate their first releases on Major Bill records.

The very highlight of the evening for me was to meet Nigel Dixons guitar, which was a great honour for me. Some one had randomly brought it along & I was lucky enough to have been able to see it. You can check out the history & more details of the band at www.whirlwindrockabilly.com & a link for Major Bill records can be found there.

Keep rockin’ young or old......RIP
Nigel Dixon (original singer)

Whirlwind's cd 'Back into the Storm is available at
Raucous records
Single by Peter Gray & Whirlwind (red cd above) available from
Lorraine Dale  (you need to be logged into facebook for this link) & all proceeds to Cancer research UK
9 yr old Denvir Jet's EP 'Holloway 304' available from
Major Bill Records LTD

Watch Whirlwind @ Crondall here > Cruisin' around

Watch 9 yr old Denvir Jet  @ Crondall here > Pipeline & 1 of his own - Holloway 304




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A night kindly sponsored by Phil Morgan of Bellfields Auto Services


Review of 21st July - Tennessee Rhythm Riders & Dollar Bill

With guest DJ Billy the Hick

What a special Summer night! I can say that ‘cos we actually had Summer for a brief moment! It was great to see some people bravely bring out their classic motors, before April showers said BOO again! Ha ha. This gig was very kindly sponsored by Phil Morgan (Left) of www.bellfieldsautos.co.uk also steel guitarist/some lead vocals with the Tennessee Rhythm Riders who were headlining band of the night. Dollar Bill, an awesome one man rockin’ blues band was support act, so we had a real good mixture of Hillbilly, Western Swing, Rockabilly & Rockin’ Blues, together with the DJs Dynamite Ady & guest DJ Billy the Hick all wrapped up in what rockin’ is all about – F U N!

Considering there was quite a bit else on, we had quite a crowd, the 1st couple to arrive had been camping all week, ending up at ours just to see Tennessee Rhythm Riders. I thought they said they came from Newcastle, but was later told they were from Glasgow! Another couple did a round trip of about 7 hours from Doncaster!

Dollar Bill followed DJ Dynamite Ady’s set, with the opening number receiving a roaring reception. He obviously appears to be greatly inspired by American One Man blues band Dr Ross of the 50’s & 60’s, probably better known for the ‘Feel so Good’ number, as he creates the same kind of sound, although does write a lot of his own material too.
He plays big bass drum with a high hat & mini like tambourine, harmonica, electric & acoustic guitar & since he only has 2 hands, asks someone from the audience randomly to get up & play his Maracas alongside him, which was something I wasn’t going to miss havin’ a go at, after the person he selected didn’t want to! Got on stage & he said, ‘You’ve joined a band now’ with a big grin on his face. And I’m like, thinking ‘whats going to happen next’, lol, with a big grin on my face! One of the best moments of my life & 99.99% perfect.
One man bands had always fascinated me as a child & now here I was playing alongside one! Luverly! & nicknamed by Rollin Records’ Steve Willis ‘Official Maraca Player of Crondall’!
Ady & I both say, there aren’t many bands where you hear a great sound on cd & the exact same sound created LIVE! Dollar Bill is an example of that. He’s spot on with his timing & sound. Just brilliant to those who appreciate that genre of rockin’ music, the Rockin’ Blues!

We hadn’t seen Dollar Bill play live before, so us on door arranged door duty so we could each get a look in! Well worth the wait! He went down so well with the audience that he gave us all his worth & had a ball! Anyone who loves rockin’ blues, Dr Ross style, check out Dollar Bill on youtube!
At the moment, Dollar Bill does quite a few large festivals. The day after he played at ours, he did a gig in Cambridge to 12,000 people! So no gig is too big! Any interest, e.mail dollarbillblues@gmail.com .

