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Crondall Village Hall, Croft lane, Crondall, Nr Farnham, Surrey. GU10 5QF, England, UK

The local map & spot on directions here may prove to be very useful & more useful than a Sat Nav, feel free to print them off or if you prefer, print the map from the just as useful Google Map (See link below)

EASY TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS TO GAIN ACCESS TO VIRTUAL REALITY CRONDALL R 'N' R CLUB VIA THIS GOOGLE MAP LINK HERE! For those of you who don't realise, if you click on the little yellow man (lets call him Bert to make it simple, lol) with your mouse, at the Google Map link, keep your finger clicked down & drag Bert across to pointer on the map, release your finger from the mouse & Bert will fall gently so he won't get hurt & he'll show you what Crondall looks like in reality! Clever Bertie! Now you can wander round Crondall by clicking on & draggin' the reality map, the same way you dragged Bert around! To roam the roads, place your pointer somewhere on the road, then click & see what magic you can do! To view the drawn map at the same time as the reality map, just click on the little square at the bottom left hand corner where it reads 'expand' & just watch the drawn map grow! To return to the map covering all your screen, click on the arrow at top left of your screen. Please be reassured, no harm came to Bert or his shoes during the test run of these instructions.




Alternatively fly in by Helicopter, Micro-light, beam in etc... ;-)


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Crondall Village Hall website



Home James - 01252 722296

Anytime Taxis - 01252 712843

Cedars Cars - 07717 744123

Station Rank Taxis - 01252 735735

Joe Anderson Taxis - 01252 722822

Courtesy Cars - 01252 711113


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