To add Dollar Bill’s latest cd ‘ I ain’t got but a dollar’, his cd single, vinyl 45’s or vinyl 10 inch to your collection, go to www.rollinrecordsuk.com 

We gave young blood a chance, by having young DJ Billy the Hick filling the break between bands. He’s only in his early 20’s, lucky geezer! & specializes in Hillbilly, Western Swing, Bluegrass, & early Rockabilly, & has already played at Rockabilly Rave & Hotrod Hayride this year. Good luck to him. Stalls were Flash Harry’s Vintage clothes, Runicorn records & a last min extra, ‘Rock ‘n’ roll soap suds’ , selling novelty, rockin’ related shaped soaps by Paula Redfern (facebook)  
This was the 1st time Tennessee Rhythm Riders (TRR) had played together live for 12 years. Their very 1st gig took place at Crondall r ‘n’ r club many moons ago which is remembered as being very nerve wrecking! The band progressed & went on to gaining International recognition. They were the 1st British band to appear on American music channel CMTV & also appeared on MTV & VH1. The music channels still run the vids today!
7 piece Tennessee Rhythm Riders are in a league of their own, they have their own unique classy style, just relax & party on stage when they perform. All band members have their own individual noted talents, 6 on strings & 1 on skins, 5 doing lead vocals.
Willy Briggs, main song writer for band, & Dave do some lead vocals & share lead guitar + guitar harmonies, Willy being main lead, Gary Boller on stand up bass, Lynette Morgan on Rhythm Guitar/most lead vocals, Jim Morrison on fiddle, Phil Morgan, bands other song writer, Steel guitarist /lead vocals & Mark is on drums/some lead vocals with his own song ‘Too many late nights’.
TRR supply a variation of Hillbilly, Western Swing, Rockabilly & even a bit of rocked up Gospel, such as ‘I see the light’. Some tracks covered are Janis Martin’s ‘Bang Bang’, Hank Williams’ ‘Kaw-Liga’, Larry Hart’s ‘I’m just a Mender’ & Maddox brothers’ ‘Ugly & Slouchy’. A few covers listed here, but TRR do write a lot of their own material.

TRR kicked off with Enthusiasm, fun & laughter right from the start to finish, with Lynette inviting people to move forward to the stage, & audience kindly obliging. Front gal, Lynette has such a pleasant, very relaxed nature, has good stage presence & leads the band perfectly into having a good time with various members jiggin’ around on stage, whoopin’ ‘n’ hollerin’ to encourage each other along & generally havin’ a laugh, & wise crackin’ if there’s a slip up, of which there were hardly any I hasten to add. They are totally unregimented & deliver a lot of variety. They are a good example of what rockin’ is all about, just havin’ a good time! Each & every one of them are all real top musicians & all 5 of the singers have good voices leading vocals & harmonising.

The Crondall stage was just overloaded with pure talent, as they finished off their set with a complete juggle around of instruments! But fiddle & drums yet have to prove they can swap skins with strings once Mark has removed the super glue between bum & stool!! Ha ha! And then came the encores, with a fair number of songs. Crowd didn’t want to let them go!

After a break of 12 years, what better place than to have a special reunion gig, than at the same place they did their 1st gig & almost to the same date. At time of writing Lynette Morgan & the Blackwater Valley Boys (other band) are currently doing a few gigs with top Australian Rockabilly artist – Pat Capocci, in the time he’s over here leading up to his gig at Hotrod Hayride.

TRR’s ‘Step it up & Go’ cd is available on Fury records @ Fury records & as for Little Red Wagon cd, you best Google ‘Tennessee Rhythm Riders Little Red Wagon’ & be lucky, or see if your nearest dealer happens to have it in stock.
Following the success of the TRR reunion gig, Phil says they will take some gigs that come their way. Any interest, contact Phil  07879612574
Keep Rockin’ Janie

Phil Morgan comments....

Thinking of my fellow 'Riders' and thanking them & everyone that came along from all over this green & pleasant land (and that also means the couple that were down from Scotland) to see the Tennessee Rhythm Riders play there first show in 12 years at Crondall Village Hall !! It was a great night !!!


Lynette Morgan comments....

Hi Janie, thank you so much for a great night at Crondall. We really had a ball, and thanks for posting the vids, take care & see you soon. xx p.s. A big thanks to those who travelled long distances to see us, that still blows me away, xx


Dollar Bill comments....

Hey there Janie, I had a great time at the club. Thank you very much for having me !!!! Hope to see you soon, Ian x


Watch Tennessee Rhythm Riders @ Crondall here > (Last moments of) Bang Bang & Pistol Boogie


Watch Dollar Bill @ Crondall here > My Baby Makes Me Feel So Good 



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Review of 23rd June - Kick 'Em Jenny


One day before Italy plays England in a footy match on the telly, Crondall r ‘n’ r club has its own taste of Italy, in the form of band - Kick ‘em Jenny, which today was one quarter Italian!
About 14/16 months ago, an opportunity came knocking for us to book Kick ‘em Jenny with an English backing band which consisted of 3 top musicians & the Wild & Crazy Italian singer, Jenny. We thought , why not try something different, we had heard a lot about Jenny, mainly in that she gives a good & wild performance & is very unique & so took the opportunity up & booked them. But about a month before the gig, the English band weren’t able to play with her anymore due to other commitments & so Jenny went on to arrange for her band from Italy to come over & play for us, and at the last minute, due to unforeseen circumstances, there was another change around, & Jenny got herself another English band together who she has never played with before, but reputable, & we were all very surprised to see Ian Terry walk through the door, a fantastic guitarist.
For those of you who don’t know, Ian Terry is the founder of the band, Matchbox, the Cruisers of the late 70’s/early 80’s, has played with the Saucers + now plays with Shotgun with Wild Bob Burgos.
Les was on drums who has played with Darryl Higham & Bob Butfoy in Bob & the Bearcats, who is now the frontman of Jack Rabbit Slim, & then went on to play for Darryl Higham’s Enforcers. Les has also backed the likes of Wanda Jackson. Paul Johnson was on bass, & has played for Montgomery Music Makers & also plays for band ‘Just for Kicks’.
When I mentioned to some of the customers about the last minute change, all they were concerned about was if Jenny was still singing, so it was all cool, thank goodness.
Jenny had to come straight from work from London & hadn’t had chance to freshen up, came down by train with her newly wed Johnny & was picked up by the rest of the band on route.
I think that’s the first time band members have travelled by train to get to ours, ha ha, not known it before. Friends came down later to take them back.
Jenny is a tattooist by day & is inked plenty herself! She played rhythm guitar, bopped around on stage, got carried away + ended up, down on her knees periodically, strumming away on her guitar, & by the end of the night was bashing the floor with her fist in time with the song. I heard she got real wild near the end of her set. Jenny has been known to bash her guitar on the floor at some of her gigs, now thats mad, & reminds me of the kind of thing that Freddie Fingers Lee would do with his piano, smash it up! Regretfully I missed the crazed finish of Jenny ending up lying down on the stage & going crazy, as duty was calling me.....
A couple were over here from Australia on a mini rockin’ tour of England, ours being the last rockin’ joint before they went home in the week.
The Australian couple needed a number to order a take away pizza, lol, so due to helping them out, I missed the last part of Jenny’s performance & encores, but heard she went crazy!
Although I did get a couple of slices of pizza for my efforts, nice people, & I was a bit Hank Marvin! lol.
Back to Jenny, I must admit, I much prefer her own material to the few covers that she did & when she rocks it up, she’s at her best! This was the first time that the band had backed Jenny, so considering that, they put on a very good performance together, as Jenny sung a lot of her own numbers. The band proved themselves very professional + did a top notch job as they hadn’t even had chance to rehearse together.
The band did a couple of tracks to open the sets with Ian Terry singing, who did a tribute to a fellow musician, Rockin’ Ray Neale, from band Shotgun, who passed away recently , & sung ‘Cadillac ‘55’ in his memory.
I mentioned in a previous review, about a fella, (L with the glasses) Wayne, proposing to his Mrs, Sue, at Crondall quite some time back now. Well they finally hitched up a week before this gig & came to Crondall r ‘n’ r club to follow it up, & celebrate again in proper Crondall style! Bop til ya drop!
DJ Dynamite Ady kept the party swingin’ for all the die hards once Kick ‘em Jenny was off stage, with Jenny & hubby havin’ a slice of the action as well!

Thanks to Adrian Watts (one of our dedicated helpers) for a couple of the pics here.
Keep Rockin’ ! Janie

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Review of 26th May - Borderlines


Its been 4 years since Borderlines last played at Crondall r ‘n’ r club. Due to one of the band members grabbing an opportunity of a lifetime, we agreed to postpone a gig we had them booked for last year.
Its amazing sometimes, how much time passes before a band actually returns.
One of the worse jobs for promoters is turning down a multitude of bands. Anyway, back to Borderlines who we first came across about 9 years ago before we were running Crondall r ‘n’ r club, when Jim was working in Lynette Morgans band ‘Lynette Morgan & the Blackwater Valley boys’ &
he was trying to get his own band, the Borderlines, off the ground. Jim was in his very early 20s then, & was already a very good musician.

Borderlines do a good mixture of Rockin’ blues, R & B & a bit of Boogie woogie, in fact, they have the versatility to suit every kind of rockin’ genre audience at every opportunity.
The band had a real good time playing for us, as did the audience who gave them a very warm & welcoming reception, & considering Borderlines had come to us straight from performing at a beer festival in that hot weather, that we occasionally call ‘Summer’ lol, & were a little tired, the tiredness was no reflection on their performance for us & didn’t show on stage at all. They worked their little ol’ butts off & rocked away the blues!
‘Chop’ the bass player, from down the South West of the country, has got to be one of the best, finest, & fastest bass players in the country. I haven’t seen his match yet & I class him as a ‘class A, top rate bass player, giving 110% speed!’ He bought along his sparkly red bass & his newest baby, a very new slim line personalised bass with his name, & Western Cowboy style themed pics painted on. What a beauty & what  A  sound to die boppin’ for, lol!
Tony the drummer from London who might be better known as drumming for Jessie & the Orbits has his eyes almost constantly fixed on Jim & Chop to give that perfectly timed sound, all the way through the songs, right to the finish, delivering a very tight sound.
Jim Hammond, also from down the bottom left of the country just has ‘Music’ written all over him! He is frontman on Geetars, (yes, he plays more than 1) Piano, Harmonica & lead vocals, although, not quite all at once, ha ha, but almost! A very talented young man who just loves to entertain/perform.

Jim & Chop also go out as a duo ‘Jezebel’ who concentrate more on the R & B & Rockabilly side of things & tend not to use the Piano so much. The Bass & Geetars & Jim on vocals can still provide a great lively sound together without the need for drums, with no disrespect to Tony here of course. Borderlines & Jezebel are 2 totally separate entities. Recording is in process as I write, for a new release for the duo ‘Jezebel’. They already have an 11 track cd available, along with 2 or 3 Borderlines cds, the very latest Borderlines release being ‘Proud Mary’. All available from the band at their gigs, or if you give me a shout, I will be able to help you out - 07903 145018.
As I said before, this band are very versatile & I’ve seen them play gigs outside on the street, on the back of a truck, in clubs & pubs. Always a good gig with the Borderlines! We got some great feedback from our customers after their latest gig with us. Only problem I had with them is, I was too busy to see every single second of their act! Ha Ha.
Watch out for a Borderlines gig near you.

Keep Rockin’, Janie


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Review of 28th April - Cliff & the Cavaliers

About 150 years plus, of rock ‘n’ roll talent gathered on our stage in April, a 5 piece, ‘A’ Class band, top of their game, Cliff & the Cavaliers, who let loose & rocked it up ‘Old School’ Style! Cos, basically, that’s what they are - ’Old School’! Drawing in Mischievous Old Rockers, the Teds & Cats & who all had a ball one way or another, together, whether they were up front of the stage givin’ it some, on the stage backin’ the band, boppin’ like there’s no tomorrow & no one else around! or just rollin’ about on the floor. This was a night to remember, just one big party with guests ‘The Rockin’ Knicker sLingers’ & ‘BillyLee’ on Tambourine.

The band are: Emma Goss on stand up bass, the hottest bass player around, so all the blokes say anyway, who also plays with Razzle Dazzle & 1 or 2 other bands, Big John Carter, the Tea Totaller on the Ol’ Joanna! (Thats ‘piano’ in English  ) , Top guitarist Dave Briggs who also does some lead vocals & has played alongside the likes of Scotty Moore (Elvis’ guitarist) & was once with the Flying Saucers! The legendary Terry Earl on drums who also played with the Flying Saucers & the Dynamite band of the ‘80s & of course, Cliff Edmonds, vocalist, finger clicker, clapper & front man who has since finished in October with his other band of 27 years – The Avengers. He was a DJ before that & still does a spot of DJing today. Brilliant singer with good clarity, who obviously thoroughly enjoys every minute of performing, passionately, & down on his knees at times wooing the ladies & not being able to get up again. Sometimes he ends up lying on the floor, but only when there is a crane conveniently near by to lift him back up again ha ha! Some of us aren’t as young as we used to be. Cliff did announce that its the first time he has played at Crondall since about 26 years ago, which would have been with the Avengers & I know that Terry Earl, drummer & Dave Briggs, guitarist, last played there with the Flying Saucers about 25 ish years also!
The band break into an Instrumental & Cliff steps aside giving a young lad, Billylee (about 7 years old ) chance to be frontman playing the tambourine that Cliff bought along especially for him. This absolutely  made the lads weekend! Watch out for the youngest & best tambourine player in the South! Yeeeharh!

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Someone made a point of saying to me that there was so much talent on the stage (as if I didn’t know, ha ha) & every individual musician & singer was brilliant & had so much history behind each one of them, that for £7 on the door, people were getting great value for money, more than you would at the Albert hall & you wouldn’t even get that amount of high standard of talent at the Albert Hall! Ha ha!!
And what talent, so much so, that during their break, one of our customers, a good friend of Cliff’s, presented him the most prestigious & coveted award by many, the ‘Piss’ead of the Hall of Fame’ award... Framed!
Some of us girls created a bit of a stage invasion & took over with backing vocals for a couple of songs, its gotta be done! That’s rock ‘n’ roll, ‘Old School Style!’ And when did the ‘Rockin’ Knicker sLingers’ come in? lol, somewhere in the 2nd set, along came some of Cliff’s long term piss’ead accomplices, the ones who can’t quite match the prestige of Cliff’s pissed up achievements! Knickers at the ready as the band are performing & w’hey – Knickers sLing away & aim for Cliff! In return, without missing a note or a word of the song, he pings them back after matching the smells of each pair, to each accomplices’ taste of drink, ha ha! So funny. It was so good to see everyone havin’ such a ball, no matter how they did it, within reason of course!
Did I mention the kind of material Cliff & the Cavaliers cover? No, too busy havin’ a laff remembering the night! Well, for info, Cliff Edmonds is very much a big fan of British r ‘n’ r, and loves Gene Vincent. Gene Vincent is his inspiration & covers material like Rocky Road Blues, Maybelline, & Vincent’s  very own ‘Woman Love’, as well as covering the likes of Cherokee Boogie. You can keep an eye on the band on Cliff & the Cavaliers ‘group’ on facebook. There are no cds of the band at present, but there is an EP release due soon (at time of writing) with Cliff & a German band called ‘Town Rebels’, who he occasionally works with.
Ady, the other ‘alf aka DJ Dynamite Ady kept the party buzzin’ thru til Midnight.
Well done to Paula from Guildford to winning an MOT donated by Phil Morgan of Bellfields Auto Services –
www.bellfieldsautos.co.uk & thanks to all those who celebrated their birthday & an anniversary on this night.
Keep Rockin’ !

Band Comments.......

Cliff Edmonds - Front Man
had a real fun night last night, great crowd of people at Crondall. Long may it keep going a great r,n,r club went down well. About 20 pairs of knickers chucked at me, a few pints and some of the crowd on the stage with us , thanx to Janie and Ady for booking us, and got an award for being a pisshead from the rest of the pissheads

David Briggs - Guitarist
Really enjoyed the gig at Crondall on Saturday nite, lovely crowd, great promoters, fab village hall, last time I played there was 1982ish with the Flying Saucers, really enjoyed playing back there with my fave RnR band , Cliff and the Cavs. Such a pleasure to play with guys and a girl who are top of their game, and a crowd of people who know what they like. Thanks to all

Terry Earl - Drummer
Thanks Janie for putting us on......nice to be back at Crondall.



Watch Cliff & the Cavaliers & The Rockin' Knicker sLingers here


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Review of March 24th - Sandy Ford & his Flying Saucers


Sandy Ford, a living Legend, the Guvnor of how can I say it?, the Guvnor of the rock ‘n’ roll bands on the circuit today, and an icon of the rock ‘n’ roll scene today. Sandy Ford simply IS rock ‘n’ roll! And that’s it summed up really, but I shan’t stop there. Sandy Ford has been performing now for at LEAST 35 years, never seems to age that much, & still honours a fairly full quiff & ‘enough to grab hold of’ sideburns. In fact, all 3 of the band are lookin’ good for their age. Yvonne, Sandy’s wife is very feminine & always presents herself beautifully on stage, Sandy & Chris are always smartly dressed too. If you haven’t seen Sandy Ford & his Flying Saucers yet, I’ll say either, ‘‘Good’’ cos you must be very young & keep rockin’, cos we need a few more younguns on the scene , it’s a good life & make sure you do get to experience him, or I say........ ‘’tut tut, why not? You don’t know what you’re missing’’.

You can’t go wrong with Sandy Ford & his Flying Saucers, Sandy will always put on a great lively, soul moving performance & together with Yvonne on electric bass & mostly Stand up bass with a rebel flag painted on the whole of the reverse, are great encouragers of the youngsters joining in or becoming part of the scene. Sandy & Yvonne, aka Leopard Lady, due to her passion for anything with leopard skin design on, including a cover for her amp to stand on, are one of the loveliest couples that I know of, which others have said to me also, although, I have to add, Sandy always pinches my parkin’ space when he comes down, even if my car is already parked. Can’t argue with the Guv! He he he, but he does do it in the politest way. They are such genuinely good people & quite happily received & encouraged 2 little lads about the ages of 7/9 years onto stage, who bopped away like mad through 2 whole songs, finishing with Sandy saying ‘ how about this then, this is the next generation’. It was later brought to my attention that one of the lads, Billy Lee, had said it was one of the best nights he had ever had, bless!

I must mention Chris who is one of the most energetic drummers I have seen, for his age anyway, dare I say, ha ha. He really puts a lot of effort into it & has played with Sandy for quite a few years now.
We were due to have the band play for us in Dec 2010 when we had that Arctic like weather & when a lot of gigs were cancelled. Sandy did try & get to us then, but the van got stuck on a hill, they were lucky to get home that night & it was only the 2nd gig EVER that he had failed to get to in all his years of performing. March 2012 was the next date we could both agree on & it was well worth the wait. The atmosphere was fantastic, the whole night was just brilliant, a bit quiet at first, but then a sudden influx of a good turnout of Teds (the band tend to attract Teds & rockers mostly) & a few Rockers, Bikers & Cats for good measure & some rather confused gents who came along for the first time, as me & a friend, who helps us religiously & unconditionally each & every month, switched the Gents/Ladies loo signs ha ha. We’re sat by the loos at the door, so it was rather entertaining. The thing is though, it was only the blokes who weren’t sure whether we were telling the truth when we guided them the right way ha ha! It was a good laugh all round, but did switch the signs back when we left the area, to be on the safe side .

Sandy Ford & the Flying Saucers have done a lot of gigs Internationally & don’t play down our way that much, that I know of. He has written a lot of his own material, of which, two have become popular tracks like the fast ‘Keep On Comin’ which he has been singing for over 30 years & still goes down well & ‘Some Like it Hot’, a song about our music giving mention to a few original artists. Sandy has his own unique way of playing his guitar & has a great way of making it talk & produces his own distinct sound!

Now in our 8th year of running the 35 & half yr old club taking place in the same venue & in the pub & Church rooms next door before that. On this occasion, we had no Hot Food, because our caterer had a more serious commitment to attend to at the very last minute. That’s about the 2nd time we’ve had no Hot food in all that time, although I did attempt to get someone else a quarter hour before we opened the doors. Anyway, to no avail,  only 1 customer who was starving through not eating all day, didn’t look very happy about it, said he’d have to think about it, left & surprisingly returned about 45 mins later with ‘HOT FOOD’! As he went in, we said, he’s going to get lynched, lol, and people are going to come out like zombies saying ‘Buuuuuurgers’! lol. He apparently got some rather envious looks with rumbly tums & I reckon the bar must have sold out of crisps in the end, lol.

FACT: – Did ya know that Sandy has appeared in an advert for Kingsmill bread, once played an ‘extra’ part as a DJ in BBCs Eastenders in the Queen Vic! And both Yvonne & Sandy had very small parts in the film ‘Buddy’s song’, not sure if Chris was in it.
DJ Dynamite Ady kept the crowd going after Sandy finished & was busy selling cds. Lights go on & still got the die hards boppin’ away..... Crondall style!
Keep Rockin’, Janie


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Review of Feb 25th - Twangmasters

We’ve been TWANGED at Crondall r ‘n’ r club by the presence of up & coming band, Twangmasters, with all members coming from as far as Manchester, Liverpool & the country where the sheep like to roam, Wales! This band consists of 2 Teds & 2 Rockabillies if you like. There’s Paul Wassisname Barton - lead singer & some guitar, Paul Couser on Drums who has frequented to depp for Furious on fairly recent occasions, Alan Estlin on that smart wonderful Gretsch of his & Carl with a ‘C’ on Bass from the land of the sheep.
We first met Paul Couser at a longstanding Rockin’ pub in Battersea, the Pavilion, when he was depping with Furious for the night, & this is when he first sold his band to us, only he didn’t realise this until a much looooonger time after.
The Twangmasters all have many years experience. Paul Wassisname Barton, amongst other bands, & to name 2, was back in the late ‘70s, in Chevrolet & Firebirds, Paul Couser has played with the Rhythmaires, Now Dig This & The Jaguars back in the late 80’s/early 90s, and Alan used to play with a Rockabilly band called Breathless, not Cavan’s Brothers’ band, I hasten to add. The Man with the pet sheep, Carl, bless his lovely smile has only been playing bass for a considerably short period of time compared to the ‘dead old’ (said with a Northern accent) hats at the game & is building his history now, with the Twangmasters.The band have only been playing together though, for about 13 months & already appear to be climbing that ladder of progression pretty quickly as they played 2nd band on at Rockers Reunion this year which is quite an achievement for any up & coming band to get onto the line up, cos there’s simply lots of of them out there, trying!
Twangmasters also seem to be picking up some good gigs including at the ‘massive event’ Americana, in July.  I was quite surprised that the band had interest for at least 5 potential bookings during their gig at Crondall r ‘n’ r club & only within a few days of playing for us, took a firm booking & one other almost confirmed.
They’re a lively band, very tight & deliver some great self penned numbers to suit all, covering the whole spectrum of rock ‘n’ roll, like these 3 numbers, one of my faves starting with a sound of a police siren – ‘She’s on the Run’ & one for the rockers ‘Gotta Ride’ written by the singer & one for the Cats - ‘Hot Rod Mama’ written by the guitarist.
Twangmasters, with their own mix of tastes within the band, is, what I think, what gives them their own unique style & sound. They deliver for all tastes really, including a bit of surf too.
Someone asked the band at Crondall, if they could do any Cavan & politely obliged. I thought, when they were going into it, were gonna play the usual ‘Ol Black Joe’ or even ‘My Little Sisters Got a Motorbike’ but no, they dished us out ‘She’s the one to Blame’......nice, love it!
We had such a fantastic night, that we were on a high for the next couple of days. The band pulled in a good sized crowd of Teds, Rockers, Bikers & Cats, & we had a lot of happy customers & a great atmosphere as always. We would love to book them again one day, but who knows when that will be, ‘cos there are loadsa bands we would like back. At 12 bands a year, it gets a bit tricky ha ha, especially with so many good bands on the loose!
I must warn promoters though that if you are thinking of booking Twangmasters, that the singer maybe a  lean, mean singing machine, but he don’t ‘alf have an appetite of an OX! Ha ha, so watch out . And the lead guitarist with the ‘O’ so lovely Gretsch, I have discovered is the Devil in disguise ha ha! After leaving the stage, the band started to  pack up straight away & re load the van. Alan had worked up such a heat, he had steam coming from his shoulders into the cold air, evaporating before my very eyes....what a Devil! Paul the drummer is quite good at forgetting names, ha ha, & Carl, with a ‘C’, doesn’t look anything like a sheep.
 Twangmasters inform me that their newest cd will be available by end of March, entitled ‘Dasayuno Completo Ingles ’ (interpreted from Spanish to English means ‘Full English Breakfast’) called as such because there’s a bit of everything on it,  compiled of plenty of their own songs & 9 of their favourite covers which can be bought from the band, it'll also be on I tunes and on sale via Fury and Nervous records. Their first cd – ‘All Broke Down’ is still available & also includes a 10 track DVD of the band.
The band also have for swaps of pennies, T.Shirts, Car stickers & some Northern & Welsh talent!
Check the band out at www.myspace.com/thetwangmasters for sound, gig listings, vids & pics & GIT YURSELF TWANGED!

DJ Dynamite Ady did a brill job as usual & Stalls were supplied by Runicorn Records & Mo’s Harley Davidson Memorabilia & Collectables. Thanks to all our helpers on the night who are worth their weight in Gold!
Keep Rockin’ Janie




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Review of Jan 28th - CorrupTed

REAL hardcore Teddyboy Rockin’ is what CorrupTed are all about who played at Crondall r ‘n’ r club in January kickin’ off 2012 into Orbit!
This is Yann Gourmelon’s band, a young Frenchman in his early 20s who travelled from France on the Friday to do the gig on Saturday & drove home after, which is about a 6 hour journey!

CorrupTed are a little over a year old & are fronted by Yann on guitar & lead vocals, who is also a good songwriter. Yann has been rockin’ pretty much all of his life, wore his first drape at the age of 3, & has entered the talent contest at the Pollytone Ted weekenders playing drums as a young boy.

We booked CorrupTed before Yann had even got himself a band together permanently, as we had faith that his band would be good enough, going by the talent we had already seen in him through Myspace.
Joel Lehair, a Grimsby lad & a good mate of Yann’s, with previous past experience in a blues band, conveniently took on the role of bass (guitar) player & is also in his 20s. He fits in very well, donning his shades to add to his Cooool character whilst performing. He & Yann make a good team, up front, together with Dave ‘Diamond’ Prince, their crazy drummer from Feltham, who has played with many bands & probably holds the record for drumming at Crondall the most, since we have been running the club in the last 7 years, he has played with 4 different bands in total !
France, Grimsby & Feltham, CorrupTed are very spread out you may have noTed. They obviously don’t rehearse, how could they? BUT yet they’re a top band, with a very tight & clean cut sound, & gel together very nicely, always go down well with the teds & are 100% fast & WiLd from the word GO!! So WiLd in fact, that Diamond Dave got blisters on his thumbs from working so hard & furiously. Have Drums, Dave will Go Go!

CorrupTed starTed their performance all draped up, finishing off with rolled sleeves, blood, sweat ‘n’ beers!
It was great to have a touch of European sound via Yann’s voice, & I liken the band to that of the 70s/early 80s ted bands of the day, & Yann, I believe, is strongly inspired by Sandy Ford, & despite his accent, reminds me of Sandy Ford with the way he plays his guitar, the style he plays in & his stance. That’s my opinion anyway, and a couple of others also mentioned it to me.

CorrupTed cover songs like  ‘Tom Dooley rock ‘n’ roll’ & ‘Goodnight Irene’, the late Nigel Dixon’s (Whirlwind) ‘Thunderbird’ & Ronnie Nightingale’s (Holland) 'Teddy Boy rock ‘n’ roll'. They also play the songs that Yann wrote, like ‘A Dagger & Edwardian Suit’ & other Ted relaTED songs with one special one that has fast became one of the notorious Ted Anthems ‘ We are the Teds’ at which point, singing this at Crondall r ‘n’ r club, the band were duly joined on stage by the old faithful's of the rock ‘n’ roll cause flying the flag with pride!
CorrupTed did 3 encores & I think if Yann & Joel didn’t have such a long way to go home, they would have played all night given half the chance.
Our friend Elena got up & gave Joel a break to drink & got stuck in, taking control of his bass covering Cavan’s ‘Teddy Boy Boogie’.

When we booked the band up, Yann was living in England & has since moved back to France & formed another band called ‘CorrupTED & the Convicts’ who are all  French.
Cds are available from CorrupTed, check the band out on facebook, if you dare! Just click on the CorrupTed logo.

There was a bit of last minute trouble with the PA about a month before the gig at ours, so we organised Luke Dodd of Moonshiners & an ex member of Rat Pack from years ago, to do us the honour, which was a great help.

Without sounding detrimental to anyone here & in the politest manner, have you ever eaten a French sausage? Evidently, it’s nuffink like an English one & I have to mention how thrilled Yann’s girlfriend Kylie was to get a taste of our traditional cheese n pickle/ham n pickle sandwiches that we had made, ha ha, and how much she had been longing for an English sausage in France, so much so, that Yann & his girlfriend had planned to stop off at Tesco over here, ESPECIALLY to buy some sausages to take back to France for a lovely Bangers ‘n’ Mash Sunday dinner! And I gotta say, WELL....ALL GOOD TEDS GO TO TESCO! I’ve met a few there, ha ha!
Keep Rockin’ , Janie.

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